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Increase your travel site's revenue and create a better user experience in just a few clicks, without being held back by a lack of technical skills.

What are widgets?

Widgets allow your users to learn all about a travel brand's services and start booking with that brand from your site. Help your audience find the cheapest flights with the Calendar Widget, the available hotels with the Search Form Widget, and unforgettable tours with the Comparison Widget.

Helps users find flight ticket options for a particular route. You can set a specific origin and destination in the widget.
An interactive map that displays hotel options for a particular location. You can set the desired location, price range, and star rating.
Displays popular tours for a particular country or city that you set during the customization process. You can also set the lowest and highest prices for tours.
Displays a card with a description and photo of a particular city that you set during the customization process.
Helps users find hostel options for a particular destination. You can set a destination in the widget.
High Conversion to Sales

High Conversion to Sales

Travelpayouts partners receive more than 60% of bookings from affiliate links.


You don’t need any programming skills. Just generate or copy a pre-made link and paste it into your content.
Google Loves Widgets

Google Loves Widgets

Widgets add additional content to the page and allow users to choose the best travel option.
Capturing Attention

Capturing Attention

Widgets are interactive tools that offer a strong call-to-action to capture the attention of potential customers.

Who Can Benefit From Widgets?

Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers

Owners of websites/social media pages with readers/followers, who want to earn on their travel content.
Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies

Agencies that sell travel services on their sites or make bookings through affiliate tools to earn rewards for offline sales.
Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers

Creators of travel affiliate websites who set up contextual ads and earn via affiliate marketing.

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4 Steps to Start Making Money With Widgets

Join a Partner Program

Partner tools are only available after you have joined a partner program.

Choose a Widget

From the list of available widgets, select the one that best fits your content.

Customize Your Widget

In the settings, change the widget’s design, language, currency, and other parameters.

Copy and Paste the Widget Code

The widget code is generated automatically. Copy and paste it into your website code.

See for yourself how easy and fast working with widgets can be. Join the right partner program and set up a widget now.

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If Your Content is About Multiple Destinations or a Specific Brand

Add a Search Form if you want users to quickly find hotels, flights, and cars themselves. All they have to do is fill in the widget with the necessary information.

If Your Content is About Cheap Travel Services

Help your users find cheap dates for flights, tours, etc., and book them immediately through the Calendar Widget.

If Your Content is About a Certain City

Let your users compare several brand offers and choose the best option with the Comparison Widget.

If Your Content is About Accommodations

Place a Map Widget so that your audience can find accommodations in a suitable area at the best rate.

The secret of widgets is that they empower the reader. For example, a person can immediately indicate on your website from where they want to fly to Los Angeles or where exactly they need a rental car. Such interactive elements may even increase conversion rates, since a person sees the results for their exact search request and not the brand’s main page or other page that you hard-coded into an affiliate link.

Clive Muir

Clive Muir, Travelpayouts partner and creator behind travel websites such as Ronda Today Wildside Holidays Camino del Rey

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What is Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is a digital partnership platform dedicated to all things travel. Trusted brands like, Tripadvisor, and GetYourGuide work together with over 300,000 bloggers and content creators around the world to bring people the best deals for their travel needs. Our partner programs are designed to allow both brands and creators to make the most out of their partnership.

How Much I Can Earn With Widgets?

Your income depends on many factors, such as the quantity and quality of your traffic, your selected partner programs, and whether you know how to work with partner tools. So, it’s difficult to predict the exact figure of your earnings. According to our data, however, partners who use widgets correctly (and use them in combination with partner links) can increase their income by 2.5 times on average.

Can I Use Widgets If I Don’t Have a Website?

Unfortunately, no. In order to use widgets, you will need to copy their code and paste it into the pages of platforms that support external code. For example, you can integrate widgets into a WordPress site or other blog platforms.

Should I Know HTML or Any Programming Languages, Such as JavaScript, to Use Travelpayouts Widgets?

No. You don’t need coding knowledge to use Travelpayouts widgets. You can easily customize them within the built-in editor. The widget code is generated automatically. Simply copy and paste it into your site code.

Will Travelpayouts Widgets Work on a Bootstrap Site?

Yes. Websites made with Bootstrap will have no problem displaying Travelpayouts widgets. They don't interfere with Bootstraps adaptability.

Do Widgets Slow Down Page Speed?

No, Travelpayouts widgets affect page speed no more than any other elements, such as scripts, plugins, or libraries installed on your site. Our widgets load separately from the rest of the page and don't affect how quickly the user sees the rest of the content.

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See for yourself how easy and fast working with widgets can be. Join the right partner program and set up a widget now.

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