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Sputnik partner program

Tours and activities partner program Sputnik: sales growth by 470% compared to 2019

Brands that have long been working with Travelpayouts share cases in our blog to help new affiliates. In this post, Sputnik, an online platform for booking tours and activities worldwide, shared its experience of increasing sales by 470% through Travelpayouts partners in May/June of 2021 compared to the same period in 2019. Travelpayouts is an international platform that hosts both global and local brands. Sputnik is one of these local companies, as it is best known within the Russian market. The experience of launching a partner program, which Sputnik has shared in this post, will be interesting to any brand regardless of the market it operates in.

Discover Cars

Discover Cars: The number of affiliate sales doubled in a year with Travelpayouts

In 2019, Discover Сars connected to the Travelpayouts platform, and in 2020, the number of sales through the affiliate channel doubled compared to the previous year. Discover Cars shared its experience of connecting to Travelpayouts, talked about developing an affiliate program, and presented tips for brands who are just thinking about launching an affiliate program.