Q&A From the Webinar: How to Gain $25,000 on Car Rentals

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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On September 13th we along with Localrent held a webinar “From zero to hero: How to gain $25,000 on car rentals”. On this page we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar. If you want to see recording, please use this link.

Konstantinos: What Languages Is Localrent Available?

English and Russian.

Konstantinos: Any White Label Option Available?

Yes, white label option is available – check our White Label Widget in promotional materials.

Konstantinos: The Cars Are Owned by Normal People or From Rental Companies?

The cars are owned by local agencies.

Mytripworldwide.com: Do You Have API?

Yes. Send an email to Sergey to get the keys – affiliates@localrent.com

Husain Alaraibi: Does White Label Work Better? Or Buy Script and Attach to It Is Better? Because It Come With Blog Etc.

Our White Label widget has 7% conversion rate, and it is working better than just an affiliate link.

Mytripworldwide.com: Can We Get Nearby Agencies Available Fleets Results by Passing Latitude, Longitude in API?

Please write to my email, and I will connect you with our IT department affiliates@localrent.com

Husain Alaraibi: Do I Have to Get Affiliate With Travel Insurance? Because Some of Agents Offer Travel Insurance and Some Do Not, or Do Only When Customers Book Flights Like for Example Book With Emirates or Other Airline They Gonna Send Automatic Travel Insurance to Customers?

We include insurance on our website, so you don’t have to provide your customers with any additional disturbing insurance services.

Donna: I Was Looking For Tutorial Video on How to Monetize My Website With All of Your Products the Easy Way Without Going to Each Page and Inserting Links! Nothing Was Found to Help!

Husain Alaraibi: Do We Have to Have Chat Support or Whatsapp Support or Facebook Support? Because I Believe the Customer When They Look for Flights or Hotels or Car Rental They Gonna Be Transfer to Other Supplier So We Don’t Have Access to There Information, They Totally Have to Contact the Services Provider, Am I Right?

You do not need to have any chat support.We provide our clients with 24/7 support and if something goes wrong they can always contact us

Husain Alaraibi: I Know We Have an Ios App Attach to the White Label, When We Gonna Have It Available to Android, Also We Gonna Have Email Marking Gonna Be English It Has Been From Very Long Time in Russian Languages!

Did not understand that question to be fair, could you please contact me via email affiliates@localrent.com?

Cynthia: How Do You Mean Participate in Podcast …By Advertising? Or Other?

There are tonnes of podcasts nowadays. What is your main goal is that you need to find someone who runs a podcast that is related to a niche that your blog is related

Neven: How Much Money Could I Earn With Affiliate Travel Website

Neven, it actually depends on what you gonna sell there, on your traffic, traffic volume, etc. One sold flight ticket gives you around $10. Car rental offers commission is much higher. The average income from car rental is about 25$

Mahendran: Travel Affiliate Site – Good to Buy or Create by Own

It is always better to create your own website because you will create your own audience and your following. You will understand what content to create and how to attract more people.

If you want to buy a decent website with great amount of traffic, it will cost you a fortune. If you want to buy low-cost website, it won’t earn you any money.

So, to my mind it it way better to create your own.

Eugene: Does Travelpayouts Have a Tool for Car Rental Search Worldwide, or Only Individual Affiliate Links (Or White Label or Embedded Widgets) To Regional Sites Like Localrent?

Eugene, if you mean geo coverage of our advertisers, EconomyBookings and Auto Europe work globally, Localrent works in the most popular travel destinations.

Mytripworldwide.com: You Guyz Pay CPC CPM?

No, we do not.

Eugene: With Airfare Search, You Combine Results From Different Providers – Can’t You Do Something Similar for Hotels and Car Rentals?

Hotellook is our domestic offer and it actually has results from booking, agoda, etc – works absolutely the same way as aviasales. Car rentals – all our offers provide you with results from different providers (they are also working like metasearch)

Neven: What Are the Best Tools to Promote My Website?

Proper usage of SEO, google Adwords, great UX-design, social network and creating new amazing content. It is just a shortlist, but there are many ways to promote it. If you need some advice on a specific case feel free to contact me via e-mail affiliates@localrent.com

Cynthia: Sergey Mentioned Links That He Was Going to Send?

Yes! First of all, almost all of them are in our presentation. So you will be able to see those site that I was speaking about. And secondly, if you any additional questions, you contact me at anytime you want via email affiliates@localrent.com

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