The CheapTickets Affiliate Program

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CheapTickets is one of the most well-known US flight ticket platforms that currently offers tickets on over 400 airlines in the US and internationally. The platform is part of the Expedia group, which, every month, helps over 60 million travelers organize trips. You can earn on every ticket you sell by joining the CheapTickets affiliate program.

About CheapTickets

CheapTickets is available in more than 70 languages and serves customers in over 150 countries. The US is the main market for the service, but the company is also active in Europe, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

CheapTickets offers flight tickets for over 400 airlines and negotiates directly with suppliers, which is why the company can secure access to superior inventory and provide exclusive rates for some destinations.

Flights are the main product on the platform, but, in addition, CheapTickets offers customers:

For the convenience of customers, the CheapTickets team provides various travel tips, as well as regular offers of tours with discounts. Thanks to the platform’s large selection of travel services and low prices, CheapTickets has become a one-stop solution for clients to book absolutely all travel services in one place.

How the CheapTickets Affiliate Program Works

CheapTickets shares a part of the income from the sale of each ticket with partners. The sales commission is $4.

To earn money, the following steps are required:

  • Join the CheapTickets Affiliate Program
  • Place affiliate tools on your website
  • Every time your audience buys a ticket, you will receive income
  • The payout is carried out within the payout policy of the affiliate networks where the CheapTickets affiliate program is presented

Joining the CheapTickets affiliate program requires two steps: join one of the affiliate networks (for example, CJ) and then apply to the CheapTickets affiliate program. The brand accepts partners with high-quality travel traffic. In case of a rules violation, you may not be connected at all or you may be disconnected from the program.

Various tools are available, including:

  • Links
  • Data feeds
  • Storefronts

With this set of affiliate tools, travel blog owners and other webmasters can work with the brand.

Terms of the Affiliate Program

The cookie duration is 30 days. This means that, if the client does not immediately buy the travel service after transferring from your blog to the CheapTickets website, the sale will still be credited to you throughout the cookie lifetime.

The commission depends on the product:

Flight Tickets$4
Car Rentals$3
Retail Hotels3%
Merchant Hotels6% (1% with promo code)
Packages4% (1% with promo code)
Event Tickets8% (2% with promo code)

Offering a fixed commission for airline tickets ($4 per each sale) is a rare approach among airline affiliate programs. On one side, a fixed rate is beneficial, as the amount of income does not depend on the cost of the ticket, as it is not calculated as a percentage of the price. 

However, it makes the cheapest tickets less attractive, as the brand always adds a relatively high commission to the ticket cost. When a $4 commission is included in the price of $20 tickets, the customer may find the price unfair and book it from a different provider. 

Benefits of Joining the CheapTickets Affiliate Program

A fixed income from each sale is, although a disadvantage for the client, as some tickets (especially cheap ones) are not priced very well, a significant advantage for some partners.

CheapTickets is one-stop solution, similar to the Priceline affiliate program. You join one brand and then earn income from a variety of services.

At the same time, CheapTickets works in over 70 languages ​​and supports various currencies and payment methods. If your traffic is not from the US, but from other regions, CheapTickets may be the best airline ticket affiliate program for your market, especially if there are no other strong competitors.

CheapTickets is available only through affiliate networks. If you are already working with other offers in the network, this is a significant perk. All your income from different brands will be accumulated in a single profile and you will receive a total income payment for the month.

Review of the CheapTickets Affiliate Program

CheapTickets is one of the most popular airline ticket affiliate programs in the US market. The program is attractive because it allows you to earn not only on flight tickets, but also on other services, such as hotels, cruises, and excursions.

The model of adding a high commission even to cheap tickets looks attractive only at first glance. For a client (ticket buyer), this can create difficulties that make tickets from a low-cost airline far more expensive than on the official website. With this approach, you may not see a good conversion, which is sometimes reported in reviews of the CheapTickets affiliate program.

To select the best flight ticket affiliate program, you need to look at the cookie lifetime, the commission, and the product itself. Your audience probably wants to find a ticket to their desired destination as well as to buy that ticket at the best possible price.

In this case, consider alternative products, such as WayAway, which compares prices for hundreds of airlines and allows travelers to buy tickets online without extra charges. The WayAway affiliate program offers favorable prices to clients and shares a significant part of its profits with partners, which, together with a high conversion rate, makes the WayAway affiliate program a great choice.

WayAway offers customers a unique cashback opportunity from various travel services. This means that, when buying a ticket or booking another travel service, a person can return part of the cost and eventually buy it for one of the lowest prices on the market. Partners also receive an affiliate commission for promoting cashback subscriptions.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
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