Webinar Q&A: “How to Earn Massive Payouts With Car Rentals”

Alexandra Belski Alexandra Belski
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November 27 we held a webinar “The fast and the profitable: How to earn massive payouts with car rentals” with Sergey Kulpin, affiliate marketing manager in DiscoverCars. On this page, you can find answers to all questions from this webinar. To see the recording, click here.

J: I Can’t Get How to Promote via Instagram, Does Anyone Have Experience?

Answer: Our colleagues from the marketing department have experimented a lot and found other traffic sources unsuccessful in comparison to writing a well-developed article and working on increasing organic traffic from Google. You could still experiment with Instagram and share it with us if you find something that works. 

D: Do You Allow Contextual Ads? Do You Pay Commission for Car Insurance and Other Options?

Answer: Contextual ads are not allowed to drive traffic directly to DiscoverCars.com website (branded keywords are not allowed as well). You could still use contextual ads to attract traffic to your own website with an article about car rental or a banner.

S: How Much Does the User Need to Pay For Full Coverage? How to Sell This Option?

Answer: The standard price for FullCoverage is 7.95 Eur/day. In some destinations, it could be slightly higher, due to a higher chance of an accident. The same way in some specific destinations it could be cheaper. The best way to sell this option is to include a paragraph about FullCoverage, some tips on how important it is to protect a customer. In addition, our product is cheaper than buying the insurance directly from a car rental supplier, and the coverage of damage is larger, which is beneficial for customers. This could be included in your subtopic about the FullCoverage to sell it. 

A: How Many Languages Do You Have On Your Website?

Answer: We currently operate in 17 languages.

K: Does Travelpayouts Offer Other Stuff Apart From Flights + Hotels + Car (Now)? Do Kiwi.com + Hotellook + Discover Cars Work With Travelpayouts?

Answer: We have 65 partner programs at this moment and we work with all of these travel brands. You can find more offers here

C: What if My Market Is Already Pretty Competed? Any Tips to Take Advantage of My Competitors?

Answer: The short answer to this question is to make a fantastic job working on your website’s homework, such as link building, posting quality content on a regular basis, working on your keywords, etc. Once you get used to doing it systematically, Google will start ranking your search results higher and preferably you should get to the top 10. As soon as you achieve it, there will be a larger portion of customers clicking your link and reading your article.

D: Do You Have Suggestions for My Blog Post About You? I Need More Information Like FAQ and Content.

Answer: You could use a lot of information from the page About us and the page FAQ. There are plenty of information for different topics that you can cover in your blog post. Also, check our top-selling locations by seasons.

M: What Is the Best Integration Way to Include You in the Articles?

Answer: there are three types of tools for this program at Travelpayouts: links, banners and widgets. We would suggest widgets and custom links that correspond to the content of your articles. The highest conversion always comes from custom landing page links on a specific location that you are selling via your blog post. For example, an article about car rental in Lisbon airport converts the best if a user is landed directly to the Lisbon Airport landing page. All tools can be found by this link.  

A: If I Already Promote Your Competitors, What Will Be the Best Strategy?

Answer: Add our promotion in the same article with other competitors. For the best results, you could put it in the first place and let users click on our link as well. They will have freedom of choice to find what they are looking for and you will still get paid a commission from either us or them.

L: As for Portuguese: Is It Only Portuguese or Also Portuguese Brazilian?

Answer: On our website, there is currently a mix of both as we had both Brazilian and Portuguese translators working on the project.

J: Why Sometimes Prices on Discover Cars Are Much Higher Than on the Competitors’ Services?

Answer: This depends on the goals. For example, if our team is currently signing up deals with local suppliers in the USA, some other companies might concentrate on the other GEO areas. In addition, we find many locations to be selling with the same volume even with a higher price which benefits both – affiliates and us as we all are getting paid a higher commission.

M: Just to be sure – this promo is valid for all markets, right? 

Answer: That’s right! Increased commissions are valid for all markets till December 22.

K: Will a Banner Automatically Switch to a Specific Language Depending on the Location?

Answer: No, unfortunately, the banners are static. But you can use links and widgets instead.

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