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At a time when the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic, more and more travel aficionados are dreaming of their next trip. Instagram is unparalleled when it comes to feeding users’ wanderlust, and travel bloggers are increasingly taking advantage of the platform to connect with their audiences. Below, we’ve gathered 28 of the best travel Instagrams to follow and have analyzed their content and marketing strategies to give you a head start on your travel account promotion.

28 inspiring travel Instagram accounts to follow


@theblondeabroad is the go-to travel blog and Instagram account for solo and female travelers around the world. Kiersten Reich, the voice behind the blog, is a California native, who changed her corporate wealth management career to traveling the world. Today, she’s been to over 70 countries and has over 500k followers on Instagram, being one of the top travel influencers. Her insanely breathtaking travel photos bring popular destinations to the forefront and may make you dream a little.

the blonde abroad instagram

In captions, Kiersten shares travel tips, personal experience, and lifestyle advice, as well as announces new blog posts and shares sponsored content. She uses from one to five hashtags on average, indicating destinations, types of trips, sponsors for promoted content, and more. It’s also noteworthy that Kiersten takes the time to answer almost all comments that she gets on her posts, be it a simple thank you, emojis, or a developed response.


@daniealkordan may be one of the best Instagram travel accounts out there, as confirmed by over 1.7 million followers on the platform. Daniel is a landscape photographer with a passion for remote places like Japan, Russia, Norway, Antarctica, Mongolia, Greenland, etc. On Instagram, he shares loads of incredible views of dreamy lakes, snow-capped mountains, and breathtaking sunsets. 

danielkordan instagram

Using captions for microblogging, Daniel shares his travel adventures and filming techniques and announces upcoming expeditions and webinars. He adds hashtags to mention a destination, a type of camera, editing tools and more.


Liz Carlson is a blogger behind @youngadventuress, her travel-focused Instagram account with over 200k followers. She’s been to over 60 countries across 7 continents and has had more heart-stopping adventures than most of us could imagine. Her Instagram profile is noted for idyllic photos of New Zealand outdoors and fauna. 

young adventuress instagram

Liz publishes around 10-15 posts per month, and in captions, she shares travel experiences, news, tips, as well as announces giveaways and upcoming expeditions. On a side note, it’s more like a personal blog. Liz doesn’t use too many hashtags, from two to ten on average.


The Planet D is an award-winning travel blog and one of the best travel Instagrams 2021, with over 200k followers. Dave and Deb are the bloggers behind ThePlanetD and were even named Top Travel Influencers by Forbes Magazine. They have visited over 115 countries on all 7 continents and are real heavyweights in the travel space. 

the planet d instagram

Dave and Deb mostly share one picture per post and use captions to describe the location and share camera settings. The number of hashtags varies from a couple to twenty or thirty and include destinations, type of photos and travel, as well as numerous travel-related hashtags like #travelgram, #travellingtheworld, etc. It seems like Dave and Deb try to respond to comments under their posts as far as possible, or at least like them.


Emmet helps top brands from around the world capture their vision through photos and video. On his Instagram profile with over 800k followers, you can find a collection of breathtaking pictures from his explorations all over the world. By sharing his travel experiences with the audiences, Emmet is making his living as one of the fastest-growing Instagram travel bloggers.

emmett sparling instagram

Emmet shares carousel and single-picture posts, as well as video clips, reels, IGTV videos and travel guides, featuring a series of publications for the same destination, like India, Europe, or Canada. As for hashtags, he mostly posts them in the comment section and in a large number, about 20 on average.


Madeleine is a commercial pilot and a travel blogger with over 1.3 million followers. She fills her feed with vibrant and perfectly styled pictures of her latest discoveries and travel experiences. You can find single-image and carousel posts and reels. To generate engagement, Madeleine runs giveaways and contests, but doesn’t use hashtags much. On average, Madeleine shares a couple of posts per week.

pilot madeline instagram


Christian LeBlanc is a travel blogger from Vancouver with over 660k followers on Instagram and YouTube vlogger. At the age of 22, he quit his accounting career and moved to Asia for backpacking. In a year, he saw his social media business take off, and today Christian runs the Lost Creator Academy for content creators.

lost le blanc instagram

On Instagram, Christian documents his travel adventures and shares impressive photos and videos from around the world that make us long for the next holiday. On average, he publishes around 3-5 posts weekly. Christian uses captions to share personal thoughts, experiences from his trips or introduce events in his Creator Academy. 


This is a travel community aimed at inspiring and educating female travelers all over the world. It brings together travel tips and inspiration from various bloggers, and you can find new content uploaded almost on a daily basis.

we are travel girls instagram

The community uses a lot of hashtags to drive traffic – 10 to 20 on average. There are mostly single-image and carousel posts, but you can also find reels, IGTVs and travel guides uniting several publications under the same topic. In captions under each post, you can find a link to the blogger who shared the picture, description of the place and travel tips and hacks. Make sure to tag the community if you’re a female traveler striving for media attention.


Tara Whiteman is an Australian travel blogger sharing her favorite finds to over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. A distinctive feature of her account is that publications are beautifully arranged through a kaleidoscope of color, passing from yellow to peach to blue and so on. One of the top Instagram travel accounts, Tara will teach you how to travel in style and live life to the fullest.

taramilktea instagram

Tara shares a lot of reels and some IGTV videos in addition to single-image and carousel posts. She often talks about her travel experiences in destinations and promotes beauty and fashion brands in captions. Hashtags are not a mandatory element in her promotion strategy, although you may encounter a couple of them for sponsored content.


Selena Taylor is a travel photographer and blogger from Amsterdam. In 2016, she left California for a road trip, which grew into life-changing adventures. Twelve countries and six thousand kilometers later she started the Find Us Lost travel blog to share travel insights, photography, unique destinations and much more. Now, as Selena is based in Amsterdam, you can find a lot of Amsterdam pictures in her Instagram account, as well as some of the world’s most captivating cities, blissful beaches and lush florals.

funduslost instagram

Selena shares a lot of carousel posts and reels, and in captions, she often announces upcoming blog posts and travel guides. There are between one and eight hashtags on average under Selena’s posts, such as location hashtags or inspiration hashtags. Selena also uses her branded hashtag #finduslostpresets to introduce lightroom presets.


Murad Osmann is the mastermind behind the “Follow me” photo series with the iconic hand-holding pose. He is also a film producer, having over 3.7 million followers on Instagram. Together with his wife Natalia, Murad chronicles the world’s most beautiful things and has made it to the list of the top three travel influencers by Forbes.

muradosmann instagram

Murad mostly shares single-picture posts, but there are also carousel posts and reels. He uses captions to describe locations where the photos are shot or share travel experiences. Apart from #followme, Murad doesn’t use many hashtags, just to mention a location or a social campaign from time to time.


The community @theprettycities is one of the best travel Instagrams to tag if you’re sharing a picture taken during a city break. If not, the community will add numerous cities to your bucket list. You’ll find photos from different instagram travel influencers, featuring must-go restaurants and quaint streets from various cities across the globe. 

the pretty cities instagram

The account features solely single-picture posts, and in the captions, you can find a link to the photo’s author, a short description of a place and a couple of hashtags, including the branded hashtag #theprettycities. In the same vein, you can explore the world’s most popular places from every angle with dedicated travel Instagram accounts @prettycitiesnewyork,  @prettycitylondon, and @prettycitiesdublin_.


Carolyn, the blogger behind The Slow Traveler with almost 500k followers on Instagram, shares photos of beautiful outdoors in England in a very atmospheric and cohesive compilation. Carolyn doesn’t post often, just four to five times per month, although each post is gaining numerous comments. In the captions, she shares travel experiences, famous quotes, place descriptions, and so on. In contrast to other bloggers, she barely uses hashtags, only for a few posts.

the slow traveler instagram


If you are looking for an escape from a new reality flooded with COVID news, take a look at @thecommonwanderer, one of the top travel influencers with over 500k followers on Instagram. This is also an award-winning travel blog for travelers seeking authentic experiences in different destinations around the world. 

Adventures that first started with a one-way ticket to Singapore brought Mark and Mim, the masters behind @thecommonwanderer, to over 30 countries, including remote destinations like the Himalayas in Nepal, the temples of Bagan, Namibian sand dunes, and Cambodian jungles. Mark and Mim put them at your fingertips to lust over and make you wish you were right there with them.

the common wanderer instagram

On Instagram, Mark and Mim share a lot of reels and carousel posts. The posting frequency varies from a couple to over a dozen posts per month, depending on whether they’re on the road. In captions, you can find a lot of travel tips and tricks to make perfect shots. Notably, Mark and Mim take time to respond to every comment users leave under their posts.


Emily is a travel blogger who shares amazing pictures of many far flung destinations. She is also a co-founder of @seattleinsiders and is setting social media feeds alight with images of Seattle of over 100k followers on Instagram.

emitoms instagram

In the captions, Emily shares her travel experiences, shooting tips, her own reflections, and so on. She is not a frequent poster, with only a couple of posts uploaded on the platform each month. Emily mostly shares single-picture posts, but there are a few carousel posts every now and then. As for hashtags, Emily either adds a couple of them in captions or uses about 20-30 of them in the comment section to make captions look tidier. She uses a lot of travel-related hashtags like #travelstoke, #followmefaraway, #justgoshoot, and so on.


This amazing account with almost 2 million followers shares photos of a hedgehog Mr Pokee traveling around the world. The idea behind the account was to remind people that there are always reasons to be happy and smile even among all the serious things taking place every day.

mr.pokee instagram

Captions are rather short, with a few long stories every once in a while. Not all posts have hashtags, and their number varies from a couple to over a dozen. @mr.pokee is one of those travel accounts that will captivate you for hours on end, with photos of beautiful destinations and stories about adventures of a cute little hedgehog.


Ali Alsulaiman is an award-winning photographer with a passion for luxury traveling and a medical doctor who quit his clinical practice to become a full-time traveler. Saudi-born and now London-based, Ali has made it to the top ten Instagram travel influencers, having over 30k followers on the platform. On his account, you can find breathtaking landscapes in different locations around the world as well as pictures of luxury resorts and hotels. 

travels of ali instagram

In captions, Ali describes locations, shares stories and filming conditions, and so much more. He extensively uses hashtags under each post, both in English and Arabic. These are general travel hashtags like #luxuryworldtraveler or #yachtlife, location hashtags like #londonskypool or #corfu. Ali predominantly uses hashtags in captions, separating them from the main text with spaces.


Paulo del Valle is a Brazilian travel photographer, based in São Paulo. He is also a co-founder and creative director at @thisiscraft, a content marketing agency. On Instagram, Paulo shares stunning pictures of destinations around the world with his 400k followers.

paulodelvalle instagram

In captions, Paulo often shares shooting and editing tips. He mostly writes in Portuguese but sometimes also translates it into English, and seems to have a pretty strong local community, as most comments under his posts are in Portuguese. Notably, Paulo rarely uses hashtags, for example, just to indicate ongoing social campaigns like #applehouseparaty or link to sponsors or some destinations.


Alex Strohl is a master of landscape photography and a filmmaker. What is really exciting about his works is how Alex manages to capture the beauty and wilderness of nature and show it in the shot. Such an eye for beauty helped Alex acquire over 2 million followers on Instagram.

alex strohl instagram

In captions to his photos, Alex describes locations and camera settings, shares travel adventures and experiences, and personal reflections. Alex likes the comments users leave on his account and responds to them. He doesn’t tag locations with some exceptions nor does he use many hashtags, apart from mentioning ad content like #ad, photo cameras like #CanonCreator or #EOSR5.


Loic Lagarde is a travel photographer from Paris who shares unparalleled images of destinations in France and around the globe with over 170k followers on Instagram. His passion for photography grew when Loic was backpacking around Australia. Today, Loic specializes in shooting destinations and luxury hotels. He has been named the best travel influencer to follow on Instagram by Harper’s Bazaar, and his works have been featured in multiple magazines.

loic.lagarde instagram

In captions, Loic presents the location in the picture both in French and English. You can learn about the place’s history, architectural features, how the shot was taken, and more. Loic extensively uses hashtags, over 20 in each post. To make captions look tidier, he separates hashtags from the main text with spaces. Notably, he tries to respond to all comments that he gets on his profile.


Jack Morris is a travel blogger based in London with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. On his account @doyoutravel, Jack shares photos from his travel adventures. He also sells lightroom presets on his website.

do you travel instagram

Jack shares single picture posts, carousel posts, as well as reels and IGTV videos. In captions, he writes about travel and life experiences, favorite places, upcoming trips, and more. Jack rarely uses hashtags, just to mention ads, social campaigns, etc.


Louis Cole is a travel vlogger with over 1 million followers on Instagram. On his account, Louis shares his travel and life adventures and inspires social changes. You can find single-picture posts, carousel posts, reels, and IGTV videos. 

louis cole instagram

In captions, Louis shares travel adventures, describes locations and promotes social campaigns. He also runs a lot of contests and giveaways. You can find hashtags for social campaigns like #SayYes or #EarthDayLive. Posting frequency varies a lot from daily sharing in some months to less frequent posting.


Callum Snape is a travel blogger and photographer from Vancouver, Canada, with over 800k followers on Instagram. He’s been pursuing a career in adventure and travel photography for over 12 years and has collaborated with brands like Samsung, Air Canada, Adidas, and more. During this time, Callum has learned to earn a living with his passport in one hand and a camera in the other. If you’re also interested in the art of travel photography, you can subscribe to his newsletter and start getting your bi-weekly dose of inspiration. 

calsnape instagram

In captions, Callum shares travel adventures and tells stories, presents social media campaigns and offers from brands, and announces posts and ebooks from his blog. He also shares camera settings for some shots. As for hashtags, you can encounter two or three under most posts. They mostly serve to introduce destinations like #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND or #visitzurich, as well as partners like #swisstravelsystem.


The Bucket List Family is an amazing travel Instagram account with over 2.6 million followers and a YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers. A few years ago, Garrett and Jessica Gee took a leap of faith and sold everything they owned to travel the world with their three kids. They have now been to over 85 countries worldwide.

the bucket list family instagram

@TheBucketListFamily is a very genuine account, as Garrett and Jessica sincerely share their family adventures and mishaps. You’ll find a lot of reels and IGTV videos, as well as carousel posts, very real and vivacious. Captions length varies from one sentence to long texts, where Garret and Jessica write about their trips, parenting, and more. They use two to four hashtags on average, and only under some posts. You can find location and animal hashtags, travel-related hashtags like #bucketlist, and more.


James Relf Dyer is a UK-based travel and adventure photographer with over 260k followers on Instagram. He shares travel adventures around the world and introduces custom-made presets. James shares new posts quite often, from daily uploads to several posts per week.

jamesrelfdyer instagram

In captions, James talks about travel adventures and creating pictures, promotes travel brands and shares discounts, and describes the best spots to visit in different destinations. He uses hashtags extensively, over 20 for each post, separating them from the main text in captions with spaces. They include location hashtags and also various travel-related hashtags like #passionpassport, #earthfocus, or #vacations.


Chelsea Kauai is a travel blogger from Hawaii with a passion for adventure travel, diving and care for the environment. She has been to over 50 countries around the world, which got her over 1 million followers on Instagram. 

chelseakauai instagram

Together with beautifully staged photos, Chelsea shares real-life pictures and videos from backstage. She often posts reels, as well as IGTV videos. There is also a guides section, accumulating over 20 publications about travel around South Africa. In the captions, Chelsea shares her travel adventures, personal life, editing tips, as well as giveaways, and attracts attention to social and environmental matters. She mostly uses hashtags for sponsored content and social campaigns.


Hannah and Nick are award-winning travel bloggers with 250k followers on Instagram. Before their Instagram business and blog took off, Hannah was a graphic designer and Nick was a web developer. They have turned their passion for travel, photography, and creativity into travel blogging and are creators of the blog.

saltinourhair instagram

On @saltinourhair, you can find travel guides, tips for sustainable tourism, and guides to the digital nomad lifestyle. In captions, they write about destinations and share editing tips, as well as introduce their own photo and video filters. They use hashtags under each post, including locations and general travel-related hashtags. In fact, using popular hashtags as well as promoting content on Pinterest is what drove a lot of traffic to their Instagram page and blog.


Jord is a travel influencer whose otherworldly photography garnered him over 780k followers on Instagram. He also runs courses on travel photography editing, Instagram growth, and the business of travel photography. On his Instagram, you can find incredibly beautiful photography of landscapes, architectural monuments and cities from around the world, as well as drone photography.

jordhammond instagram

In captions, Jord talks about traveling to different destinations, introduces his own products like tutorials, courses, etc., promotes brands, and more. He uses one or two hashtags under a post, if any at all. These are, for example, destination hashtags like #croatiafulloflife or hashtags for sponsored content like #LUMIX or #ShotOnLumix.

Are you ready to follow suit and embark on growing your own travel account on Instagram? Then, it is the time for action! Take advantage of the recovery of the tourism industry and jump on the bandwagon.

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