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The Asian market is a good alternative if you don’t want to compete in overly saturated European or American markets. With Travelpayouts, you’ll be able to join the Aviasales, Voyagin, 12Go and affiliate programs. Below, you’ll find a description of the advantages of each Asian affiliate program for both clients and affiliates.

The Asian market is a good alternative if you don’t want to compete in overly saturated European or American markets. With Travelpayouts, you’ll be able to join the Aviasales, Rakuten, 12Go and affiliate programs. Below, you’ll find a description of the advantages of each Asian affiliate program for both clients and affiliates.

Asian Affiliate Market

The Asian internet economy is expected to reach the $240 billion mark by 2025, and one of the most rapidly growing niches is travel. Asian countries are authentic, beautiful and simply different from the rest of the world, so it might be a good time to focus your efforts on this region. In this article, you’ll find out the differences between affiliate marketing in India, Thailand and China, plus more.

Speaking demographically, the majority of the constantly growing Asian population is younger than 40 years old. Naturally, these people get along absolutely well with technology. Shopping and booking online is no big deal for them. Thus, the local market might be interesting for many affiliate marketers.

Asian Affiliate Programs

If you target Asia, these affiliate marketing programs might be interesting for you. Below, you’ll find a comparison table so that you could form a general idea of why Asian travel affiliate programs may become a great choice:

Affiliate programAviasalesRakuten Travel
Affiliate reward– Up to 70% revenue share4%Up to 50% revenue share6,5%
of countries 
22015, mostly
Asian countries
Asian and European
countries, the USA,
Australia, New Zealand
and more
LanguagesEnglish, German,
French, Spanish,
Italian, Thai, Polish,
Portuguese, Russian
English, French,
Korean, Chinese,
Japanese, Indonesian
Chinese, German,
English, Russian,
Spanish, French,
Japanese, Malaysian,
Thai, Vietnamese
Russian, English,
French, Italian,
German, Spanish
and Chinese
Scaleairfares from 1044 airlines200+ cities,
3500+  experiences,
120000+ happy guests
7,838 stations,
1,117 operators,
687,963 departures
Transfers in 37965 cities
from 4500 airports
in 165 types of vehicles
by 4,000 ground transport

Aviasales Affiliate Program


Aviasales is a multi-language travel search engine where users can compare low-cost airfares from 1044 airlines. The platform is translated into 45 languages, which lets you direct traffic from almost anywhere in the world. To date, Aviasales is active in 14 markets across the globe, including the United States, UK, Germany and Australia, and is present in Asia.

The company headquarters is in Phuket, Thailand. Its affiliate program might be interesting to those who own travel blogs and are looking to monetize them.

As an affiliate, you’ll benefit from:

  • Free flights search WhiteLabel
  • High-converting search forms
  • Up to 70% revenue share on flights and hotels
  • Payouts in different currencies and methods

Access to the affiliate tools is instant and completely free. You’ll get banners and widgets of various sizes to suit your website layout and content. Generally, affiliate commission depends on your monthly results, or the revenue numbers you drove to Aviasales that month:

Monthly Aviasales revenue% commission
Less than 3500$60%
More than 3500$70%

Rakuten Affiliate Program

Rakuten affiliate program

Rakuten is based in Tokyo, Japan. This platform is designed to help travelers book tours and different activities, mostly, in Asian countries. With Rakuten, your clients will be able to:

  • Purchase tickets and get them instantly on mobile devices
  • Choose between 5,000 different activities
  • Skip the line later
  • Benefit from promotions and enjoy the best prices
  • Get customer support
  • Choose an activity with the help of over 50,000 reviews
  • Cancel their reservation and get a refund

Rakuten offers high commissions plus quick and easy sales. As an affiliate, you’ll get a 4% commission on general sales. The average order is $150, so you’ll most likely be getting $6 per booking as an affiliate. The cookie lifetime is 30 days.

The program is translated into seven different languages, including English and French. You can also choose what currency you will pay with.

As for promotional tools, you’ll get banners and links. If you are eager to learn more about Rakuten, please read our previous article on this company.

12go Affiliate Program

12Go affiliate program

The company is based in Singapore with an office in Bangkok, Thailand. It serves as a mediator offering to book trains, flights, buses, transfers, ferries, hotels, day trips, insurances, car rental, etc.

With 12Go, you can find tickets in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, India, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan and Indonesia. The search is represented in many European and Asian languages and currencies:

The company’s affiliate program can be suitable for those owning a travel blog featuring different destinations or those who sell flights and hotels. If you are already thinking about setting up a search form on your site, here is what you will get:

  • Up to 50% of the company’s profit;
  • ~$3.08 from each booking made on your website;
  • 30 days of cookie life;
  • Easy to integrate tools; Affiliate Program affiliate program is a website for searching and booking transfer online. A customer chooses which vehicle is going to be used in advance, what languages a driver should speak and many other details. This affiliate program might be interesting for owners of thematic sites or groups in social networks, SEO-specialists, travel agencies and tour operators.

With the affiliate program, you will be able to make a profit from:

  • Easy and fast integration via WhiteLabel or API wide solutions
  • Customizable landing pages, banners, widgets, links and more
  • Instant booking of transfers via a partner dashboard
  • Real-time and competitive net rates, markups, affiliate commission
  • Global coverage of 152 countries
  • 6,5% of affiliate commissions
  • Six million transfer destinations in 39,000 cities and 4,500 airports and harbors
  • Instant booking in seven languages and 18 currencies.

What Affiliate Program to Choose

We’ve just looked through the most lucrative Asian affiliate networks, and while some of them are focused on local countries, like Rakuten, others target globally. Joining affiliate marketing networks in Asia could turn highly beneficial because this region is experiencing unprecedented growth across many niches including travel. By placing links to any of the above-mentioned platforms, you will not only help your readers get a better experience during their trip but also generate passive income if you direct the traffic to one of these Asian affiliate websites.

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