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Selling time-limited offers, such as last-minute tours and very cheap tickets is an art. Imagine learning about an amazing offer and before you could share it with your audience, the offer has already expired. With really great deals, this happens very often, but we know how to avoid it — share it faster! A basic travel blog or content website is not the right source for it. Use Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks to have an efficient way to share time-limited offers with your audience. In this article, you will learn how to do it and how to earn on Telegram and the other fast communication channels.

Social Media

Features making money on cheap travel offers

The time you spend letting your audience know about the new offer plays a huge role in the volume of sales you make. Good deals do not stay available for long. The lifetime of a large sale or low airfare can be several hours. Therefore, the standard model for driving traffic from search engines does not work efficiently. Indexing the page in Google takes longer than the life of a particular offer. Fast interaction with the audience is required while working in this segment.

The main source of traffic for last-minute offers on cheap flights, hotels, vacations cruises, buses etc. include social networks and messengers. Telegram and Facebook are the most popular ones. Some of the affiliates use Instagram and other networks as well. The choice depends on you, where you have audience or the chance to gather your own audience. However, Instagram, among all the popular options, is one of the less effective because it does not allow you to share links and it has other issues, which you will learn about below.

Features making money on cheap travel offers

All these statements are valid not only for flight tickets but also for other travel services with a very short lifespan offers, such as tickets on sale or tours.

One more tool that works well is bookmarks. If you have a travel blog or content project, try to teach your audience how to check your website manually sometimes without searching on Google — using bookmarks or even typing in your website in the browser bar. This can also work well, as it will help you share the news fast. However, unfortunately, this option is available just for a limited amount of projects because everyone is not that loyal to check something manually and regularly.

Telegram — an effective tool for monetizing travel traffic

If we look at Telegram as a tool for earning from the online travel market, the messenger is an excellent tool in two ways:

  • Attracts visitors to your own website from where they proceed to purchase tickets and other travel services;
  • Sends the offers directly to the readers.

Telegram is a convenient messenger for managing “Group Chat (Channel)” for an unlimited amount of people. You can find examples with thousands of subscribers. This is an efficient tool for sharing information, for example, about last-minute travel offers. Make money with a Telegram channel by using Travelpayouts. You can find good deals on flights, hotels, car rentals etc. and share the affiliate link to your audience.

Telegram is also a good tool when it comes to interactions with other social networks, for example, Facebook. Some of the webmasters even think that traffic from the standard social networks, such as Facebook, is slowly moving to messengers. Even if you are not aware of this idea, try to earn with it.

The differences when it comes to using Facebook to monetize flights and hotel bookings

There are some differences when it comes to Monetizing Telegram Channel and Facebook. Monetizing vacation offers varies:

  • Facebook shows only a few posts to the readers. Telegram shows 100% of the posts to the readers.
  • On Facebook, you can advertise the posts, but you cannot advertise messages on Telegram.
  • To monetize Telegram, you can use bots. On Facebook, most of the work is done manually.

Monetization using chatbots is similar to a Telegram channel where the work is done manually. In other words, you can monetize telegram bot with the same affiliate tools you would use in a simple channel.

It is better to use Facebook and Telegram together. Also, you can increase followers on Telegram by advertising your channel on Facebook.

How to find subscribers and followers on travel Telegram channel

You can find a professional, or even a company, who will take care of getting you subscribers or you can do it yourself as well. In fact, it is good that you learn how to gain more subscribers and followers. While there is more space for creative ideas, we have put together the most efficient ways to do this:

  1. Advertising in other Telegram channels (or mutual advertising);
  2. Guest posts on blogs with link;
  3. Advertise on other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram to increase readers on Telegram;
  4. Add your channel to the list of telegram channels (it’s almost a free method of promotion for Telegram channel).

If you just do your job well, your project can grow without direct investments. For example, your channel can be recommended to friends, etc. Such organic growth is usually 5-10% per month, and it is quite realistic. You have to provide not only good content for readers but also do it regularly without giving up, no matter what happens on the market.

Subscribers to Telegram

One of our affiliates with 50 000+ followers in his channel shared his experience on how to maintain and promote Telegram channel:

  1. First of all, create quality, interesting and relevant content. Then, people will start to share it.
  2. The creation of “someone’s clone” is a dead end. Be sure to create your own content.
  3. In addition to quality content, your attitude toward subscribers is important. They will not accept a clickbait.
  4. You need to create a community, not a news resource. To do this, write a message and send to everyone who has questions or some ideas about the issue.
  5. Advertising on the channels of others is usually expensive, and the attracted subscribers can be “dead”. When you have chosen the project to buy ads for, the most important thing you should consider is the quality of its audience. Analyze the statistics of the channel or website!
  6. Thanks to items 1 and 2, after a while, your channel will grow organically from 100-200 subscribers daily. This is not much, but it is free.
  7. Be open to new things! You need to look constantly for new formats, new ideas, new partners, etc. Otherwise, you will become an outsider in just one year.
  8. Be honest! Here, everything is simple — do not cheat your subscribers in Telegram, do not chase after profit, and you will have a great channel/resource that people will trust and visit on their own.

Telegram channel without owning a site. Is this possible?

You can survive and even be a successful Telegram channel owner without your own website. But having your own website or Facebook page is advantageous. Many people who started out from Telegram later added a website to support their various projects. It works better with this type of interaction.

Travel blog

If you already have a travel blog or another type of travel website, you can create a Telegram channel to earn in the travel niche. It will serve as an extra source of income if you learn how to earn from travel blog, as all parts of your media network will help each other to make you more profit.

You can send some readers to your own project, not the offer page, like You have to be careful while sending people to your own project. It may lead to “double” audience — one on Telegram, one on the website, yet it does not work like this. It will still be the same people, and so this can have drawbacks. The major disadvantage is that if a reader clicks on your link and visits your website, there is no assurance that the reader will click the button on your project and go for the offer.

Therefore, your main aim should be to reduce the number of actions the visitor has to take. The less the clicks required before buying, the more chances a purchase will be made. Of course, it is not that simple, and sometimes it is better to warm up and try to persuade the buyer to purchase, but be careful, do not make the purchase process hard because you are sending them to your own project.

If you want to retain a customer for your project, you can use White Label. Travelpayouts provides this tool for flight tickets and hotels. It allows you to build your own brand on your own domain.

Sending readers directly to the offer page has one hidden advantage. As you know, services have cookies. Usually, affiliate programs offer 30-day cookies. This means that if the same person comes back within one month and finally buys, the affiliate gets a commission. So, if you direct customers to the offer page, it will also give you the opportunity to earn from deferred sales.

How to make money using a Telegram channel

Telegram and other messengers and social networks are a great tool to earn on travel if you work with last-minute offers. But do not focus on just flight tickets. Now in your account in Travelpayouts, there are additional travel offers such as transfers, car rentals and so on. Try to offer your readers complex solutions that are useful and you will see how it will affect your earnings.

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