How to Shorten Affiliate Links: Travelpayouts’ Built-in URL Shortener

Mari Kuznetsova Mari Kuznetsova
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We added a link shortener to the Travelpayouts platform. Now, partners no longer need to use external services to shorten their URLs, because the link generator in the partner tools returns a short URL with the name of the selected brand.

In this post, we explain why you need to shorten partner links, how our service works, and what affiliate URLs look like after being shortened.

Why You Should Shorten Affiliate Links

Typical partner links usually include technical parameters. As a result:

  • Links contain many characters. This complicates the bloggers’ work, because some social networks have restrictions on the number of characters per post.
  • Links look less trustworthy. Users can mistake a partner link for a fraudulent link, especially if the address doesn’t contain the name of the brand whose website they want to visit.
Long affiliate link in Travelpayouts
Long affiliate link

In order to shorten URLs, hide its referral, and increase click-through rate, partners use external services. Now, you can get a shortened link without leaving your Travelpayouts account.

Advantages of Short Affiliate Links 

  • Doesn’t contain technical parameters. The short partner link will look like this:, but heylama will be replaced with the name of the brand that you are advertising. 
  • Contain a limited number of characters. You’ll have no difficulty publishing content with partner links on social networks or your travel blog.
  • High level of trust. Travelpayouts’ short partner links contain the name of the chosen travel brand, which has a positive effect on conversion.
  • You can generate a partner link without leaving your personal Travelpayouts account. You don’t need to look for a third-party solution and move between tabs in the browser to shorten the URL. The short link will be returned via the link generator, which you’ll find in the “Tools” section in the selected partner program in Travelpayouts.

How the Travelpayouts Link Shortener Works

The link shortener is already available to all partners. You don’t need to install the app or extension. To generate a shortened partner link:

  1. Select the partner program in your account.
  2. Go to the “Tools” section. By default, the “Link Generator” tool will be selected.

  3. In the drop-down list, select the project you want to integrate the partner link into. Insert the homepage address and SUB ID, if it’s necessary. 
  4. The link generator will automatically create a short partner link in the “Affiliate link” field. Simply copy it and paste it into your project pages. 
  5. If you would like to work with long links, just click the «Show full link» switch. The generator will display a long URL with all technical parameters.

A short link contains SUB ID and publisher ID. After clicking the URL in the browser, the string will be restored to the long link and will be processed by the Travelpayouts platform as the standard partner link. Therefore, the reduction of the link will not affect the partner reward. It will be charged for each purchase made after visiting the site via the short URL.

Our URL shortener is only available to Travelpayouts partners. If you’re not already earning by promoting brands with travel affiliate programs, join the platform for free.

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