Best Event Ticket Affiliate Programs in 2024

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The event tickets niche is not one that immediately springs to mind when you think of affiliate products, yet it presents great earning opportunities for bloggers and marketers around the world. In this post, we have gathered some of the most popular offers in the niche and highlighted their advantages to help you choose the best affiliate program to sell event tickets to your audience.

Advantages of Concert Event Ticket Affiliate Programs

The concert event ticket affiliate niche has many advantages for affiliate partners. Let’s go through some of them.

1. Contrary to common belief, the event tickets niche can be very lucrative. Research shows that the event tickets niche features great earning opportunities, as revenue in the vertical is expected to reach $85.07 billion USD by 2024. The largest segment of this niche is music events, which wields a projected market volume of $34.23 billion USD in 2024.

2. Another advantage of the niche is its broad reach. You can target people from all walks of life and (more or less) of all ages, as the event range is pretty wide (from theater plays to football games to live music concerts and more).

3. In addition, the share of online sales in the event tickets niche and other niches is constantly growing. It is only common sense that people prefer to book their tickets from the comfort of their home instead of standing in a line and waiting for hours.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular concert tickets affiliate programs that can help you generate a healthy income.

1. The Viator Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the Viator affiliate program featuring a drawing of an air ship in front of mountains
Viator affiliate program page

Viator is an online booking platform for travel experiences around the globe with one of the world’s largest collections of activities from concerts to city walks to extreme sports and more. Flexible booking and cancellation conditions, an opportunity to buy last-minute tickets, affordable prices, convenient filters, and a variety of payment methods make Viator one of the best event ticket booking platforms in the market.

Partners of the Viator affiliate program can promote over 300,000 entertainment options available on the platform and earn 8% commission on each sale. The program is equally open to small travel blogs and larger projects in addition to YouTube vlogs and social media pages. You can earn on traffic from the United States, Europe, and other regions. To help your partners drive clicks, Viator provides affiliate tools, such as banners, widgets, API, etc.

Advantages of the Viator Affiliate Program

●  Generous 8% commission on all sales

●  $50 average order price

●  Standard 30-day cookie lifetime

●  Permitted traffic types include content projects, YouTube channels, and social media pages

●  Diverse promotional tools, such as banners and widgets

●  One of the largest selections of entertainment options around the globe

Join the Viator Affiliate Program

2. The Tiqets Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the Tiqets affiliate program featuring a marble bust with a cap and a backpack
Tiqets affiliate program page

Tiqets is one of the largest online ticketing platforms with over 4,500 entertainment options in 250 cities worldwide. Customers can book tickets to concerts and sporting events, museum entrance tickets, guided tours, city passes, amusement park admission, and more.

The Tiqets affiliate program is open to travel bloggers, website owners, and other travel enthusiasts. Partners can earn 8% commission of the booking price and take advantage of a 30-day cookie lifetime to encourage their visitors to book. In addition, there are a number of promotional tools, from links to banners, that help generate sales. The program accepts various traffic sources, such as contextual and native advertising, social media traffic, apps, messengers, coupon code and cashback websites, YouTube vlogs, and more. Prior approval is required for email and push traffic.

Advantages of the Tiqets Affiliate Program

●  8% commission

●  $72.66 average order price

●  Standard 30-day cookie lifetime

●  Various traffic sources are permitted, including advertising, cashback websites, email, and more

Join the Tiqets Affiliate Program

3. The GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the GetYourGuide affiliate program featuring a cartoon backpacker with a phone
GetYourGuide affiliate program page

To help your audience book tickets for unforgettable concerts and earn affiliate commissions, you can promote GetYourGuide. The platform features about 70,000 entertainment options around the globe, from concerts, musicals, to excursions, cooking classes and more. Every activity is provided with a detailed description, photos, and reviews from customers. Users can book in advance and cancel their reservations for free.

The GetYourGuide affiliate program allows partners to earn up to 10% commission on sales. The program is open to affiliate partners of all sizes and with different types of audiences, from budget to luxury sectors and from solo to family activities. Promo tools include links, banners, as well as a link generator to create links to particular pages on GetYourGuide. The program is open to travel blogs, YouTube vlogs, social media projects, and more.

Advantages of the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

●  8% to 10% affiliate commission

●  $100 average order price

●  31-day cookie lifetime

●  Access to over 70,000 entertainment options worldwide

●  Various traffic sources are permitted

Join the GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

4. The Ticketmaster Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the Tickets affiliate program featuring a cartoon guitar player
Ticketmaster affiliate program page

Ticketmaster is another great online ticket marketplace for different events around the globe. On this platform, customers can book tickets for concerts, musicals, sports events, competitions, art performances, and more in ~30 countries. In addition, the platform features unique offers that customers cannot find anywhere else. All purchases are secure, as transactions are protected by encryption. The advantages of Ticketmaster also include affordable pricing, a convenient personal account, and flexible booking policies.

The Ticketmaster affiliate program allows content creators to earn up to 4.15% on all ticket sales. Partners can take advantage of beautiful event widgets and banners to draw attention to each offer. The program is available in a variety of European languages and accepts traffic from different projects, such as websites, email newsletters, social groups, contextual and native ads, and more.

Advantages of the Ticketmaster Affiliate Program

●  Up to 4.15% commission

●  30-day cookie lifetime

●  Beautiful promo tools

●  Plenty of traffic sources are permitted, included advertising and push notifications

Join the Ticketmaster Affiliate Program

5. The TicketNetwork Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the TicketNetwork affiliate program featuring a cartoon dancer
TicketNetwork affiliate program page

TicketNetwork is an online ticket marketplace for over 100,000 events around the world. Customers can buy tickets to concerts, theater shows, sports events, and more. The platform offers a 100% money-back guarantee, secure transactions, and top-notch customer service.

Partners of the TicketNetwork affiliate program can earn up to 12.5% commission of the ticket price. The program offers extended 45-day cookie lifetime and provides a variety of promo tools, such as widgets and event list plugins, to help drive sales. Plenty of traffic sources are permitted, including contextual and native advertising, email marketing, apps, cashback and coupon websites, and more.

Advantages of the TicketNetwork Affiliate Program

●  Up to 12.5% commission

●  Larger than average 45-day cookie lifetime

●  Over $350 average order price

●  Various traffic types are permitted

●  Worldwide geotargeting

Join the TicketNetwork Affiliate Program

6. The Klook Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the Klook affiliate program featuring a rollercoaster drawing
Klook affiliate program page

Klook offers a convenient way to book tickets for events in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities around the world. This includes tickets to concerts, city attractions, gastronomic tours, unique experiences, and more. Each activity is provided with a photo, description, and reviews. Klook’s advantages also include a user-friendly interface, low prices, and great customer support.

The Klook affiliate program offers up to 5% commission on ticket sales. The program is open to travel bloggers and other travel enthusiasts. Plenty of traffic sources are accepted, including content projects, social media traffic, as well as coupon and cashback websites. Affiliate partners can also use Klook’s beautiful banners and widgets to drive sales.

Advantages of the Klook Affiliate Program

●  Up to 5% affiliate commission

●  $120 average price of the order

●  Standard 30-day cookie lifetime

●  The program is available in a variety of languages

●  Many traffic sources are permitted

Join the Klook Affiliate Program

7. The Vivid Seats Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the Vivid Seats homepage featuring upcoming concerts
Vivid Seats homepage

Vivid Seats is an online ticket marketplace that allows users to resell and buy tickets to concerts, sports games, theater shows, and other events in the United States, Canada, and around the world. Vivid Seats boasts that it provides some of the most affordable tickets on the Internet and ensures safe transactions backed by a 100% buyer guarantee.

Partners of the Vivid Seats affiliate program can gain access to the platform’s inventory, real-time analytics, and account management features. Commissions depend on the ticket value.

Advantages of the Vivid Seats Affiliate Program

●  Competitive commission structure

●  Eye-catching banners and deep links

●  Standard 30-day cookie lifetime

●  Dedicated account manager

●  Easy program integration

Join the Vivid Seats affiliate program

8. The SeatGeek Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the SeatGeek homepage featuring a photo of a full concert hall
SeatGeek homepage

SeatGeek aims to make live events more accessible to everyone through digital technology. The platform is focused on mobile ticket sales for concerts, sports games, theater shows, and other types of events. For the desired event, users can check color-coded seat maps and choose the best type of seating for their budget.

As an influencer, you can join by filling out an application on the program’s page. Once approved, you can encourage your followers to book tickets with a $20 off personalized code and earn $10 for each booking. For marketers, the program is available through the Rakuten affiliate network.

Advantages of the SeatGeek Affiliate Program

●  A leading mobile-focused online ticketing marketplace

●  Up to 4% commission on sales

●  Average order value of $250

●  Enlarged cookie lifetime of 45 days

Join the SeatGeek affiliate program

9. Ticketor Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the Ticketor homepage featuring a photo of a concert stage
Ticketor affiliate program

Ticketor is an event-ticketing marketplace that provides low-cost tickets for events around the world. The platform partners with event organizers, venues, stadiums, theaters, operas, festivals, educational institutions, and other types of organizations to help them distribute tickets around the world.

Ticketor claims to provide the best paid affiliate program in the niche with 30% monthly recurring commissions available. After 24 months, your commissions will be reduced to 10% of the sales cost. You can refer event organizers and earn on their setup fees, membership sales, and commissions that Ticketor earns on sales.

Advantages of the Ticketor Affiliate Program

●  30% recurring commissions within the first two years and 10% commissions lifelong

●  Permitted traffic types include websites, blogs, social projects, and email marketing

●  You can withdraw payouts via PayPal

Join the Ticketor affiliate program

10. Ticket Liquidator Affiliate Program

A screenshot of the Ticket Liquidator page featuring events on sale
Ticket Liquidator homepage

Ticket Liquidator is an online shop for tickets to over 110,000 concerts, shows, games, and other types of events around the world. Founded in 2003, the platform has been providing tickets to some of the most renowned events at low prices in the secondary ticket market and is the go-to place to buy tickets even when they are officially sold out. Ticket Liquidator also offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all sales.

Content creators can join the Ticket Liquidator partner program via the Impact, AvantLink, and Rakuten Marketing networks. Commissions vary for each event, but can reach $60 per sale.

Advantages of the Ticket Liquidator Affiliate Program

●  Competitive commissions up to $60 per sale

●  $350 average order value

●  30-day cookie lifetime

●  Promo tools include search boxes, banners, links, event lists, coupon codes, and more

Join the Ticket Liquidator affiliate program


You can help your audience organize unforgettable experiences by promoting concert event tickets affiliate programs. People of all ages and from all walks of life enjoy attending concerts, theater shows, and other types of events, so this niche presents great earning opportunities. The best ticketing marketplaces shared in this post provide access to hundreds of thousands of events around the world. So, explore all the concert event ticket affiliate programs available on Travelpayouts, join the ones that are the best fit for your content and audience, and boost your affiliate income.

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