How to Grow a Travel Agency With a Metasearch Engine

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Looking for ways to grow your travel agency? A metasearch engine can help you boost your online visibility and help users compare hundreds of deals in real time. Don’t worry, building a metasearch engine is straightforward and requires only basic technical skills. Whether you have an online or offline agency, a metasearch engine will be a win-win solution to its growth.

How to Grow a Travel Agency With a Metasearch Engine
Launch Your Metasearch Engine with White Label Web!
To help travel agencies integrate their metasearch engine without the need to put much effort into development, Travelpayouts has launched White Label Web. This low-code solution enables the setup of a metasearch engine — either as a new website or a page on an existing domain — in just one day, offering clients deals from over 250 travel brands around the world.

In fact, 94% of travelers use metasearch engines to compare hotel rates. No wonder that 60% of independent hoteliers already consider metasearch to be the most effective marketing channel, which has generated $6 billion in economic value over the past decade.

While integrating a metasearch engine on your website might sound like a challenge, in fact, it is not. Read on to learn about the benefits of metasearch engines for travel agencies and the best tips on their quick and simple integration.

What Is a Travel Metasearch Engine

A travel metasearch engine, also known as an aggregator, is a price comparison page or website that allows users to list and compare rates from different travel providers.

When users type in a certain destination, metasearch engines display available offers in the region. For convenience, they usually offer various filters, such as price, company, rating, etc. Most often, metasearch engines have a global inventory and display real-time pricing. They also feature a mobile-responsive design and send online booking confirmations as soon as the user has made a reservation.

A screenshot of the WayAway interface.
A great example of metasearch is WayAway. The platform helps users compare prices for flights and hotels from hundreds of providers and book the best deals.

Benefits of Own Metasearch Engines for Travel Agencies

Metasearch engines have been there for over two decades, but lately they have become the biggest trend in the travel market, as more and more travelers find them very useful for travel planning. These websites help users compare deals from hundreds of different providers in a short amount of time, allowing them to do proper research and make informed decisions. In fact, 94% of travelers use metasearch engines to compare hotel rates. This isn’t a surprise. After all, who doesn’t like to feel that they have done proper research and get to book at the best possible rates?

Here are the most important benefits of integrating a metasearch engine into your travel agency:

Extra Income

Every time someone books their flight or hotel via your website, you receive an affiliate commission. The amount of this commission depends on the specific travel brand and ranges between 1-7%.

Higher Reach

It takes a good amount of effort for traditional travel agencies to connect with service providers and list their offers. With a metasearch engine, not only can you integrate travel offers from different providers faster, but you can also do so on a larger scale and reach global audiences.

More Leads

Metasearch engines allow users to compare deals from different providers and book their travel at the best possible rates. Users don’t have to browse multiple travel websites and search for offers themselves. This convenience can facilitate travel planning and attract more users to your travel agency.

Increased Customer Retention

Thanks to a fast and convenient travel booking process, customers will be more likely to return to your travel agency the next time they have an itch to travel.

Enhanced Brand Image

With a metasearch engine, your travel agency can position itself as a sophisticated brand that is on top of all the latest technological trends. It will also boost your online visibility and help you attract bigger audiences.

Diversified Services

As your strategy begins to cover various channels, your income will become more independent. For example, if a certain provider is sold out, you will still be able to offer deals from other companies and agencies.

However, there are things you need to consider before integrating a metasearch engine into your travel agency. Most importantly, to build and support a metasearch engine, you will need some technical skills or even hire a dedicated technical expert. To help webmasters streamline this integration and avoid technical hurdles, Travelpayouts has developed a White Label solution.

How to Launch Your Own Metasearch Engine 

As a small business owner, it is crucial to understand and learn how to effectively build a metasearch engine. Creating one from scratch may require some technical expertise and time. Alternatively, you can take advantage of white label solutions that will allow you to rebrand a popular travel product in your company’s name.

White Label Web – The Best Deal for Travel Agents 

Travelpayouts created the first low-code solution designed specifically for travel agencies: White Label Web. The tool allows you, in just one day, to set up a sleek, fully functional metasearch engine under your domain (or on a brand new website) with the following benefits:

  • Built-In Integration with Leading Travel Vendors: Provide your audience with the best deals from over 250 global travel brands in real time.
  • Maximum Customization: Easily adjust colors, fonts, currencies, and other details to match your brand identity.
  • Global Market Targeting: Reach any market with support for 26 languages, 79 currencies, and right-to-left adaptation for Arabic.
  • Extra Revenue: Earn up to a 7% commission on each flight or hotel booking made through your metasearch engine.

The Best Part: There is no need for a development team. You can either set up your own metasearch engine yourself following our detailed guide or purchase our setup assistance for just $50. We also offer a 7-day return policy.

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