How to Use a Flight Search Form on Your Travel Blog

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A growing conversion rate is closely related with increasing user interaction on your travel blog. One way to entice users to click is to provide interactive content and partner tools, such as widgets, which can be greatly helpful. With a flight search widget, visitors to your website can quickly and easily find flight tickets to their desired destination in a single click. Many brands at Travelpayouts offer custom search widgets, which can be tailored for your website and audience. Read on to learn in detail what a flight search form is, which brands offer flight search forms at Travelpayouts, and how to add a flight search form to your website or blog.

Flight Search Form

What is a Flight Search Form?

A flight search form is a widget that offers a convenient way for users to search for flight tickets on a desktop or mobile website. This form allows users to set the desired parameters, such as the destination, flight dates, number of passengers, etc., and receive search results immediately. Adding a flight search form to your website can be an amazing way for partners to drive conversions with flight affiliate programs, as search forms contain affiliate links. So, when a user conducts a search and is redirected to the advertiser’s website to complete their purchase, that sale is attributed to the affiliate and generates a commission.

As popular and efficient methods to drive sales, search forms are present on many affiliate programs. You can also customize most widgets with localization, text, colors, and fonts as well as construct the exact form that will resonate with your website design and audience.

Where Can I Find the Flight Search Form?

Many airline affiliate programs offer branded flight search form templates. As a result, you can simply set your desired parameters and integrate the search form into your website. For example, to use the Aviasales search form, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Travelpayouts affiliate account.
  2. Go to the Programs section.
  3. Select the Aviasales affiliate program.
  4. Go to the Tools section, then choose Search Forms, and click the “Create a New Search Form” button.
  5. Play around with the design settings to create a form that meets your exact needs.
  6. Copy the code from the field below and paste it into your website.

By default, the Aviasales search form allows users to input their origin, destination, departure and return dates, number of passengers, and flight class.

You can customize the form directly in your affiliate dashboard in various ways:

  • Choose the module type to allow users to look for flights, hotels, or a combination of both
  • Change the color scheme to one of the seven available options or create a custom scheme
  • Set the width and border radius
  • Choose whether you want to display the Aviasales logo
  • Configure the output settings

Alternatively, you can create a new flight search form from a template. If you are unsure which design to choose, get some inspiration on this page with flight search form designs.

Where Can I Add a Flight Search Form?

Flight search forms are a universal tool that can be added to your blog posts or homepage. In addition, you can simply create a landing page with the search form and drive traffic to that page. Adding a widget to your site can be done in only a few clicks. Set up the widget settings, copy the code, and paste it into your blog or website.

As the search forms at Travelpayouts already contain your affiliate ID, there is usually no need to add any other tracking parameters. However, if you want to run a detailed analysis of different forms on different pages, make sure to add a sub ID. This sub ID will be shown in the statistics section of your personal account and will allow you to check exactly how many clicks a particular form has generated.

How to Integrate a Flight Search Form: Examples

So, what are the best ways to integrate a flight search form? Below, we’ve gathered some ideas from travel blogs on how to unobtrusively place search forms on your website and drive traffic to your advertisers.

WayAway Flight Search Form

Be sure to check out the WayAway flight search form, which is also available on Travelpayouts. WayAway is a travel aggregator for flights, hotels, and other travel services that allows users to find the best possible rates. This platform is unique because it allows users to receive cashback for their flight, hotel, and car rental bookings. WayAway is the culmination of Travelpayouts’ extensive knowledge and over ten years of experience in the travel niche. The platform is made by travelers for travelers.

In November 2022, WayAway was chosen as #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a place for tech lovers to share products and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

WayAway flight search form
Flight search form from WayAway

Furthermore, WayAway’s search form looks beautiful on both desktop and mobile devices. The form can be easily integrated into a website without the need for any coding skills. Simply copy the code and paste it where you want the form to appear. In addition, the form is available in both English and Spanish. Join the WayAway affiliate program for free.

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Flight Search Form from on Travel and Destinations

Travel and Destinations is a travel blog by Mike Clegg, a traveler, photographer, and web developer, who is also a Travelpayouts affiliate with extensive affiliate marketing experience as well as knowledge related to other blog monetization strategies. In this post, Mike shared his first-hand experience of working with the Kayak affiliate program.

In the screenshot below, you can see how Mike integrated a flight search form into his website. In this case, the form was added to the Top Booking Services page, where Mike shares useful trip-planning resources. Visitors can put in their origin and destination, desired flight dates, and number of passengers to begin the flight search process.

You can find the flight search form on this page.

Flight Search Form from Kayak on Mejor Epoca Para

Another example of a flight search form can be found on Mejor Epoca Para. This website is dedicated to helping a Spanish-speaking audience choose the best time to visit destinations around the globe. On some pages, as in the example below, you will see a flight search form that invites users to check flights, hotels, and car rentals in the destination they are flying to. In this example, the widget suggests flights from the user’s location to a specific destination that the page promotes (namely Greece).

You can check search forms from flight programs at this link.

Flight Search Form from Aviasales on

The next example will be especially useful if you are writing a blog in a language other than English. On the screen below, you can see the website featuring the Aviasales flights search form translated into Georgian (as the website mainly targets a Georgian audience). Customization is very important if you want to provide your users with the best experience.
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