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Offer your audience an easy way to go rock climbing and earn money on every booking.
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Average price

90 days

The cookie lifetime

A cookie is a file set on the user's device that followed your link. This is done for the purposes of counting all purchases made during the term of the cookie for you.

What is Mapo Tapo?

Mapo Tapo is a global climbing community that offers hundreds of adventure experiences around the world. The platform focuses on rock climbing and offers dozens of options for extreme travelers.

Benefits of the Mapo Tapo affiliate program

Active recreation is the destiny of not only lovers of the extreme, but all sorts of tourists. For example, Mapo Tapo’s clients range from 10 to 90 years old. 25% of the clients have never climbed before. Therefore, the Mapo Tapo affiliate program is suitable not only for monetizing blogs related to extreme recreation, but also for classic travel blogs.



The reward for every reservation

  • Rewards are paid for completed reservations
  • The reward is paid when the travel date is passed and the reservation has not been canceled

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How to earn money with the Mapo Tapo affiliate program

Create a free account, gain access to affiliate tools, share Mapo Tapo offers with your audience, and earn on every extreme tour booking.