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20 Facts About Travelpayouts Office Life

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We have decided to make a single post about everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. This will also help us to get to know each other better as well. So, how is it to live and work in Thailand?

    1. The only Travelpayouts office, together with Aviasales, Hotellook, and Aviasales offices, is located on Phuket Island, Thailand.
    2. The working day here begins at 12.00, so that everyone could have some free time to surf or practice yoga in the morning, and ends at 21.00, when it gets dark. Our schedule is tied to Moscow time (08.00-17.00).

work place

    1. Travelpayouts team totals 12 people: 10 men and 2 women. Only half of the team works in the office and the rest works remotely.

Our boars with tasks

    1. TP office occupies a separate villa with a swimming pool and a kitchen.
    2. It is usually hot by the pool that is why guys prefer working indoor with the air conditioner on. By the way, all shoes are left at the entrance and everyone goes barefoot in the office (keeping with the best Thai traditions). Developer Igor Vechkanov loves wearing knitted woolen socks with deer ornament.


    1. Every day stand-up meeting is held at 13.00 – all team members share their achievements for yesterday. Guys from other cities join the stand-up by Skype.
    2. The teddy bear is our stand-up symbol, which is passed along while team members take turns speaking.

Our teddy bear

    1. We have a game console in our lounge room, where the FIFA championship takes place. A drum set and a surfing balance board are also there for fun.
    2. Every day in the office we run a chin-up competition.


    1. Every morning Ivan Baidin, the head of the Affiliate Program, orders fresh juices and pancakes for the whole team to have breakfast together.
    2. New employees come to the office with a jar of black caviar.
    3. Guys use water to fight against ants. All food is put into a special jar with water so that not even a single ant could reach it.

sugar and water

    1. Sitting in the office you can easily find a snake on your leg. Monkeys and bats are constant guests at our place as well.
    2. Alexey Shayhaleev was awarded an employee of the month, although he slept for three hours a day in his workplace.
    3. One day Anton Cherepennikov woke up bald headed and with his leg broken.
    4. In winter the temperature difference between Phuket and St. Petersburg can reach up to 50 degrees!
    5. Travelpayouts Team is crazy about active sports: motor sports, surf skiing, and snowboarding. But sometimes injuries happen. However, we always try to stay cool and optimistic! Actually, Travelpayouts team has most surfers if compared to other teams (Aviasales, Hotellook, Aviasales).
A note

“It’s more fun to use crutches, than I expected”

  1. We have 10 skateboards in the office and only 7 team members permanently working in it.
  2. Developer Alexey Shayhaleev can juggle three oranges, while standing on the balance board.
  3. And of course, all of us share a love of travel. On their vacation guys fly to Bali, South Korea, Europe, and South Africa. Sometimes the whole team travels to Singapore or Bangkok on weekends. 4 of us have already run out of blank pages in our passports.

Fun in our office

What was the most surprising fact for you? What would you like to learn more about us? Please, share your thoughts with us.