Delegated Access on Travelpayouts: Assign Routine Tasks Safely

Anastasia Kampov-Polevoi Anastasia Kampov-Polevoi
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Delegated Access is the newest feature from Travelpayouts that allows you to grant people (e.g. members of your content team) limited access to your account in order to perform certain tasks. In this article, we break down which parts of your account can be shared with delegates as well as the tasks you can assign to them.

Delegated Access on Travelpayouts: Assign Routine Tasks Safely

Delegate Roles 

You can give your delegate one of two roles:

  • Manager
  • Virtual Assistant 

Depending on the role, every delegate will have access to certain sections of your account and only be able to perform a certain number of tasks. Delegates can perform these tasks on your behalf without knowing your password or having access to your personal information. 

Access Based on Role Type

 Account ownerManagerVirtual Assistant
View and change personal data
View and edit payment details and the chosen payment method
Create and edit projects
View programs’ details and connect to programs
Disconnect projects from the programs
View statistics in the Reports section
View balance and payout amount on the header of the account and in the Finance section or download reports and invoices 
View, copy and setup affiliate tools from the programs pages
Submit requests to support
Manage subscriptions settings
Delete account

Account owners have the sole power to:

  • Add and remove delegates.
  • View and change personal information (email, password, location, etc.).
  • Manage subscriptions.
  • View and change bank and payment information.
  • Delete the account.

To learn more about how to invite delegates to your account, check out our Help Center.

What You Can Delegate

Creating and growing a travel blog is not an easy task if you’re doing it on your own—life just gets in the way. Routine (i.e. mundane) tasks are best off delegated so that you can focus your time and energy on bigger, more important strategic objectives.

Below are the tasks that you can delegate to a Manager. 

Collect New Content Ideas

Managers have access to your partner programs, which means they can go through them to see which ones are popular for the current travel season. Based on this list and the appropriate keywords (which must be determined separately), Managers can prepare a pool of new content ideas. 

Add Affiliate Links and Widgets to Your Content

Most travel bloggers love creating content and dread having to figure out which affiliate links and widgets to include in their blog. That’s why this task is perfect for a delegate.

Write and Edit Blog

Delegates can write blog articles from start to finish and add in the right affiliate links and widgets. You can even expand your team by hiring several writers and making them all Managers. Doing this can help you ensure a steady flow of content and hands-free content creation. 

Design and Publish Content

This is a task that, while not time-consuming, is tedious. So why not have a delegate prepare and publish all of your content? 

Update Old Content

This is many bloggers’ worst nightmare. No one wants to constantly go through old content to check whether the information and links are all still relevant. It doesn’t help that updating old content is essential for both SEO and affiliate marketing. So instead of procrastinating, assign this task to a delegate.

Run Social Media Accounts

Complementing your travel blog with social media is a great way to boost traffic and push affiliate tools. Get a social media expert, make them a delegate, and have them experiment with different strategies. You’ll more than likely open up a lucrative revenue stream. 

Send Emails

Email marketing is more than just sending out emails with links to new content—adding affiliate links can make emails a new revenue stream. Delegates can also create mailing lists, and maintain and update them so that they get out to active users.  

Review Analytics

After embedding affiliate links and widgets, you need to see whether your strategy works or whether you need to experiment further. 

Here’s what you need to review:

  • Which affiliate tools (links, widgets) convert readers into brand site visitors and buyers?
  • Which articles convert readers into brand site visitors and buyers?
  • Which affiliate tool strategies work best?
  • Which partner programs are popular with your audience?
  • Which of your promotional channels (blog, social media, email) work best for you?

As you can imagine, this work can be time-consuming. So bring an analyst onto your content team and make them a delegate who collects and summarizes all this information for you.  

So there you have it: how to delegate access to make your job as a travel affiliate so much easier. Let us know in the comments if you already delegate—or dream of delegating—tasks to a wider team. How would you use Travelpayouts Delegated Access?

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