Best Online CPA Marketing Courses in 2022

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Cost per Action (CPA) is a relatively new form of marketing that requires specific knowledge and skills you can learn through professional training. With all the possibilities, how do you know which CPA course is right for you? Ideally, you’d need to do internet research to check available offers, compare prices, and find suitable dates. Luckily, we’ve saved you time by putting all the best free and paid CPA marketing tutorials you could learn into one list.

Best CPA marketing training courses

What is CPA Marketing

CPA (Cost per Action) is a form of affiliate marketing that rewards affiliates each time their visitors complete a particular action on a website. It can be making a purchase, filling out the form, watching a video, and more. Many businesses choose CPA to scale their marketing and increase the outreach. With CPA, brands only need to pay for actual sales, unlike other types of online marketing.

How can one earn with CPA affiliate marketing in the travel niche best? For example, a travel blogger can share travel guides to various destinations to help readers organize their trips and insert affiliate links for airlines, hotels, tours, and more. A mobile app developer might create an application where users can find and review resorts in the area and promote the best travel affiliate programs. If you work in the travel niche, make sure to check our selection of the best airline affiliate programs

For beginners in online marketing, joining a free CPA network can be the most efficient solution, because it provides access to various affiliate offers on a single platform, so marketers don’t have to separately apply for each program. Affiliate networks also allow marketers to access developed interfaces with important traffic and sales statistics for free, which helps get an overview of the campaign and improve it. Finally, good networks provide free affiliate tools to help drive conversions, from banners and widgets to more advanced solutions, such as API and White Label.

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Top Courses to Learn CPA Marketing

If you want to learn more about the CPA marketing routine, you need to find the right place to get the knowledge and skills necessary.

Choosing the best CPA marketing training might be the most important decision you will make to get your business to the next level. At this point, it’s crucial to find a study resource that best addresses your learning expectations. Otherwise, you might waste your time and money on something else. This CPA marketing tutorial has been created to make it easier for you to find the most appropriate option.

Home Business: The Complete CPA Marketing Course

Home Business: The Complete CPA Marketing Course

If you’re just starting to learn CPA tactics, then you’re in the right spot. This marketing training created by Barin Dede and Sandor Kiss reveals the basics of earning passive income.

The program has been crafted for beginners striving to learn affiliate marketing, build their online  business, and generate regular passive income. Compared to other courses from the list, this one reveals not only theoretical basics but also teaches you how to design a profitable campaign within the online content.

This program offers a 5.5-hours of on-demand video with over 50 resources attached. Its original price on Udemy is €94.99 or €16.99 with a discount.

The learning topics include:

  • How to find the hottest CPA network
  • How to monitor your competitors
  • How to increase your traffic and profits with keywords 
  • Creating efficient landing and squeeze pages
  • Organizing a successful affiliate marketing campaign, productivity maintenance and traffic management.

Top Affiliate Marketing & CPA Marketing Training Program

Top Affiliate Marketing & CPA Marketing Training Program

Whether you’re a business owner, a start-upper or an affiliate marketer, with this marketing course, you will learn how to detect the most profitable niches and products within CPA affiliate marketing. A six-hour on-demand video reveals the most efficient marketing methods and teaches how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Apart from the video content, you’ll receive two articles and 48 additional resources which could be of great value for your business in the future. The original price is €94.99, while you can buy this course for €16.99 with a discount.

The learning topics include:

  • Finding items to be promoted as an affiliate
  • Creating strategies for business development
  • Partnering with the best affiliate networks
  • Driving high-quality traffic to available offers and maximizing value
  • Creating squeeze and landing items, autoresponders and efficient web content
  • Learning case studies based on the real-life experiences of online marketers
  • Avoiding the most common CPA mistakes

Learning CPA Marketing From the Experts

Learning CPA Marketing From the Experts

This marketing course is designed for both beginners and professionals looking for new business tactics with CPA marketing. One of the most popular authors on Udemy, Fettah Ben, reveals the best CPA advertising techniques which give instant returns.

This course covers mainly online marketing aspects of product development and profit earnings, while the establishment of traffic methods is not addressed by the author.

The program is represented by a six-hour on-demand video and practical guidelines. All this can be bought for €94.99 or €16.99 with a discount.

The learning topics include:

  • CPA marketing for beginners without any previous experience
  • Getting into any CPA network
  • Tracking and splitting mechanisms
  • Developing an efficient A/B Examination Project
  • Engaging high-converting traffic from paid resources
  • Maintaining competitors’ operations
  • Finding the first dollar offers

CPA Marketing: The Ultimate Guide (Backlinko)

With this free CPA marketing tutorial, you will learn the basics of CPA, as well as how to apply this knowledge for building your own online business. When it comes to monetization, Brian Guerra, the author of the given course, will direct you in how to earn your first dollar through CPA marketing guide, with close attention to YouTube and its use for CPA operations.

The tutorial located on Backlinko won’t take more than 20 minutes and it’s totally free. Being represented in the form of the written guidelines, the program doesn’t include any additional resources.

The learning topics include:

  • Building a website based on the CPA strategy
  • Managing traffic by using diverse business tactics
  • Selecting CPA networks to start with
  • Developing a successful business project

Super Affiliate Playbook: Insider CPA Marketing Secrets

Update July 21, 2022: this course is no longer accepting enrollments.

With this CPA marketing program, you will learn how to establish a successful marketing campaign. Paulo Perdu, the creator of this course, has developed an extensive curriculum that covers a wide range of CPA marketing topics, ranging from theoretical to practical.

The course covers various CPA topics from understanding your competitors to choosing networks:

  • Launching and scaling a business project with the minimum financial resources
  • Affiliating high-quality traffic through the engagement of new visitors
  • Identifying productive and independent GEOs and devices for launching a campaign
  • Getting approved by networks for newcomers and experienced market players
  • Learning the guidelines of free and the most affordable mechanisms for monitoring and hosting

The course comprises a four-hour on-demand video. While the original cost is $199.99, you can purchase it with a discount for $11.99 only.

Which CPA Course Should You Choose?

Home Business: The Complete CPA Marketing Course16.99 € – discounted price
94.99 € – regular price

How to find and choose CPA networks
How to set up a WordPress blog
How to research and use keywords
5.5h video and more
Top Affiliate Marketing & CPA Marketing Training Program16.99 € – discounted price
94.99 € – regular price
Top affiliate programs for your business
How to get approved as an affiliate
How to run CPA marketing
6h video and more
Learning CPA Marketing From the Experts16.99 € – discounted price
94.99 € – regular price
How to learn CPA marketing from scratch
How to get into any CPA network
Secrets of strong A/B testing
How to track competitors
6h video and more
CPA Marketing: The Ultimate Guide (Backlinko)FreeHow to find offers
How to join CPA networks
How to design your site for CPA marketing
How to drive traffic
A blog post

By taking one of the CPA marketing courses available today, you can learn relevant knowledge and increase your blog monetization income without resorting to paying for professional services. There is a wide range of training tailored to users with any level of expertise (from beginner to advanced). These courses are rather short and contain various types of content including videos, infographics, and texts. You can learn CPA marketing in general or master the skill while focusing on a particular platform, such as YouTube.

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