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Earn More on Multi-City Trips With Nomad From

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NOMAD from is a revolutionary feature for multi-city trips. The powerful algorithm is based on a vast database of travel-related information, including both air and ground transport, which helps travelers visit multiple destinations at the lowest possible price. Offer your audience this unique feature and earn 3% of the cost of each flight ticket by joining the affiliate program

What Is Nomad From

Multi-city trips have always been popular with travelers. To improve travel experience, the team launched a new feature called NOMAD, which helps travelers see all the places they want while saving the most money.

Even though travelers visit the same destinations, trips generated with NOMAD from may be as low as half the cost:


NOMAD is not only a way to visit multiple destinations for the lowest price, but it is also a tool that helps you plan amazing trips.

Popular Journeys

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How to Earn on Nomad

In spite of the NOMAD feature effectively helping travelers save money, you can ultimately earn more. The more attractive your offer is to the audience, the higher the chance of a purchase, and, therefore, the higher your conversion rates.

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