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We Are Growing Up: 7 New People Join Our Travelpayouts Team

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We are growing up: 7 new people join our Travelpayouts team

Seven people joined the Travelpayouts team since the beginning of this year. Let us introduce the newbies, who will work to make our affiliate network even better for you.

Business Development Team

Credit for the search for new advertisers and affiliates goes largely to the business development managers. These are the people you see at most of the conferences and meetings.

Sergey Pitinov

Sergey Pitinov

Sergey became a valuable part of the team as soon as he joined our St. Petersburg branch. The changes he introduced to the work process added coherence and effectiveness for the whole crew.

Once, Sergey had to spend two weeks in intensive care. Sounds scary. Nevertheless, he has managed to use his time effectively by reviewing his career priorities. We think that fate brought Sergey to Travelpayouts!

Advertisers Support

Account managers work closely with business development managers. They communicate with advertisers, help them get comfortable on Travelpayouts network and organize activities for affiliates.

Daria Sukhoroslova

Daria Sukhoroslova

An acquaintance with Daria turned out to be an unexpected surprise for us. Long before Daria came to us for a job interview, she had already managed to earn money with the Travelpayouts affiliate network. She created the site and she soon sold three excursions. So, the start of her project was quite successful.

Despite the fact that Daria has joined our team, she hasn’t refused the idea of raising her project.

Here is a tip from Daria: Her favorite dish is a vegetable kebab in a kiosk on Mehringdamm, 32 in Berlin. It’s worth a taste!

Natalia Pukhova

Natasha Pukhova

Natalia spent her first salary on a HELICOPTER ride to fly around the Grand Canyon after four months of work in the USA. She had two feelings that day: An endless desire to inspire others to travel and a pride for services that easily allow users to rent cars, helicopters, apartments or buy tickets.

She wanted to be involved in something like that. We believe that Travelpayouts is a good choice!

Support Team

The guys from our support team welcome new superheroes. Now, we have an opportunity to answer your questions faster.

Anna Vladimirova

Anna Vladimirova

Anna has been working on the support team for more than seven years, because she likes to communicate with, and help, different people. She studied psychology, so she can find an approach for any user.

Anna adores music, especially foreign 60-80s, she collects vinyls, loves singing and sometimes even practices vocals with a teacher in class  at home. The name of her five-year-old daughter is Adelaida, like in the song of the Russian group “Aquarium.”

Ivan Kondrakov

Ivan Kondrakov

A year ago, Ivan went to visit his friends in a neighboring region for a couple of weeks. This short trip became a real adventure in his life because Ivan didn’t go back home. Now, he lives in turn in two countries: Poland and Ukraine. He tries rest from the digital world on weekends, communicate with his friends and family, go hiking or travel.

Design Team

Our company has been looking for a marketing designer for a long time, and Anna is finally HERE.

Anna Mikhaleva

Anna Mikhaleva

Anna adores “Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy,” which is a movie series created by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. She also likes to play video games and has finished “The Witcher” three times. One of Anna’s drawings was at the fan art exhibition dedicated to the “The Hunger Games” in New York. The exhibition traveled all year round through the USA. You can see Anna’s drawings on

Production Team

Until now, we’ve only had one product manager, Alexey Yanchuk. Now, he works with Polina, a good colleague who is always ready to help. We look forward to more and more awesome changes in Travelpayouts. First of all, a new personal account will appear, which will be more convenient for affiliates.

Polina Oparina

Polina Oparina

It is difficult to meet Polina at home. She is easy-going person that prefers outdoor activities. In Moscow, she meets with friends, goes to the cinema and different exhibitions and flies to Europe once a month. Now, Polina works in our branch in Thailand, rides around Phuket on weekends and explores new places. Polina has a superpower that many people dream of: She wakes up every morning between 6-7  a.m. without an alarm clock!

As you can see, Travelpayouts attracts the most interesting and active people from all over the world. It helps us  provide high-quality services.

Welcome our new employees in the comments and join to Travelpayouts, if you aren’t with us.