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Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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Weatlas.com is a Russian online service (hub) for booking sightseeings and transfers around the world, focused mainly on the Russian-speaking customers. However, the site has its English version and almost all our guides and drivers speak Russian and English.

From May 2023, Weatlas temporarily suspended its affiliate program on Travelpayouts partnership platform until further notice. We will let you know you when the program is active again. Users who click on Weatlas links, widgets, or banners on your website will be taken to the respective Weatlas webpages. However, clicks, bookings, rewards, and other statistics will not be tracked.

To ensure an uninterrupted income stream, we recommend replacing all Weatlas tools with those of an alternative programs.

Weatlas Is:

  • 4 200+ sightseeings and entertainment tickets
  • 60 000+ transfers worldwide
  • great service from 2012

Advantages for Partners

  • Absolutely transparent company,
  • Reward payments to partners and guides IN TIME,
  • High commission rates,
  • A simple and clear commission formula,
  • Focus on partners’ distribution of products.

Sightseeing Trips:

  • Instant confirmation and online purchases /payments
  • Licensed guides (to except fines and risks with the police)
  • Amazingly interesting sightseeing for granted (we involve the best guides only)
  • 24/7 customer support online


  • Similar to taxi prices with comfort of a limo
  • Comfortable modern cars
  • Meeting at the airport with a sign
  • Baby chair on request for free
  • Waiting at the airport for flight delay
  • Smoking prohibition
  • Professional and fully licensed drivers with

Target Audience Portrait

Age: 18-45 years
Gender: any
Complementary: independent travelers, tourists preferring individual trips instead of package tours.


Sightseeing trips and transfers are sold well as by-products, that is, the traveller already knows the destination and the time-laps (tickets and the hotel are booked) and begins to fill the travel with entertainment content. For economy-travellers it is better to offer group sightseeings and standard class transfers, they are often cheaper than Uber, but at the same time much more comfortable and reliable. Family travellers and exigent tourists can order individual sightseeing trips: a family trip cost per person will be much cheaper, demanding tourists will get an individual services — the guide will work with them only.

It is the very time to start work with Weatlas.com.

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