How to Use Pinterest to Promote a Travel Blog

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Unlike other platforms, Pinterest is the perfect choice for promoting a travel blog. This social media platform boasts outstanding engagement rates and a benevolent audience. Let’s learn what makes a pin successful and how to use Pinterest’s potential to its maximum when promoting travel websites.

How to use Pinterest to promote a travel blog

Sign Up for a Free Business Account

The first thing you should do is create your business account on Pinterest. This will provide you with a helpful toolset to drive traffic from Pinterest as soon as you verify blog ownership. It requires adding some metadata and files to your website.

Sign up for a Free Business Account

The SMM tools you can use on Pinterest include but are not limited to:

  1. Pinterest Analytics. This feature gives you vital information about your pins’ success and the audience’s interests;
  2. Rich Pins. These provide an extended version of your content. Rich pins allow you to post a broader context by placing structured information. App, product, article and recipe rich pins deliver a comprehensive message and improve engagement;
  3. Pinterest Widget Builder. This powerful tool helps you create the save/follow buttons and pin/profile/board widgets.

Create a Blog Board

You’ve created your Pinterest account and linked your travel blog to it. Now it’s time to build your content strategy.

Create a Blog Board

How to Set a Board to Efficiently Drive Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest is not your usual social network. It’s a merger of a search engine and a traditional social media platform. Basically, this hybrid allows for convenient search and access to media content. Similar to Google, it relies on keywords to respond with the most relevant search results.

How to set a board to efficiently drive Pinterest traffic

Title keywords are necessary. Play around with the Pinterest search by entering your blog’s main topics and find related keywords. Combine them in your board title. Just keep in mind that you are creating something for people, not robots, so your board title must not become senseless because of keyword stuffing.

How Many Boards Is Enough?

We believe that users find accounts with few boards incomplete. Therefore, we recommend that you start with 5-10 boards and gradually increase their quantity over time.

Create Lifestyle-Related Boards

Travel blogs are very close to lifestyle content. Experience has shown that the lifestyle blog community is very loyal and passionate. These people look forward to every post, video and photo, and they always support content makers. As you may have guessed, you must reach this audience by all means necessary.

How to Get in the Lifestyle Segment

Once again, the keywords are here to help you with that. Passion-related phrases are best. Instead of “How to Start Traveling”, create a board with the title “Embark on the Journey of Your Dreams”. Much more inspiring, isn’t it? Without a doubt, it’ll engage the audience better.

Create Lifestyle-Related Boards

Users keen on traveling seek a balance between practical tips and inspiration. Combine informational value with passion.

Writing Pin Descriptions

Descriptions are a significant component of every pin. Attracting users with a beautiful picture is one thing, but explaining to them why exactly they are interested in your content is the next step of communication.

Writing pin descriptions

Perfect Descriptions for Travel Blogs

Usually, it doesn’t take much text to create an exhaustive description for any blog pin. The description is essential if you want to promote a blog on Pinterest successfully. Strive to put your thoughts into a couple of sentences and entice users to continue reading the content on your website.

Don’t forget to use emotional hooks. You must deliver both knowledge and emotional satisfaction.

Test Time for Pin

Is your content flawless, but you still can’t drive traffic from Pinterest? As it turns out, timing plays a vital role in promotion efficiency. There’s a specific online peak time when your pins will reach the highest number of people. Let’s learn about those.

The Best Days, Hours and Subjects for Blog Promotion on Pinterest

Take a look at the Pinterest SMM timetable:

Pinterest SMM timetable

As you can see, the perfect time to post pins is in the late afternoon and at night on Saturdays. However, you can use the potential of other weekly prime times as well.

It’s vital to understand that users need comprehensive content. Give them similar articles all the time, and they will quickly lose interest. Mix your travel posts with other topics, and people will stay tuned throughout the entire week, eagerly waiting for your Saturday travel post.

There’s nothing wrong with pinning someone’s content that you think is decent. This frees you of the necessity of posting your own unique content on a daily basis.

You can test your Pinterest optimization with the analytics tools that this social network gives you. Maybe your schedule will be a little different from the one that the table mentions, as we can’t consider your case-specific aspects, such as audience location, age category and interests. Experiment with pin scheduling to reach maximum promotion efficiency.

Optimize Your Images to Get More Re-Pins

The art of attracting users with breathtaking images has some subtle aspects you must keep in mind.

For instance, because 80% of the total 200 million people on Pinterest are mobile users, it’s crucial to consider vertical image orientation. Whether it’s 2:3, 4:5 or any similar ratio, the point is to keep the image height larger than the width. Remember: The longer the pin is, the more space it will take up in the feed.

Proper Image Design

While some experts believe in the magical impact of red spectrum colors, we find that using vibrant colors on your travel blog and pins is sufficient. Here’s why we think so:

  • It’s not provoking. Superfluous attention seekers can scare off some users;
  • It corresponds to the branding guidelines. When people come to the blog, they won’t experience any substantial difference from Pinterest because the color scheme creates a holistic experience;
  • It’s flexible. The red spectrum isn’t always suitable; sometimes it can even harm the quality of your pins.

If you don’t see yourself as the strongest graphic designer, we recommend using tools for social media images. Canva, for example, is a useful web application with an extensive range of well-balanced templates. These graphic editors make using Pinterest for blog traffic channeling even easier.

Join a Pinterest Group Board

These are the boards for collaboration among content makers. The owner accepts new members and allows them to work on the same board together.

Why Is This Beneficial?

New bloggers gain access to a broader audience and, therefore, expand their coverage. Don’t miss this opportunity to get extra travel blog subscribers.

Include a Call to Action in the Pin Description

A user has opened your pin and read the description. He or she is excited, interested, intrigued. What is the missing component of the conversion recipe? A call to action.

Include a Call-to-Action in the Pin Desc

Compared to eCommerce, brand awareness isn’t enough when you use Pinterest for blog promotion. The part of the users from your target group going to the website is integral to your strategy. Entice users to your blog by well-known yet practical phrases like “find out more about…”, “check this out”, “discover how to…” People crave for juicy content, and a call-to-action helps with the decision to visit your website perfectly.

Advertising on Pinterest

This social media platform stands out for its astonishing ad performance. The point is, the whole idea of Pinterest is to deliver the following values:

  1. Inspiration;
  2. Planning;
  3. Purchasing.

People come to this website to get their specific demands met. The advertisement system integrates paid ads into its feed organically, so it matches the requested content. This way, ads don’t disturb the community. Moreover, the better part of the audience finds them useful and believes they enhance the overall experience.

Therefore, consider Pinterest advertising for your travel blog promotion.

How to Use Pinterest to Promote a Travel Blog

It’s hard to overestimate the value that Pinterest offers to those who are willing to promote their travel blogs. An immense amount of opportunities create enormous potential. Every blogger, not only those in the travel niche, can take advantage of it.