AirHelp: Join the #1 Flight Compensation Partner Program

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Under European law, when a passenger is left stranded due to a flight delay or cancellation, they could be eligible for up to $700 in compensation. That’s where AirHelp comes in. As the world’s #1 flight compensation company, AirHelp has helped 1.5 million passengers receive their compensation since 2013. Until October 31, 2023, AirHelp is offering a special 18% reward rate for all partners (the usual rate is 13.5%). Join the AirHelp Partner Program now to get a special reward on each claim that AirHelp accepts.

AirHelp: Join the #1 Flight Compensation Partner Program

AirHelp in a Nutshell

AirHelp is the world’s largest organization specializing in air passenger rights. It works to educate travelers and help them get compensation for delayed or canceled flights. 

All travelers need to do is submit their flight details and, if they’re eligible, AirHelp will handle the claims process on their behalf for a fixed fee that typically amounts to 35% of the claim (or 50% if legal proceedings are required). However, if AirHelp can’t get you compensation, you don’t pay the fee! ​

Under EC Regulation 261/2001, AirHelp can support the following types of claims: flight disruptions with delays of more than three hours, cancellations, or denied boardings that have occurred in the last three years. Click ​here to find out more about how AirHelp protects air passenger rights​.

Since 2019, AirHelp has also protected passengers under Brazilian regulations! Read more here.

Advantages of Using AirHelp 

  • The fastest claim check in the industry thanks to AI.
  • Legal teams in over 35 countries and service assistance in 17 languages.
  • AirHelp has one of the most extensive flight statistic databases in the world.

About the AirHelp Plus Membership Program

AirHelp Plus is a membership program that assists passengers with flight disruptions and provides support for compensation claims and financial losses. Members enjoy no-fee compensation services, insurance payouts for delays or cancellations, luggage loss compensation, and airport lounge access. The program offers 24/7 expert advice and benefits are tailored to the member’s chosen plan. All benefits are valid during the membership period.

Read more about AirHelp Plus on the brand’s website.

The AirHelp Partner Program

As an AirHelp partner, you’ll earn a commission on accepted claims that have been screened by our claims team. This is how it works:

  • Step 1. Someone visits the AirHelp website via your affiliate link and submits a claim
  • Step 2. The claim is automatically screened for eligibility
  • Step 3. An agent confirms the claim documents and accepts the claim
  • Step 4. Your reward is approved

Advantages of the AirHelp Partner Program

  • Attractive commission rates: AirHelp is offering a 13.5% commission rate on each claim. 
  • ​​Get paid before AirHelp does – ​you receive a monthly payout for each claim that AirHelp accepts once the passenger’s required documents are received. You don’t even have to wait for the claim to be won!
  • ​​45-day cookie tracking. ​Does your audience need a little more time to decide whether or not to submit a claim? AirHelp has you covered!
  • ​Add value to your website. AirHelp’s ‘no win, no fee’ policy means that you get to promote a valuable, risk-free product.
18% reward rate
€130 average price
45 days cookie lifetime
The AirHelp Partner Program
Join Now

Best Practices for Promoting AirHelp

Tell your audience what AirHelp does and how easy it is to stand up for their right to compensation.

Disclaimer: The below screenshots are real examples from current partners promoting AirHelp.

Catch and Inform Your Audience

Choose the right moments to provide information: 62% of AirHelp’s customers submit their claims within a month after their flight delay, so knowing when your audience typically travels will pay off – think summer vacations, holiday seasons, etc.

Educate them: 87% of travelers don’t know their passenger rights. Sharing vital information like the fact that they can get compensation for flight disruptions that occurred up to three years ago will allow you to reach a huge market!

Create Content That Converts

Walk people through the claims process on the AirHelp website and show them just how easy it is to claim up to €600 in compensation.

Share your experience submitting claims with AirHelp on social media and encourage travelers to follow in your footsteps.

Creating content that converts

Focus on Real-Time Travel

Most travelers only find out that their flight has been canceled once they get to the airport. Create informative pages ahead of time that relate to particular flights or airlines – they’re sure to come in handy when they’re most needed.

Focus on real-time travel

Stay Local

Show off AirHelp’s language skills! Not only can AirHelp assist travelers all over the world, but they also have lawyers in over 35 countries, and can provide assistance in 17 different languages.

Compare Options

Educate your audience on the flight compensation industry. There may be other companies out there for them, but AirHelp’s reach speaks for itself. Highlight that AirHelp is the leading company in its field!

Be part of AirHelp’s affiliate program now and start making money by standing up for air passenger rights!

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