How to Earn on Hilton Honors With Points

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Loyalty programs are incredibly beneficial because they allow customers to get discounted rates and other rewards by using their favorite brands. One such program is Hilton Honors, which covers over 6,200 hotels around the world and allows you to exchange points for free nights, ridesharing, airline miles, etc. Using the Hilton Honors program within, your audience can also purchase Honors points to redeem for hotel reward stays.

As of May 17, 2024, Hilton Honors partner program has been disabled on the Travelpayouts platform. Connect to other hotel partner programs.

How to earn on Hilton Honors with Points

About Points is the world’s leading platform for the management of loyalty programs. Founded in 2000, the company now has over 20 years of expertise in enhancing reward programs in various niches, such as airlines, hotels, retail, credit cards, etc., and creating deeper relationships with their customers.

By using, users can purchase Hilton Honors and turn them into rewards, such as:

  • Free nights in over 6,200 hotels around the world
  • VIP access to events
  • Rides with Lyft
  • Amazon shopping
  • Rental cars
  • Airline miles

In addition, members of the Hotel Hilton program often receive exclusive bonus and discount offers.

Hilton Honors’ Advantages for Clients

  • Clients can easily buy Hilton Honors Points in their account and receive them within 24 hours
  • A variety of ways to use points: free nights, VIP access to events, free rides, etc.
  • Hilton Honors are the perfect gift for any occasion
  • 24/7 customer service

The Hilton Honors Affiliate Program

By partnering with Hilton Honors and, affiliates can earn 2.5% commissions of the Honors points’ sale value. At the end of the month, all actions are locked for one month. Approved transactions are paid when they lock. 

Advantages for Affiliates

  • 2.5% commission of the total sale value
  • Strong conversion rates
  • Over $200 average order value
  • 15-day cookie lifetime
  • Proactive and dedicated in-house program management
  • Affiliate tools (links, banners)

How to Earn Money With Hilton Honors

Below, we’ve gathered some tips on how to target most efficiently your audience and buy Hilton Honors within

Target Audience

Customers who would likely be interested in purchasing Hilton Honors are most often already members of the loyalty program. They are usually savvy customers who buy more points when there is a good promo deal. Such clients tend to travel frequently for both personal and business matters.

While Hilton Honors’ sales were considerably reduced in 2020 and are still recovering, some regions are showing better dynamics. For example, the Asia-Pacific region is doing much better than North America or Europe, as the countries in the PAC region are currently in a better state of recovery.

Best Practices

One of the best ways to make money on Hilton Honors is to create content around buying points on your website. Analyze your audience’s demographics and try to provide content that best suits their countries. For example, publishers from the UK mostly cover British Airways.

Launching a cashback website is also a great way to earn with Hilton Honors.

Publishers mostly rely on organic traffic, but can also use social media when there are good promotions.

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