Compensair: Increased Commission and a New Widget

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Compensair affiliate program brought amazing news. First, after the May commission increment, Compensair decided to raise the commission forever. Now, you have the opportunity to earn up to 25 euro per application. Additionally, you can find new widget in your dashboard which has already been translated into 15 languages.

Compensair: Increased commision and a new widget

Increased Commission: The Rules of Calculation

The basic commission is 10 euro per each confirmed application from all countries except: Spain, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Ireland and Greece. Commission from those countries is 5 euro.

Upon reaching 10 confirmed applications, the affiliate’s commission increases per each confirmed claim, depending on the applicant’s country: Estonia – 25 euro, United States – 20 euro, Norway – 18 euro. For the complete list of countries and commissions, see the link.

Advantages of Compensair for Travelers

Compensair is an international company that specializes in claims for cancelled or delayed flights from European and Turkish airlines. Compensair helps travelers receive compensation up to 600 euros for flight cancellations or delays, as well as in the case of refusal to board.

Compensair works with 100+ popular airlines in 40 countries around the world. Travelers can also retroactively claim problems that occurred over the last six years!

The company takes on all the paperwork and communication with the airline, and even going to court. All of this is free. The traveler pays 25% from the compensation amount, only if Compensair is successful in acquiring compensation.

Benefits of the Compensair Affiliate Program

  • Unique product. Many people are not aware of the fact that they can receive compensation, or they consider it to be a very difficult, time consuming task that requires “investments.”
  • Large market volume. More than 10 million people annually. More than 50% of these people do not know about the possibility of obtaining compensation. This is a great opportunity for attracting new customers.
  • Compensair has a strong position in the airline industry. Brand awareness is supported by active promotion on Facebook.
  • High earnings for an affiliate. 10-20 euros for a confirmed application, in which case Compensair received all the necessary data to make a claim.
  • Good conversion to customers, because travelers can apply for free. The client pays a commission only if they receive compensation.
  • The affiliate receives a commission, even if the client does not receive compensation. All confirmed applications are paid. Confirmation usually takes one to three days, but the cookie validity period is 30 days, which guarantees rewards for all attracted customers.
  • The Compensair Affiliate Program is easy to promote along with airline tickets. You can also use your already collected base of travelers.
  • Affiliates have excellent tools – banners and widgets. Recently, a new “lightweight” widget has been added to the Travelpayouts dashboard, in which the user does not need to enter the name of the airline to check the flight. The widget is an ideal tool for placing in an article:

Affiliates have excellent tools

  • White Label and unique creative is available for affiliates who generate more than 50 sales monthly.
  • Compensair is useful to people. Customers get paid for the inconvenience, which is why it’s easy to promote and sell the Compensair services.

The Target Audience

Potential customers are 18-65-year-olds who flew on the European or Turkish Airlines at least once over the past six years. The more frequently a potential client has flown over the past six years, the higher the probability that they’ll become a Compensair client.

Targeting Segments:

  • People who recently returned from or are on a trip abroad.
  • People who travel for business or leisure often.
  • Expats and people who regularly fly home from work.
  • In addition to travel-related topics, you can use interests related to above-average wealth for targeting. For example, people who regularly dine in restaurants. Foodies are one of Compensair’s best audiences, as they have a great chance of traveling.

Individually, Compensair can help with targeting.

Target Audience Geography:

  • European Union countries;
  • Eastern Europe;
  • Baltic;
  • CIS;
  • USA;
  • Canada.

Join Compensair affiliate program and earn up to 25 euros per each confirmed claim.

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