Webinar Q&A: “Travelpayouts 101: Tools and Offers Review”

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January 22 we held a webinar called “Travelpayouts 101: Tools and offers review” with Kate Zabolotnaya, Business Development Manager, and Olga Gachkova, Marketing Manager at Travelpayouts. On this page, we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar. If you want to see the recording, please use this link.

A: What is the best way to get pre-approval

Answer: If you want to join a program, just click on “Join” in this program’s details. It might take several days to consider each application. Since we pay significant attention to the quality, add as many details about your website and traffic as you can.

N: Some success stories and how they started out would be great in the blog.

Answer: Thank you for the suggestion, we publish cases and tips in our blog by this link

A: What Is the difference between impressions and clicks?

Answer: Clicks means the number of people who have clicked on an affiliate link, button, widget or any other tool, while impressions is the number of people who were shown this affiliate tool.

S: Can a tours and activity provider get listed on Travelpayouts?

Answer: Please, send an email to support@travelpayouts.com and tell us more about your project. 

N:  Can you add more providers for flights, please?

Answer: Thank you for the suggestion! We have three affiliate programs (Kayak, Aviasales and Kiwi.com). Aviasales partners with over 700 airlines. Are there any providers they are missing?

M: When Will android update with ads and the arabic language come out? How can we customize the design of the app?

Answer: The update is expected in Spring-Summer. Please let us know what you wish to customize at support@travelpayouts.com.

A: Is Kayak CPC or CPA?

Answer: It’s CPA, they pay 50% of the advertiser’s revenue from each booking or 50% of eligible click-out of a flight.

M: Can you build a website on Travelpayouts?

Answer: We’ve made an awesome guide on building an affiliate website! Download it here

B: Do you have a developer we can use?

Answer: We don’t provide development services, at this moment, sorry 🙂 However, you can easily find somebody on Upwork and other services for freelancers, like Freelancer and Fiverr

S:  Do I set up Facebook ads to advertise the links?

Answer: You can use Facebook ads to promote those advertisers that allow this type of traffic. Check their list here.

A: Can I generate a special link to a specific route?

Answer: Yes, that’s possible with the Aviasales program. Kindly check out our instructions on how to make it.

B: Is there a way to switch the price from British pounds to US dollars?

Answer: You can see more information here.

A: Are Aviasales and Travelpayouts the same thing? What is the relationship between them?

Answer: Travelpayouts is an affiliate network that includes affiliate programs. Aviasales is one of the programs (just like Booking.com affiliate program, Agoda affiliate program, etc.)

M: How can I add my brand?

Answer: We recommend you to have a look at our product – White Label. White Label is a search powered by Aviasales and Hotellook that is integrated into your website’s design. 

S:  I have been approved for RentalCars but not at Travelpayouts. Can I get approval with you?

Answer: Yes, you can submit an application to join Rentalcars program since pre-approval is required. In your list of programs, select Rentalcars, press the “Join” button and fill in the form. Don’t forget to provide as much information as possible about yourself and your traffic sources.

S: What theme will you recommend to use with Travelpayouts? / S: I’m new here. What is the best way to advertise? I downloaded Travelpayouts’ plugin, but it doesn’t show a website in themes. Can you help me with a video or instructions? Thanks in advance:)

Answer:  If you mean a WordPress theme, then Traveler is a good choice. It has built-in support for Travelpayouts tools. You can integrate Travelpayouts into the Traveler theme and search for hotels or flights. You need a Travelpayouts account for that. More info on that is in Traveler theme documentation. Also, check this topic in our blog: 11 best WordPress themes for the quick creation of a travel website.

C: I’m interested in the requirements for API connectivity. We are currently utilizing the White Label option. 

Answer: Please note we have strict requirements for API access, you can have a look at them here. To apply for access to our API, please provide the following information:

  • URL of your project
  • Design prototypes of your search form and search results
  • Description of your project
  • How our API will be used

Please consider our standard methods of integration (search forms, White Label, Data API) or let us know why they don’t meet your project needs.

S: How many advertisers offer API access among the whole list?

Answer: You can find all the available API and data here.

AW: It has taken over two weeks to get approved on Trip.com. Who do I follow up with Trip? What is the typical approval time?

Answer: It usually takes a couple of days for an advertiser to review an application. In case it takes longer, you may send us a request to support@travelpayouts.com, and we’ll try to speed up the process.

A: Is there a car rental offer in North America (Canada)?

Answer: Yes, Rentalcars for example. 

M: Why do air tickets pay less (average 1.55$) if they are expensive?

Answer: Some airlines and agencies pay a fixed commission which doesn’t depend on the ticket price. We mention it in our article: “How much do I earn from a ticket sold through me?

A: Can I shorten the link by using Bitly, for example? Does that affect my link?

Answer: You can do it, and it won’t affect your affiliate link. Also, we’ll launch our own link shortener soon.

Y: I have a new purely travel website and about 10 partners from Travelpayouts. Do you think this is a good idea in order to attract more customers or should I concentrate less on partners? Any ideas on how to promote a website like this? www.youbooktravelhire.com

Answer: Kindly send it to support@travelpayouts.com. We’ll be glad to check it out.

Z: Do you plan to add the Hebrew language to the system in the future?

Answer: Hebrew is available on Aviasales’s White Label. If you’re interested in specific programs and tools, please let our affiliate support know so we could check if it’s possible.

M: Do you have partners working with CPC?

Answer: No, we don’t have CPC partners apart from some agencies in flight programs.

E: How to change the Travelpayouts logo on the White Label?

Answer:  You can follow this manual. If you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to send us a message to support@travelpayouts.com, and we’ll suggest the changes in your White Label’s CSS styles.

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