Earn With Busbud, Bus Ticket Booking Platform

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In Europe, buses account for 9.2% of all ground transportation, while trains only account for 7.4%. In the USA, 4,400 intercity buses depart on an average day, and this number has been increasing for nine years in a row. Join the Busbud affiliate program and offer your audience the chance to book bus tickets in a convenient way. You can earn 5% of the cost of each order.

Earn with Busbud, bus ticket booking platform

What Is Busbud

Busbud is a booking service for buses that offers the world’s largest coverage. The company was created in 2011 and now operates in 21,000 cities throughout 84 countries. The service offers over 3,800,000 bus routes!

Busbud partners with over 4,500 bus companies, such as Greyhound, Eurolines, Flixbus, ALSA, OUIBUS (BlaBlaBus), National Express, and others. As a result, the platform attracts an enormous amount of traffic from searches through the website and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

On the homepage, you can search by destination, choose your dates, select the number of passengers, and indicate your child’s age.

Busbud homepage
Homepage of Busbud.com

The search results will include the number of routes, price range, as well as popular routes from the indicated cities.

Popular bus routes at Busbud

You can search for tickets for a specific carrier. Each carrier has a dedicated page with a description and characteristics of their buses, such as information on the toilets, Wi-Fi coverage, electrical sockets, animal transportation, and baggage rules.

Advantages for Travelers

The Busbud website operates in 11 languages and 17 linguistic variants (for example, British and American English, Canadian French, and three Spanish dialects). Clients can view prices and pay for tickets in 30 currencies. They can pay by card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. The Busbud customer support service operates in several languages and is available 24/7 by email, social media, and WhatsApp. The website also features a help center with answers to popular questions such as those related to the ticket booking process and description of a specific bus trip.

Busbud Affiliate Program

Busbud affiliates receive a 5% commission of the order cost and can work with international travelers. Regardless of the customer’s route and country, they can book a ticket in any of the available international languages, choose their native currency, and select a convenient payment method.

Affiliates can count on the support of a dedicated team of Internet marketers. Join the Busbud affiliate program and earn 5% of the order cost.

Advantages for Busbud Affiliates

  • High average order check ($45)
  • 5% commission on bookings
  • A great variety of banners and text links
  • Monthly deals: promotions and big discounts for bus tickets
  • Customer support service

How to Earn With Busbud

Offer comfortable ground trips, not only as a means to get from one city to another, but also as a chance to enjoy a pleasant experience during the trip from the very beginning. According to experts, one out of every three people in the world is afraid of flying, so ground transportation is the only way for them to comfortably travel to other cities and countries.

The destinations that presented below were popular according to last year statistics.

Top International Destinations

  • Niagara Falls
  • Banff National Park and Lake Louise in Canada
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Buenos Aires

Popular and Growing International Destinations

  • Lisbon and Porto
  • Lima and Cusco (cities from where you can get to Machu Picchu) 
  • Cape Town
  • London
  • Paris
  • Bogota

Busbud Target Audience

  1. The typical bus passenger is a solo traveler or couple. Group bookings for three or more people happen less often.
  2. Bus travelers are usually price-sensitive and look for the best value-for-money ratio.

Booking Window

Most bus passengers book last-minute tickets, meaning that the purchase happens one to three days before the trip.

Affiliate Tools and Tips on Placement

In the international market, search queries are evenly distributed during the year. In general, the demand is steadily growing every year. The coronavirus pandemic has greatly reduced demand in 2020, but now it’s recovering.

Search trends for the Bus Tickets Buy keyword
Search trends for the Bus Tickets Buy keyword
  1. Choose a channel. Find an information channel and environment that works best for your target audience and content, and then offer tools to maximize engagement and clicks.
  2. Share your personal attitude or create a special context to build trust. For example, share your personal experience with Busbud. Personal reviews motivate users to make a purchase, so they’ll be likely to click on the link that you recommend. If you can’t share any personal experiences, add context to your link to build trust, so the user will understand what the link is about. For example, 

    “Busbud allows you to book tickets online
    If you want to buy tickets online, pay with a foreign card, and need a website in English, Busbud is a great solution. The website is excellent for booking bus tickets in different countries, including those in Europe.
    This is the best option available today because it’s so easy to use. You’ll receive an e-ticket and won’t have to waste time during your precious holiday to print it out.
    The website clearly describes details for each trip, including commodities, luggage limitations, and maps of the departure and arrival locations. The service charges a small commission for their services, but it’s definitely worth it.
    Check the Flixbus bus schedule online (in English) here.”
  3. Share your content everywhere. So, you’ve defined the right environment for your audience and content, built trust and created great content, what’s next? Use social media and email marketing to reach a wider audience. Share your content on all available channels to achieve bigger coverage.
  4. Use a call to action (CTA). This is necessary to encourage an immediate reaction or drive a sale. Use CTAs in your links and banners as well as in social media posts to motivate users to click.
  5. Keep your voice in the content. Try to not overuse links or turn your content into advertisements. Keep it interesting and naturally engaging. Your audience likes reading the posts you write, so don’t lose your brand for the sake of monetization. Maintain the voice and tone that your readers have already gotten used to, because that’s what makes you an efficient partner for your audience.
  6. Send users to the right route. If you create content about a particular destination and add a Busbud affiliate link, make sure it leads to the page that you promoted and not the Busbud homepage. For example, if you write about a trip from London to Paris, users will expect to be directed to the London → Paris Bus page by clicking on your link so that they can see the schedule and prices, and book their tickets right away.
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