20 Blog Name Generators and Domain Registrars for Your Website

Alexandra Belski Alexandra Belski
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Choosing the right name for your blog could be a tricky game since it might influence your business success. The aim is to select an eye-catching, meaningful and easy to remember name. Here is when creative blog name generators could come in handy: These platforms present an unlimited number of ideas for a website name and provide inspiration.

What Is a Blog Name Generator

Blog name generators are tools that provide ideas for a website name based on one or a few keywords. If you are at a loss for how to name your website, blog name idea generators can bring inspiration and help choose a short, unique and memorable name to start a blog.

In addition, these services usually check whether the domain of your choice is available. Most platforms also allow you to purchase and register the domain and tie it to your website.

How to Choose a Good Blog Name

Before using blog domain name generators, it’s important to realize what you want it to tell you. A good blog name is short and sounds powerful. It perfectly reflects what your blog is about and is easy to remember. Consider the following aspects:

  • What topic your blog will address.
  • The type of content you’re going to publish.
  • The target audience (their pains, needs, desires, etc.).

You can start by analyzing website names in the niche to get ideas and avoid repetition. It might also be a good idea to check Thesaurus for catchy synonyms to relevant keywords.

Best Blog Name Generators

Below, there is a list of free and paid generators that can provide you with plenty of suggestions for your website name to help build a successful business.


123Finder is a free tool that provides tons of ideas for website names. The advanced search option allows you to consider related keywords, add extensions, indicate the minimal number of characters and more. Let’s see how to use the advanced search option of this travel blog name generator:


These are examples of suggestions that 123Finder offers: 

123Finder can check whether the domain of your choice is available for registration. It also displays recently sold names and domains for sale in the sidebar.

Dictionary Domains

Dictionary Domains is a free tool that helps find simple one-word (verb/noun/adjective) domains. You can choose the extension and regulate the length of the domain name. Below, you can see an example of name suggestions for the keyword “flight.”

Dictionary Domains

You can sign up for the platform and get the lists of unregistered domains delivered to your inbox. However, the tool doesn’t display sold domains.


DomainIt is a multi-functional platform offering a set of options in addition to free domain search:

  • Domain registration and transfer
  • Hosting plans
  • Web design templates
  • SSL certificates
  • Email plans
  • Spam and virus filters
  • Affiliate program, and others

When purchasing a domain, you’ll also get free WHOIS updates, website and email forwarding, spam and virus protection and more.


Domainr is another great free tool for blog name generation. However, the number of suggestions is limited per user. The tool is easy to use. Just type in the desired name and the tool will show you both available and taken domains, including alternative extensions with your keyword. However, Domainr offers no filters to narrow the search down. 

Domainr offers to purchase the domain of your choice on various platforms such as GoDaddy, Rebel, etc. It also has applications tailored to iPhone, Android, Messenger, Chrome and Slack.

Domains Bot

Domains Bot offers name suggestions in 11 languages and provides information on domains. As a travel blog names generator, Domains Bot allows you to filter the search results by extension, language, keywords, etc.

It’s a great service for domain sellers as well since it assesses the marketing campaign’s productivity and displays statistics to help understand what the customers are most likely to purchase. You can use a 30-day free trial to test the service and then buy a subscription if you need access for longer. 


DomainWheel allows you to search for domain names for free and filter the results by topic, i.g. business, investment, etc. In addition, you can point out the appropriate extensions. The search results look as follows: 

By clicking on the “View Details” button, you’ll be redirected to Bluehost domain registrar and hosting provider to purchase the domain. 

Instant Domain Search

This tool offers domain search and shows available and expired domains as well as domains for sale with different extensions, both geographic and governmental. If there is an option you like, the platform will redirect you to the GoDaddy domain registrar for making a purchase. In some cases, you can see the price right away, while in others, you might need to manually request the price.


IsItWP is a multifunctional platform, and being a free blog name generator for WordPress is one of its many features. Type in a keyword, and IsItWP will show domain suggestions and redirect you to Bluehost to view details. In contrast to other generators, IsItWP doesn’t filter results by extensions or topics.

The platform allows you to check domains that have already been taken for hosting, theme, plugins, etc. If the website you’re interested in was built on another platform, IsItWP will still show its hosting provider and WHOIS details. Also, it is a great resource for those who want to create a blog on WordPress as the platform because it offers tons of tips for webmasters. It might be especially helpful if you want to compare different WordPress plugins for security, analytics, SEO, backup, etc.  

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a free checker for website names that also shows available names on Twitter. The platform redirects users to Bluehost to buy a domain or to WordPress to start making a blog right away. 

You can sort the results by popularity, length or alphabetical order, and start or end with the keyword.


Nameboy claims to be the oldest and most popular blog name generator worldwide. It is a free tool that instantly provides tons of domain name ideas with .com extension: 

Nameboy also offers a limited-time deals with Bluehost, including a domain name, website builder, hosting and support for a rather small price. The tool includes tips and tutorials to help you create a website or start a blog. 

Name Mesh

Name Mesh is a free domain name hunter that finds domains with various extensions and categorizes them accordingly: 

It’s a great tool if you are looking for a domain with an extension like .site, .tech etc., as NameMesh is one of the few tools that research those types of options. It also shows multiple variations of your keyword and couples it with other words to help you find the best domain name. NameMesh features six-million databases to generate alternatives that are worthy of your attention. 


NameStation uses 28 search methods to let you create a blog name matching your niche and offers. This free tool researches domain names based on keywords and the project type (a blog, online store, membership site, etc.). You can also include different extensions, related words and popular affixes. NameStation shows all domain options, both available and taken. 

The checker features a unique opportunity for users to hold a contest for the best domain name. The winners and participants get points that they can later exchange for real money. Every 1,000 talent points wins you $100. 


Panabee is another free name generator for a blog, an application or even a company. You can type in up to two words and see the suggestions with .com or custom extensions. Panabee also shows related terms for your keywords and checks their availability on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Apple Store.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator is a free tool finding domain names for online stores and checking their availability. It first shows domains including your keywords only and various extensions and then offers alternative names. 

You can reserve the name instantly after signing up the website. The platform also provides a website builder for online stores that you can test with a 14-day free trial. 


Wordoid is a catchy blog name generator that looks for domain names with the length ranging from five to 15 letters in five languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. You can filter suggestions by quality, pattern (whether domain name will start with, contain or end with your keyword), maximum length, availability of the domain and domain registrar. In contrast to other tools, Wordoid allows you to search for domain names even without entering a keyword, which can be useful if you don’t know where to start. Note that the service checks only .com variants for availability.

Domain Registrars

As you can see, some of the platforms mentioned above redirect the visitor to domain registrars where they can make a purchase. Alternatively, you can research available domain names on these platforms from the very beginning. Let’s look at the most popular registrars. 


Bluehost is a hosting provider powering over two million websites around the world. It checks domain names with 17 different extensions. You can purchase the domain only or a bundle of services including a website builder, domain name and hosting for as low as €2.68/month. A free SSL certificate is implied for each plan. The platform provides you with around-the-clock support and features a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Domain.com is another versatile solution offering website builder, domain search, hosting, email marketing, etc. It shows suggestions with various extensions and allows you to buy a domain for up to five years. The price of the most popular .com names start from $9.99 per year. The opportunity to hide your WHOis information will cost you $8.99 per year. The platform also handles domain transfers from other companies. 


GoDaddy is a reputable domain registrar and hosting provider with affordable pricing. It also features a wide range of products (domain value approval, marketing tools, etc.) and impresses with domains starting from $0.99 if you’re paying for them two years in advance. GoDaddy offers various extensions and also provider broker’s help if you want to buy a domain that has already been taken.


HostGator offers domain registration and affordable hosting. The price becomes extremely low if you’re buying a package – hosting, email and domain for $3 per month. The provider proposes various types of hosting – web, WordPress, cloud, reseller, dedicated, VPS, application and Windows. It features forums and video tutorials to help beginners. Depending on the chosen plan, it’s possible to get a free domain or even free unlimited domains.


Namecheap is able to provide you with a wide array of options – domain transfers, email, SSL certificates, app integration and more. The knowledge base includes tons of guides and tips on how to solve any issues. The .com websites’ registration is the most expensive and costs $8.88 per year. Besides, the service lets you use privacy protection free for the first year. Then, its price will be $2.88 per year.

How to Choose the Best Website Name

There are many catchy blog name generators that you can use for free to find a nice name for your website. Most of them allow you to search for domains with various extensions, while a few platforms stick to .com domains as the most reputable ones. Many bloggers find it convenient to purchase a bundle of services to save up. It usually includes a website builder, hosting and domain.