Compensair — Earn on Flight Delays and Cancellations

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Passengers in Europe and Turkey have the right to get compensated for delayed or canceled flights. Compensair is a service that helps get compensation efficiently and quickly. Join the Compensair affiliate program and earn 5 euros for each processed claim. From May to the end of 2019, Compensair doubles the commission for each processed application from a passenger residing in the EU — in this case, the affiliate reward will be €10.


What Is Compensair

Compensair is a service that helps get compensation in the following cases:

  • Delayed flights;
  • Cancelled flights;
  • Denied boarding;
  • Missed connections.

A passenger can receive from €250 to €600 for problems with flights operating:

  • within the EU/Turkey (on any airline);
  • leaving the EU/Turkey (on any airline);
  • arriving into EU/Turkey (on EU/Turkey airline).

However, Compensair does not compensate for problems caused by extreme circumstances:

  • unfavorable weather conditions;
  • acts of terrorism;
  • strikes.

The possibility of compensation is available on the flights of all registered EU carriers. However, Compensair does not compensate for problems caused by extreme circumstances: unfavorable weather conditions, acts of terrorism, etc.

All passengers can use the services regardless of citizenship. This means that a passenger can get compensation even if he or she is not an EU or Turkish citizen. Compensair takes care of everything.

The client must sign consent form and provide information about the flight and ticket number. Furthermore, specialists will make a detailed analysis of the situation, prepare a claim and conduct a “legal dialogue” with the airline. The client is informed of all important steps by e-mail.

If the claim is successfully finished, the passenger is paid 75% of the compensation received. The remaining 25% is Compensair’s commission. In case of failure, the passenger does not bear any costs, since the fee is only charged after receiving compensation.

Compensair Affiliate Program

Join the Compensair affiliate program and earn 5 Euro for each claim that Compensair sends to airlines. Links and banners are already available in your Travelpayouts dashboard for you to use to attract traffic, and a widget will appear soon.

On average, the claim is proceed within three to four days from the time of the client’s request. You do not need to wait for the results of the proceedings, which requires up to eight weeks in the case of pre-trial proceedings, and up to 20 weeks if the claim is resolved through a court.

How to Make Money on Compensation for Delayed Flights

Thanks to the affiliate program, you will earn money by helping passengers who have encountered problems during the flight. It’s a legal process, which is guaranteed by the EU law.

Your audience — all the passengers who flew in the last six years and encountered problems. Of course, their flights should be done in EU or Turkey. At least one travel point — arrival or destination, must be in this area.

You can use different channels to attract people. For example, you can use your existing email-base, you can insert the links on your webpage, publish a link on your Facebook page or attract traffic in other ways that do not break the rules.

The affiliate program is suitable for:

  • Webmasters;
  • Travel agencies;
  • Hotels;
  • Booking-services;
  • Private agents;
  • Any person who has traffic associated with an air ticket.

If you are already working with Aviasales, then you can provide your users extra value and earn on it with this offer.

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