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What is an affiliate partner?

An affiliate partner is someone who promotes brands found on the Travelpayouts platform on their personal website, blog, YouTube channel, newsletter, etc. Partners have certain affiliate tools at their disposal (like links, widgets, and banners) and can earn rewards for each booking or lead they generate.

In short, affiliate partners monetize their content by promoting travel-related products and services.

Who can become an affiliate partner?

Anyone with a public channel, such as a blog, website, or social media platform, can become an affiliate partner with Travelpayouts. The sign-up process is free and takes just a couple of minutes. Then you’ll have access to our affiliate tools and can start promoting travel brands.

What does an affiliate network do?

Affiliate networks like Travelpayouts connect partners with brands. They enable affiliates to monetize their content while exposing brands to wider audiences.

On Travelpayouts, partners can work with companies from a wide range of travel niches, including accommodation, flights, tours, and car rentals.

Isn’t affiliate content monetization really time-consuming?

With Travelpayouts, it doesn’t have to be. Our platform offers numerous time-saving tools like LinkSwitcher, which automatically converts links in your posts into affiliate links, and Delegated Access, allowing your teammates to access parts of your account without compromising sensitive information. Our goal is to streamline the process and make things easy for you.

How much do travel affiliates make?

Some of our affiliate partners make $3k – $5k per month. Earnings vary based on affiliate programs' reward rates, the volume and quality of the traffic partners generate, and the conversion rates of partners’ referrals.

Reward rates can be a percentage of the value of each purchase/booking or a fixed sum. Each program specifies this in its terms.

Is travel a good affiliate niche?

Yes, travel offers numerous opportunities for affiliate marketing, as the post-pandemic recovery is fueling intense demand for travel-related products and services. According to Statista, by 2028 the travel industry will reach a market volume of $1.063 billion, while online sales are expected to account for 76% of total revenue in travel.

On Travelpayouts, affiliate partners can access 100+ brands across various niches within the industry. People are increasingly planning trips themselves, affiliate partners can capitalize on this trend by promoting brands through their online channels.

Are affiliate networks free?

While some affiliate networks charge fees, Travelpayouts is 100% free — no sign-up fees and no ongoing costs. As soon as you register, you get instant access to our affiliate tools.

Why choose Travelpayouts over direct affiliate programs?

Travelpayouts provides a single platform where you can join affiliate programs and access tools from the most popular travel brands, like, Viator, and GetYourGuide. Automated monthly payouts mean you don’t need to keep track of earnings in multiple places. Additionally, you can track your overall affiliate performance on one dashboard, giving you insights to help you optimize your content strategy.

Unlike some direct affiliate programs, Travelpayouts is always there for its partners, offering 24/7 support from actual humans and developing new tools for better monetization. In our 11+ years, Travelpayouts has paid out $63M+ to its partners while always negotiating the best deals with brands. And even during COVID, payments went out on time.

Are Travelpayouts’ reward rates different from those of direct affiliate programs?

No, Travelpayouts’ base rates are the same as, or sometimes even higher than, those of direct programs. Sometimes it’s not obvious. For instance, you might see offer 25%, which seems higher than our 4%. However, that’s actually 25% of the commission receives from a third party. Four percent of the booking value with Travelpayouts is equivalent to what offers in its direct program.

Also, there are economies of scale: because Travelpayouts works with many affiliates, we can sometimes get better rates than individual bloggers. Plus, Travelpayouts offers regular promotions that can further boost your earnings.

Does Travelpayouts take a cut of partners' earnings?

No. Instead, Travelpayouts receives fees directly from the brands, leaving the full commission for you. Companies are willing to do this because Travelpayouts reaches bigger audiences and generates more sales than individual bloggers. This allows us to offer the same or even better commissions than you would get by joining the affiliate programs directly.

Is there a difference in conversion rates between Travelpayouts and direct affiliate programs?

No. Travelpayouts programs and direct ones provide the same affiliate tools, and in both cases, the content’s performance depends on things like article quality, content relevance, audience engagement, and seasonality, rather than the choice of affiliate network. 

One thing to consider when moving from one platform to another is cookie lifetime. Until all your old cookies expire, some bookings might still be credited within your previous network or affiliate program. In any case, you should still get paid for them.

Is there a quick way to switch to Travelpayouts from other affiliate networks or direct programs?

Yes. With our LinkSwitcher tool, you can automatically replace all relevant links in your blog with Travelpayouts affiliate links. You have control over which brands and pages of your website are processed, making the transition precise and efficient. You can also disable LinkSwitcher at any time, and all links will return to their original state.