Drimsim: Earn Money on Travel Sim Cards

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Drimsim is a SIM card that operates in 197 countries of the world and is ideal for travelers. The Drimsim affiliate program allows you to earn 5 euro from the every SIM card sold. Learn more about the product features, affiliate program conditions and get tips on how to sell SIM cards more efficiently.

Drimsim: Earn money on travel sim cards

What Is Drimsim

Drimsim is a SIM card that works in any device: Smartphones, tablets and routers. It looks like a regular sim card –plastic and with a chip, but the main difference is in its independence. Drimsim is not tied to any mobile operator, so there is no “home tariff,” no “subscription fee” and no roaming charges. The perfect combination for travellers.

What is Drimsim

As soon as the plane lands in a new country, travellers can call loved ones and access the Internet without overspending.

Drimsim currently works in 197 countries including China, Germany and UAE. The full list is available on the official website.

The official website allows you to calculate how much a one-minute call or one megabyte of internet will cost in any country in advance. For example, in almost all of Europe, 1 Euro cent per megabyte. The same goes for  internet costs in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Korea. It is 2 euro cents per megabyte in the USA.

With worldwide delivery available, it only takes approximately two weeks to deliver to almost anywhere around the globe.

Free applications are available for iOS and Android for convenient SIM card operation. That’s where you can check your current balance, charge it, speak with support or look up how many kilobytes or minutes you have used.

Mobile app

The Drimsim card has its own phone number that you can use, however you can assign your own number and use VoIP-telephony. The DrimCall function is built-in to the Android application, and users of iOS devices need to download the Drimphone application to use it.

After attaching the desired phone number, the Drimsim subscribers can make calls as usual, and pay extra – 10 euro cents per minute –for incoming calls only. This type of call costs four times less than a regular call with Drimsim.

Please note: Some operators may charge for call forwarding, but it is usually free for a Drimsim number.

Drimsim User Benefits

  1. The SIM card is valid in almost all of the countries around the world. No need to connect to roaming or pay special rates.
  2. Communication prices are almost the same for all local operators.
  3. The SIM card would already in your pocket, and you wouldn’t have to look for a point of sale for SIM cards and try to figure out the tariffs in each new country.
  4. With the help of the tariff calculator on the site, you can calculate how much communication will cost in each of the 197 countries immediately.
  5. There is no limit on traffic or calls and there is no subscription fees or hidden fees.
  6. The application shows the cost of calls and internet connection, so it is easy to track costs up to a kilobyte plus one second.
  7. The support service in the application answers questions within just a few minutes.
  8. After activating the SIM card, you must add a balance of at least 25 euros, then charges will only be made to that balance amount based on actual usage.
  9. Drimsim has no “shelf life.” An activated SIM card can be stored without use a year! One transaction is enough to “sign it up” for another year.: a call, a text or an internet session would do. The SIM card will not be terminated due to inactivity, but if inactivity lasts until the 361st, the account will be charged 0.5 euro monthly – a simple fee to keep the number.
  10. You can attach a local number to the Drimsim SIM card.

Drimsim Affiliate Program

The Drimsim affiliate program is now a part of the Travelpayouts affiliate network. Join the Drimsim affiliate program in your personal account.

You will earn 5 Euro for every paid SIM card order on Drimsim.com. Your income doesn’t depend on how the buyer uses their SIM card in the future.

There are banners and affiliate links for you to use.

Drimsim Benefits for Webmasters

  1. This is a new interesting solution in the field of mobile communications.
  2. Webmaster traffic is carefully taken into account, so no sales will be lost.
  3. It is allowed to use nine types of traffic and another six per approval.
  4. Hold time is 15 days.
  5. Cookies last 60 days.
  6. No offline sales channels.

Target Audience: Who Is Going to Buy Drimsim

SIM cards are in demand among travelers. Men between the ages of 24 and 44 are primarily purchasing th Drimsim. This does not imply that they are the only customers to use a SIM card.

The audience is divided into three segments. Their needs and problems differ from each other, therefore it’s necessary to prepare different content for each segment.

  1. People Who Go On Frequent, Short Trips

For example, one to two trips a month for several days.

Challenge: This person travel to different countries, and needs  a new SIM card in each country. But, this person only spends a few short days in the country  and does not want to spend time choosing a tariff and buying a sim card.

“Tourist sim card,” are sold in crowded places, and is a solution. Tariffs are usually favorable, but they are prepaid. If the money is not fully used, you’ll lose it. These types of SIM cards usually “burn out” in a month. If the person returns over a month later for another short trip, they’ll have to buy a new sim card.

Drimsim would be an ideal in this case and is an universal solution that covers all needs.

  1. People Who Travel Regularly or Permanently

For example, some people spend their winter in Asia, and they go traveling around Europe in the summer. (Or maybe they take a lot of business trips.)

Challenge: This person needs to change SIM cards and the number changes. If a person lives in a country for a long time, they’ll most likely from there. This  person has to report their new phone number to anyone that may need it.

Tariffs offered by home operators can be beneficial if person really uses primarily calls and the internet.And, there is  typically a limit on the amount of traffic allowed per day. It turns out that the person paid for the connection, but when the internet package expired, the speed is throttled, in fact, the internet is often disconnected.

Drimsim has no traffic or speed restrictions. Internet speed is dependent only on what opportunities the local mobile operator offers.

  1. Sailors and Pilots

The Drimsim is more of a safety sim card tor the seamen. It can only be used in the coastal zones, since only satellite communications are possible on the ship. But nevertheless, this is also a target audience.

How to Sell Drimsim Sim Cards

  1. Blogs and content website. You can use ready-made banners in sidebars or make a guide to show users how Drimsim works.
  2. Upsell. You can offer SIM cards to people who ordered a transfer or even purchased flight tickets from your website. If a person participates in these buying behaviors, it means they are gearing up  to travel, and most likely have not decided on communication enablement just yet.
  3. Social networks. Travel bloggers could vouch for the Drimsim using their own positive experiences using it via Instagram. Or, they could remind users of the hassle of constantly search for Wifi, downloading offline applications, or trying to find a SIM card immediately upon arrival in the country. These types of posts cause  reactions, because people are interested in finding out what kind of SIM card they should use and how it works.
  4. Contextual advertising. For those who have skills in traffic arbitrage, or want to try out the new field, Drimsim is a perfect affiliate program to use. The rules of the offer allow users to send traffic via contextual advertising, but do not allow contextual advertising on the brand.

We highly recommend join the Drimsim affiliate program for all our affiliates. International SIM cards make up a profitable travel niche.

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