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Dashboard Updates: Statistics for Any Period, Customization and More

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Updated “Reports” tab at Travelpayouts: Everything you wanted and more!

We collected Dashboard updates that you may not have noticed in this article.

You Will No Longer Be Confused About Transactions in “Balance”

Previously, we showed all the changes for each reservation in the table in detail. Because of this, the table was too large and confusing. Now, for each reservation, we display the final status and commission, and all changes are available by opening the reservation details.

dasboard balance

Hide Unnecessary Columns

Our goal is to provide you with the most detailed information for each reservation. But we understand that it may be redundant for day-to-day monitoring. Sometimes you just want to quickly see the earnings. Therefore, we added a feature that allows you to hide unnecessary columns in all tables. Customize your tables as you wish!

Hide unnecessary columns

Look Statistics for Any Period

Day, month, year – choose any period for which you want to see statistics. Soon, we will add the year as a predefined period in the data-picker, while now the maximum predefined period is six months. We’re also going to add a feature to view statistics for a period of more than a year.

And no, nothing slows down. We are also annoyed by the hanging tables, so we worked hard to make all processes run as fast as possible.

The “Total” line appears above the tables, and the summation feature works with all the filters that you apply.

Dashboard Travelpayouts Look statistics for any period

Export Any Data

Now you can export data from any table in CSV format. This will come in handy if you conduct additional analytics.

Export any data

Group the Data in the “Summary” by Month

In the “Summary” of the “Reports” section, you can group data by month and instantly see the number of clicks, reservations, payments and cancellations. It is convenient to use grouping features when you analyze data for a longer period, for example, a year.

Travelpayouts dashboard Group the data in the “Summary” by month

Invoice for All Types of Payments

Until that time, only legal entities registered in Russia could request an invoice. Now we provide an invoice for any type of payment. 

To follow Dashboard updates in almost real-time, use the Changelog in Dashboard.

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