Double Commission for Selling Flight Tickets in Kazakhstan

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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Sell flights to and from the Republic of Kazakhstan and get a double reward for each ticket sold. The double commission is valid from June 20, 2018, to December 31, 2019, and is available for all Travelpayouts affiliates. Discover a new market and earn twice the reward on every ticket sold to or from Kazakhstan. Domestic flights are also included. See the detailed rules and conditions in our knowledgebase.

Reasons to Work for the Kazakhstan Market

The increased reward rate is not the only reason or the main reason to sell flight tickets in the Kazakhstan market. Kazakhstan is a market with a great future. You can use it to expand your audience and increase your earnings.

Max Kraynov, Aviasales CEO, shared his vision:

“Passenger throughput measured 7.4 million passengers in Kazakhstan in 2017, while the population of the country is 18 million people. This ratio is somewhat smaller in Russia. The plane ticket market grew by 24% in a year.

Kazakhstan airline companies are developing at a rapid pace, opening new destinations. Oddly enough, despite the Internet connectivity reaching 77%, the whole market of online sales is comprised by few online flight ticket offices. Kazakh users are little familiar with search products.

For a long time, Aviasales worked in the country through one of the partners, but when we realized that we could do more, we began to develop independently. Travellers have already appraised the convenience of the search engine.

In this new region, we stay stand by the fair price principle: all additional charges are included into the price, and this is the sum to be charged the user’s card. Besides, luggage filters, price map, and other services have become available in Kazakhstan”

Kazakh is the official language in Kazakhstan; however, Russian is also used. We have additional tools available in Russian language. Switch to Russian in your personal account to receive them.

Try your hand in a new market, and to make the process easier and more interesting, we will double your commission for each ticket sold.

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