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Every traveler has heard of Agoda at least once, if not more. It’s one of the world’s most popular online travel-booking platforms. 18 million customers trust Agoda for their hotel, hostel and home reservations. You have the opportunity to earn on each of them! Join the Agoda affiliate program, and learn how you can start earning money with the largest accommodation booking platform.

Agoda Overview

Agoda is a well-known booking platform that works in 38 different languages ​​and provides a network of over 2 million accommodation properties, including apartments, villas, homes and hotels in 37,000 cities.

How Travelers Benefit From Agoda

  1. Agoda maintains great relationships with their partners around the world to provide travelers with special deals and the best discounts. Agoda guarantees, that every traveler will be able to find the right accommodation at the best price, whether it is for hotels, hostels, villas or houses.
  2. Agoda offers travelers and easy user experience on their website.
  3. Agoda has a blog travelers can browse to explore hotels, tours and popular tourist destinations.

Learn more about Agoda on their official website.

The Agoda Affiliate Program

The Agoda affiliate program is available directly on the official Agoda website or through affiliate networks, like Travelpayouts.

The Agoda affiliate program on the Travelpayouts partnership platform offers a high rate for every affiliate, no matter how many reservations you generate per month. You can combine this benefit with the convenient payout policy, fast support service and other benefits.

How Affiliates Benefit From the Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is one of the best hotel affiliate programs, offering the following benefits:

  1. Agoda has a very large audience and enormous availability, due to the huge variety of housing options at various price points.
  2. Agoda is a well-known platform. It’s easy to recommend to travelers, because the brand name is already familiar to them, and it inspires confidence. Brand popularity triggers high conversion.
  3. Agoda is constantly improving the user experience by providing the best conversions for your traffic.
  4. The affiliate reward is 6% of the total reservation value (without taxes and fees). The reward calculation is transparent and clear. Even if users only made between 5-10 bookings per month by clicking on affiliate links, the affiliate would still get 6% of each booking. The reward is not dependant on the total number of bookings, and there are no complex calculations or systems with multiplying factors.
  5. The average cost of booking for Agoda  is over $200.

The Agoda affiliate program has a clear traffic policy with a generous list of allowed traffic types.

Target Audience

Everyone who goes to another city or country is a potential Agoda customer. It doesn’t matter if their tripis long or short, or if they are traveling to a neighboring city or another continent.

Who Are These Travelers:

  • Groups of friends who prefer to stay together at their villa. Booking a home or a homestay doesn’t always depend on the size of the group. As the study of Agoda 2017 shows, travelers often choose a home or a homestay against staying at hotels if they are traveling within their home continent.
  • Newlyweds and couples.
  • Single travelers backpacking from city to city.
  • Entrepreneurs going on business trips.
  • Families with children planning vacations during school holidays. Agoda prepared a large-scale study on how families with children travel. You can read it to learn how often people from different countries travel with their families and how they spend time on vacation, as well as how long these types of trips usually last.

How to Earn With the Agoda Affiliate Program

In 2015, Agoda surveyed 5,500 of its users to understand which sources they use to plan a trip. Online sources combined, including forums, blogs and travel apps, make up 71% of the sources used.

Among all sources, positions were distributed as follows:

Online forums34%
Blogs and independent websites28%
Advice from locals13%
Printed guidebooks12%
Travel apps9%

So, people look to the internet to find information and create a route more often than glossy guides.

You can find affiliate links and banners of different sizes for the Agoda affiliate program in your Travelpayouts account. You can use Agoda banners on any travel site. Here’s a short video that explains how you can add banners to your website.

These are examples of content where you can add an affiliate link:

  • Blog articles: Guides to cities and countries, your own travel experiences, reviews and hotel selections, top-rated lists of hotels for honeymoons, family vacations, top-rated lists of the coolest hostels, etc.
  • Forums: Chat and share reviews about hotels with your affiliate link, if it is approved according to the forum rules.
  • Social pages: Create a page on your social networks and share content that includes an affiliate link.
  • Distribution: This powerful marketing tool is allowed according to the Agoda affiliate program rule.

Best practices suggest that affiliate links convert visitors into buyers more effectively. Especially when you talk about your personal travel experiences, show real photos of hotels and write honest reviews about it.

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