Earn on Tours and Activities With the Musement Affiliate Program

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Musement is a leading online platform for booking activities, tours, museums, shows and art events with over 25,000 products, across 1070 destinations. Services are available in 8 languages. You can join the Musement affiliate program in your Travelpayouts account and earn on the travel experiences of your visitors. Here you will learn more about Musement and how to work with the Musement affiliate program.

Earn on tours and activities with the Musement affiliate program

Deliver a Complete Travel Experience for Your Visitor

After booking the flights and hotels, tours and activities are the most obvious next step in planning a complete trip. Tours and activities together now represent the third largest travel segment, which is growing at a rapid rate.

The activities, events, tours and attractions that traveler experience at their destination are what make the vacations. With Musement, one can “feel-like-a-local” when travelling. It is easy to discover top attractions and hidden gems across many destinations with a seamless booking experience.

Musement also provides in-destination content and customizable itineraries to further engage with customers.

Why Musement

Musement carefully selects all its tours and activities. It makes sure that the operator adheres to the best practices of meeting points, check-in processes, starting times, duration and other factors.

In addition to the most famous “tours and activities,” Musement also offers short-term events, such as cultural exhibitions or sporting events.

Musement has a diversified portfolio, with products available across various categories such as:

  1. Museums and art;
  2. Tours and attractions;
  3. Performances;
  4. Food and wine;
  5. Active and adventure;
  6. Sport.

Earn on tours and other travel experiences by offering them through the Musement affiliate program.

Musement Affiliate Program

To join the Musement affiliate program, you have to be registered in Travelpayouts. If you are still not with us, join Travelpayouts right now, it’s free. Find the Musement affiliate program on the offers page to apply. The Musement affiliate program is available only by prior approval. Please fill the short form and our team will review your request within a short time.

You will get 50% margin share. This margin share is great, because it is sure to give you high returns — much higher than the average industry standards. We collected best practices and other useful information, so you can use it to earn even more on the Musement affiliate program.

Travel Trends at Musement

Travelers around the globe typically book tickets for iconic sites. These always do well as a combination of guided tours and skip-the-line entrances.

The top destinations sold for Musement are same across all seasons, namely:

  1. Italy;
  2. Spain;
  3. France;
  4. USA.

The top destinations and attractions include:

  1. Sagrada Familia fast track tickets, Barcelona;
  2. Da Vinci’s Last Supper skip-the-line tickets and guided tour, Milan;
  3. Disneyland  Paris 1-day tickets and Eiffel Tower priority access tickets, Paris;
  4. Van Gogh Museum skip-the-line tickets;
  5. Tickets for the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.
Sagrada Familia fast track tickets, Barcelona;

These days, we are seeing more travelers balance their itineraries with a mix of classic sightseeing and seasonal products like:

  • Sailing trips;
  • Kayaking experiences;
  • Spa experiences;
  • Ski lift tickets;
  • Etc.

This summer, a few products doing very well:

  1. Europa-Park summer 2018 skip-the-line ticket;
  2. QC Terme San Pellegrino spa entrance;
  3. La Menagerie, Jardin des Plantes zoo – tickets.

Travelers are also expanding their interests to include a wide variety of offbeat experiences. These include:

  • Heritage experiences like “Guided tour of the Ruins of Pompeii”;
  • Cooking classes like “Pasta-making class with a local chef”.
Cooking classes like “Pasta-making class with a local chef”

Products from these non-traditional categories are sure to rise amongst travelers.

Tips and Best Practices

Musement has a wide range of partners, and the best performing partners witness an above-average conversion rate of 4-7%. You can check the content at Musement and write about it, or directly link out to the website. Use the Musement link in the following ways:

Tip 1: Home Page. The first way is to send traffic to the home page of Musement, which is helpful, but does not leave the customer with the conviction to buy exactly what they were looking for. This makes relatively low conversion rates.

Home Page

Tip 2: Destination Page. The second is to link out to the destination page. This helps increase the performance, but it is still generic. Links to the top 10 products of a destination. (e.g. “Top 10 selling products in Barcelona” can increase the chances of sale.) You can find the link generator in your Travelpayouts account. It’s simple. Copy a link for the destination page, for example: https://www.musement.com/us/barcelona/, insert it to the custom link tool and get an affiliate link from the URL field.

You will get affiliate link: https://c83.travelpayouts.com/click?shmarker=XXXXXX&promo_id=2015&source_type=customlink&type=click&custom_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.musement.com%2Fus%2Fbarcelona%2F

If your page is dedicated to a destination, it is best to have links directed to specific best-selling products for that destination on the home page.

Tip 3: Product Page. The best and most highly recommended way is to link to the product page. For example:

  1. When you describe an attraction at a destination such as the Eiffel Tower or Grand Canyon, suggest the top two to three products. For instance: In case of the Eiffel Tower, following are the top two products:
    1. Eiffel Tower priority access tickets
    2. Paris-by-night tour with Eiffel Tower skip-the-line tickets, bus tour and Seine cruise
  2. If you describe a certain product, such as a London Pass, link out to the product itself, which is certain to show the highest conversion rates. To make the link, use “Custom link generator” in your personal dashboard:
    Custom link
  3. Thanks to that, every link can be turned into an affiliate link.

You inspire customers with content, pictures and Musement deals with the entire booking process:

  • Make your content unique by aligning it to your own editorial voice. You can use your own style to tell your visitors what to expect from the products at Musement.
  • To push all the right buttons for your audience, having the right call to action button is very important. For example, “Check Product Availability”
  • Whenever possible, add your customer’s testimonials and pictures to your page. This will make it more credible and engaging for your visitor.

You may also find information on API development and link building here. We recommend the following:

  1. Make a search bar (with auto fulfill results, as the user types in);
  2. Add some quick links under the search bar, to quickly direct to some of the top destinations. 10 quick links to Paris, New York, Rome, London, Tokyo, Istanbul, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Florence, Lisbon can be very helpful.

We highly recommend trying the Musement affiliate program for all our affiliates who are working with flights and hotels. Tours make up a profitable travel niche. You may increase your earnings and the loyalty of your audience, as Musement offers the best tours and travel attractions around the world.

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