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Affiliate links are simple and versatile partner tools that you can add to your content on various platforms, such as your website, blog, or social media channels, in seconds. Sign up now and get the most out of links to increase your earnings!

What Are Partner Links?

Links allow users to go from your site to a brand's site to book a travel service. You'll be rewarded every time a user clicks on your affiliate link and completes a booking.

Links to any pages of a brand's site, which you can create in two clicks.
Links generated by you that are shortened to reduce the number of characters with the brand’s name for trustworthiness.
Affiliate links that brands have made for you. Just copy and paste them into your content.
High Conversion to Sales

High Conversion to Sales

Travelpayouts partners receive more than 60% of bookings from affiliate links.
A Website Is Not Required

A Website Is Not Required

Affiliate links can be placed not only on websites, but also on social networks, forums, and other platforms.


You don’t need any programming skills. Just generate or copy a pre-made link and paste it into your content.


You decide which page of the brand site to lead your audience to. You can also make the link short or leave all the technical parameters.

Who Can Benefit From Partner Links?

Links can be used on any website, blog, or social media channel that supports clickable links.

Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers

Owners of websites/social media pages with readers/followers, who want to earn on their travel content.
Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers

Creators of travel affiliate websites who set up contextual ads and earn via affiliate marketing.
Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies

Agencies that sell travel services on their sites or make bookings through affiliate tools to earn rewards for offline sales.

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4 Steps to Start Making Money With Links

Join a Partner Program

Partner tools are only available after you have joined a partner program.

Choose a Link Type

Generate and copy your own URL to any page on the brand’s website.

Shorten Your Partner Link (optional)

Get and use short URLs. Such links are more convenient and effective to use on social media and video platforms.

Copy and Paste Your Link

Paste partner links into articles, add them to your social media bio, make the link look like a button, etc.

See for yourself how easy and fast working with links can be. Join the right partner program and use its links now.

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If Your Content is About Multiple Travel Services or a Specific Brand

Add a partner link that sends users to a specific page on the brand’s website page with turned-on filters, if you want users to quickly find the best travel offers.

If Your Content is About a Certain Travel Offer

Embed a partner link in the text or convert it into a button.

If Your Content is About Cheap Travel Services

Help your users find cheap travel offers by sharing the partner link to the brand’s deals page.

If Your Travel Project is a Social Media Page

Place partner links in your posts or bio. Use shortened links to save characters for your thoughts and calls-to-action.


The key to having success with affiliate marketing is to strategically place affiliate links within posts that match reader intent and not just add a ton of links and hope for the best.  While we do find that you’ll receive more click-throughs to affiliate links if your link is near the top of the article, it’s also important to keep the reader in mind and ensure that you answer the question that they’ve come to your article for. If you can find a topic to write about that solves the reader’s query with an affiliate link as part of the solution, then it’s a win-win situation

Maggie & Michael

Maggie and Michael, creators of

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Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money as a travel blogger, and social media is a powerful tool for directing traffic to your affiliate links.


Una, the creator of

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With Travelpayouts, I was able to include affiliate links from trusted travel brands that I already used to book my own travel and was already linking in my blog posts, such as Viator,, and Rentalcars. The best part was that, now, I was actually getting paid a commission to include these links in my blog.

Chris Davila

Chris Davila, the creator behind

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People are more likely to click the link if it’s something relevant to what they want. Usually, I say something like: here’s a great cheap deal, here’s the date it’s available, and here’s the booking link. In addition, people can click to check the availability of tickets and book a trip to their desired destination.

Jade Jackson

Jade Jackson, the creator of

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Now, I focus more on affiliate links to monetize my blog. Even when it comes to driving traffic to the blog itself, I try to drive people to the search engine, which is like a two-way street since I’m able to monetize my blog and people are able to get great discounts on flights and hotels. It’s a win-win situation.


Oke, the creator of

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I mostly use affiliate links since I can seamlessly integrate them into my content and they only minimally detract from the user experience. For example, if I’m writing the sentence “Hey, guys, I recently visited the Halekulani Hotel”, I can hyperlink the hotel name. If somebody clicks that affiliate link, they would either go to TripAdvisor or and make me a couple hundred bucks per month.

Brandon Hughes

Brandon Hughes, the creator of

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I started monetizing my blog with affiliate links from Travelpayouts. Once I reached 10,000 visitors per month, I signed up on Ezoic and placed ads on my blog. Currently, most of my income comes from affiliate links, followed by ads.


Gabriele, the creator of

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When you start adding affiliate links to your blogs, you don’t see income flowing in right away. However, as your blog grows and more people visit your website, you have a higher likelihood of them clicking on your links to make a purchase. So, in essence, ‘slow and steady wins the race!

Brittany Sawyer

Brittany Sawyer, the creator of

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What Is Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is a digital partnership platform dedicated to all things travel. Trusted brands, such as, Tripadvisor, and GetYourGuide work together with over 300,000 bloggers and content creators around the world to bring people the best deals for their travel needs. Our partner programs are designed to allow both brands and creators alike to make the most out of their partnership.

How Much Can I Earn With Partner Links?

Your income depends on many factors, such as the number of your readers/users and their intentions. For example, on average, our partners earn $15 per accommodation booking, about $6 per flight bought on WayAway; $23 per car booking on Discover Cars, etc. So, your potential earnings depend on how many sales you make.

Can I Use Partner Links If I Don’t Have a Website?

Yes! You can use partner links on any platform from social media to blog platforms.

But keep in mind, to increase your conversion rate from clicks to sales, it's better if your link is clickable. For example, if you add a partner link to an Instagram post, your followers can't click on it and go to the brand's website. However, your affiliate link would be clickable if you put it in the bio of your Instagram profile.

How to Create an Affiliate Link to a Specific Page?

There are a few ways to create a partner link to a specific page:

1. Go to the Deep Link Generator tool on your selected program (for example, WayAway). Add the page URL to the "Target URL" box, copy your deep link, and it's ready to use.

2. Use the "Create Link" menu in your dashboard. Simply click on it, put the page URL in the "Link" box, and copy the deep link.

3. You can create the link using the Travelpayouts Chrome Extension. Install it from the Chrome Store and you'll be able to create the affiliate link on the desired page.

Please note that some programs don’t support a Deep Link Generator tool and only have ready-made links.

How to Get a Link to a Specific Ticket in the WayAway Program?

1. Create an affiliate link to the website.

2. After redirecting to the website via your affiliate link, start a search for the destination or route you need. Find a desired flight and click on the arrow button.

3. Copy the URL. That's it! The link is ready and contains your ID.

How Do I Know if a Specific Person Used My Affiliate Link?

You can use a SubID for this purpose. This parameter allows you to track sales separately. Add the unique SubID to the link using the correspondent box in the Deep Link Generator, "Create Link" menu, or Travelpayouts Chrome Extension. This way, you'll be able to see whether or not someone used your link.

Do I Need to Use a Third-Party Service to Shorten a Partner Link?

No. You don’t need to use external services to shorten Travelpayouts partner links.

The Travelpayouts platform has a link generator with a built-in shortener, which returns a short URL with the name of the selected brand. Just generate your link and copy the shortened version.

What’s the Quickest Way to Get a Partner Link?

Travelpayouts has a Google Chrome extension that you can use to create partner links from any browser tab with a single click.

This tool is especially handy if you want to create links quickly and simply without ever leaving the brand page or if you work with contractors and aren’t ready to provide them with access to your Travelpayouts account.

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See for yourself how easy and fast working with links can be. Join the right partner program and use its links now.

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