Dream Of Own Travel Mobile App Comes True With Travelpayouts

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You may have noticed that the mobile market is a current trend. If you want to join this trend, and get involved with the mobile travel market, our tools are here for you. Making your own mobile application has never been easier than with the Travelpayouts tools. In this article, we share tips for those who plan to build own app, and provide a recipe on how you can start to earn money without needing high investment.

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Making Your Own App Is Not Complicated at All

Before getting down to any new project, it is always necessary to ask yourself — do I have enough skills and resources to do it? if you are a Travelpayouts’ partner — the answer is yes, you have! You have options on how to become an app owner and earn in the mobile niche, in any case. And this is true even for people with zero knowledge. We have tools for everyone!

If you do have knowledge, you can build the application on your own easily using our API. If you lack the necessary skills, upgrade them through our short tutorial. You will quickly learn how to build a project from, literally, nothing. However, you may not need to start from nothing. With Travel SDK, you have a ready-made tool to create an application with enough flexibility. Of course API provides more flexibility, but with this option, you have to navigate your own way.

Our SDK is already a second version – Travel SDK 2.0. It still allows you to make a flight or hotel search application base using the already established, but this version has improved features. We wrote in more detail about this update last year.

Flights SDK

On the Githhub, you can look at our SDK, and learn more about how to work with it. Invest your time in this, and it will surely pay you back.

To get more inspiration, learn the real story from our current partner. Here, he shares his experiences of creating several apps based on SDK.

Do Not Make a Clone

Copying someone or something else is not always a good idea. The travel market is already well-populated by the big and well-known brands and, to be successful, you should not make clones of their programs!

You can use our SDK in conjunction with external sources to create a unique app with flight and hotel search features. For example, you could combine our tools with a useful travel diary or flight timetables. Sometimes applications, based just on the SDK, have problems in passing moderation in AppStore and Google Play as they are built as a 100% copy of an already existing app. There is way to solve these problems, but it is better to aim to produce a new project, and not a copy, from the beginning.

To find ideas yourself, examine already existing, and successful, competitors. Try to find the weak points in their apps. Look at what they have missed and what could be improved. At the same time, try to predict the wishes of your potential users, and what they need.

Building an App — It Doesn’t Stop There

Building an app is not all you have to do. You have to use the same logic you would if you were building a website. Even if you created the best one in the world, you would still have to work on it to propagate and develop your project. Otherwise, you won’t attract traffic — and won’t make sales! Apple Store optimization and promotion can be free, just learn the secrets of how to do it.

Here’s the good news — once developed your app works forever! Yes, it’s a lovely dream, but one that can be shattered by reality. From the very beginning, competition in the market is fierce, and even if you win a battle, it doesn’t mean you won the war. Your competitors won’t simply go to sleep.

From the outset, never forget your own application requires your attention, and new developments. For example, you can extend your audience in new markets by localizing your project. And, again, we can help with our practical guide that will tell you all you need to know about the localization of mobile applications based on Travelpayouts SDK. It’s available on this page.

Earn From Mobile Users Without an App

In January, 2018, we launched “Mobile App White Label”. With this tool you can simply set up  a name, logo, colors and other parameters to create an ‘empty’ application on the AppStore. You do not need to develop a new one. You can use an already existing app for your brand. Learn more about how this works in one of our previous posts.

Simplicity is not the only benefit of using this simplified system. Users will become attached to your affiliate marker forever, and you will continue to get commissions as long as they go on using the application.

This is your chance to break into the mobile app market and to be a part of the trend. Who knows, maybe you, too, will become one of the TOP affiliates if you just take this idea and run with it?

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