The Top 20 Female Travel Influencers to Follow on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, and is a great source for gaining warm leads. This why we couldn’t skip it in our allowed types of traffic. You can send your traffic from an Instagram account to different travel services, such as flight tickets or hotels, and with the Travelpayouts affiliate network earn from every purchase. For your inspiration, we have collected the top 20 female travel influencers on Instagram.

The top 20 female travel influencers to follow on Instagram

The Best Female Travel Accounts on Instagram

Pay attention to these female travel influencers to follow their profiles and understand their paths to success in this niche.

1. @jadeseba – Jade Seba, 2.8M followers

1.  @jadeseba – Jade Seba, 2.2M followers

Her amazing ability to show desirable places around the globe in an organic compilation, with personal and even intimate moments, make millions of us watch for her latest destinations to enjoy both landmarks and smart blogging that is both  funny and sincere.

2. @lovelypepa – Lovely Pepa, 1.7M followers

Lovely Pepa

She was born in Spain, and was going to climb the lawyer career ladder, but the thirst for traveling and photography captured her forever. Alexandra Pereira is a real queen of street fashion, presenting life without overwhelming high heel boots and impractical clothes.

3. @angelicablick – Angelica Blick, 1.2M followers

Angelica Blick

Both her photos and content are underpinned by an amazing fashion sense and complete confidence. That is a key point to Angelica’s fame and authority in the travel business, as well as in the cosmetics, clothes and accessory niches.

4. @taramilktea – Tara Milk Tea, 1.2M followers

Tara Milk Tea

Tara Whiteman highlights her adventures around the world through nature, food and interiors, mostly. You never find standard landmarks on her Instagram, but the happy moments of “dolce vita.” She is managing to combine her lifestyle blog with her activity in the digital space, working on serious projects.

5. @parisinfourmonths – Carin Olsson, 905K followers

Carin Olsson

Carin Olsson, a fashion-forward blogger and photographer, is behind the profile with her Paris feature. She is a prime example of being famous and on demand due to the rather narrow audience – Paris fans.

6. @belenhostalet – Belen Hostalet, 940K followers

Belen Hostalet

A wacky and positive Belen from Barcelona impresses with her lovely, light and happy images that claim world beauty and happiness. She is often surrounded by cheerful and smiling people, and she prefers to highlight beaches and seascapes.

7. @bookonin – Naomi-Jane Adams, 749K followers

Naomi-Jane Adams

Naomi-Jane Adams was Awarded Top 8 Lux Travel by T+L Influencer Awards Monaco Finalist. When looking her Instagram, you understand the reasons for her fame. The photos display the contrasts of our world – they impose objects and people’s dimensions, origin and nature.

8. @chelseakauai – Chelsea Kauai, 670K followers

Chelsea Kauai

Chelsea is a model and a writer touching her followers’ hearts with humanistic and socially valued images on Instagram. She shares useful content like tips, ideas and recommendations in her blog.

9. @jess.wandering – Jess Wandering, 638K followers

Jess Wandering

Jess is sure that the sense of life is in moments and that’s why her photos are like a frozen minute of one’s life. While following her adventures, we see that man’s supposed domination over nature has proven to be quite tenuous.

10. @lichipan – Li-Chi Pan, 566K followers

Li-Chi Pan

Li-Chi Pan was born in South Africa, lived in Sydney, and she now creates inspiring content based on social experience and urban lifestyle. Her photos are alive; they motivate followers to be more dynamic and active in terms of the transience of time.

11. @mypeeptoes – Paula Ordovás, 426K followers

Paula Ordovás

Paula Ordovás from Spain showcases not only her success in her photos, but proves it with her everyday life. She is a social media strategist for Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion week and cooperates with some editions like Elle UK and Vogue Mexico.

12. @junesixtyfive – June Sixty Five, 379K followers

June Sixty Five

June Sixty Five @junesixtyfive (377K) – Federica is a girl in a big city with an impressive wardrobe, but she doesn’t permit herself to vanish into urban jungles. She succeeded in finding common ground with cars and buildings, cafes and landmarks, shops and parks.

13. @tiffpenguin – Tiff Penguin, 342K followers

Tiff Penguin

She is just a dentist, but managed to become a popular photographer and authoritative travel influencer specializing in discovering unknown places and unique authentic cultures. She used to work with such giants as Sony, United Airlines, BMW, Amazon and Apple.

14. @roundtheworldgirl – Round The World Girl, 295K followers

Round The World Girl

Round The World Girl @roundtheworldgirl (485K) – While looking through Elise’s photos on Instagram, we start smiling and become scared sometimes. We see the amazing mixture of jokes with the extreme that convince us to laugh at hardships.

15. @polkadotpassport – Nicola Easterby, 245K followers

Polkadot Passport

Nicola Easterby started blogging at the age of twenty, and since then has attracted followers with her charming smile and picturesque photos revealing the tenderness of nature. She teaches to pack for trips, save money, and many other useful skills in her blog.

16. @madelinejoyrelph – Madeline Joy Relph, 233K followers

Madeline Joy Relph

Maddy Relph presents her own version of life – brutally honest, but kind, naked and happy. Her adventurous nature thirsts for freedom and she gets it.

17. @girlborntotravel – Girl Born To Travel, 231K followers

Girl Born To Travel

Helene from France adores the Maldives and other exotic places. She’s managed to visit four dozen countries and you can hardly find a photo without seascape, river, lake or even swimming pool on her Instagram.

18. @laurie_ferraro – Laurie Ferraro, 222K followers

Laurie Ferraro

Laurie is a creative director from Toronto who reveals the bright moments of everyday life, whether they’re flowing in New York or in the African desert. She looks amazing next to both camels and horses, ice cream trucks and bicycles.

19. @alicedetogni – Alice Detogni, 219K followers

Alice Detogni

Alice is an interior and graphic designer. It explains the abundance of stylish furniture and accessories on her photos that let us look at European palaces, restaurants and hotels.

20. @thetiafox – The Tia Fox, 200K followers

The Tia Fox

Starting in 2014, Melanie has become a favorite blogger for hundreds of young mothers due to her touchable photos with her baby. That was a very smart move – who can resist a little angel?

All of the travel influencers listed above not only have Instagram, but they also have websites and/or YouTube channels. All of them are travelers, but each are different enough to grab their specific target audience segment. They share unique and exciting content with the professional images, and they manage to create the illusion of private communication and cause the whole gamut of positive emotions.

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