Earn With Hostelworld, the Hostel Booking Service With Global Coverage

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The world booking market is growing every year, along with the hostel niche. Today, hostels are more than just a bed and shared facilities, they are the new standard in comfort, “conscious” consumption and special travel philosophy. The annual Hostelworld rating shows growth in this niche. Join this profitable market and earn 40% commission on deposits with the Hostelworld affiliate program.

Earn with Hostelworld, the hostel booking service with global coverage

What Is Hostelworld

Hostelworld is the number one online booking platform focused on hostels. Launched in 1999, Hostelworld is now present in 179 countries around the world, comprising over 16,500 hostels. In 2018, Hostelworld registered 7.6M bookings. Hostelworld has a mobile app which accounts for 54% of the bookings. Both the website and app are available in 19 languages.

Users can book hostels and budget hotels, guest houses and camping. The platform offers a wide range of features: free cancellation a week before check-in, group bookings up to 80 people and 24/7 support in 19 languages. You can filter the options by arrival and departure dates, prices, room type, fit-out and payment requirements.

What is Hostelworld

Note that each hostel or hotel website mentions where their guests come from.

What is Hostelworld

Hostelworld is advantageous in the way that it guarantees your booking. If it is not registered in the system at the moment of check-in, you’ll receive a full refund and $50 on top of that. Also, the service returns the price difference if a user finds the same hostel for a cheaper price on another website.

Hostelworld Affiliate Program

Hostelworld is present on major tourist websites such as LonelyPlanet.com, TripAdvisor.com, Topcashback and 3,000 other platforms, extending their client’s database on a daily basis. Join the Hostelworld affiliate program and receive a 40% commission on the cost of deposit.

Hostelworld Advantages for Affiliates

  1. It is an interesting niche for bookings, because there aren’t many dedicated services with a high-quality product just yet. In fact, Hostelworld is the only major player in this niche.
  2. High remuneration: 40% of the deposit price.
  3. The Hostelworld audience has interests and other parameters that distinguish them from other tourists.
  4. Loyal audience: The platform has over 10 million comments and hostel reviews.

How to Earn With Hostelworld

Offer budget booking options and an opportunity to communicate with travelers from different countries, meet locals and learn from the inside about the country that you are visiting.

Hostelworld Target Audience

The Hostelworld target audience includes millennials, or in other words, people born between 1980 and 2000, and the generation Z, born between 1990 and 2000. They are a new type of traveler who doesn’t want to visit places everyone has already visited.

Your audience:

  1. Backpackers are budget travelers.
  2. Solo-travelers (over 60%), including both men and women.
  3. Business travelers and people visiting conferences and trade fairs.

Audience’s interests:

  1. Meeting new cultures and local people.
  2. Meeting other travelers, social traveling.
  3. Traveling itself is a number one interest for young tourists, it is their hobby. They want to travel more often, cross longer distances than adults and are ready to spend more.
  4. Business interests and networking.

Destinations Popular With Generation Z

Jamaica, Iceland, Fiji, Romania, Chile, Brazil, Norway, Greece, Paraguay, Colombia.

Destinations Popular With Millenials

  1. South Korea – 276% growth in popularity
  2. Japan – 151% growth in popularity
  3. Cuba – 135% growth in popularity

Affiliate Tools and Tips on Their Placement

If you have a content project, it will help you describe the advantages of hostels and the philosophy of “conscious” budget traveling. This idea became a trend in other countries a long time ago.


  1. Links.
  2. Banners.

Examples of placements that work:

  1. Articles with personal experience of living in a hostel.
  2. Pros and cons of staying in a hostel vs. a hotel.
  3. Ideas of interesting and unusual destinations. When located off the beaten path, hostels attract more tourists.
  4. Lists of must-visit sights in a city or region.
  5. Posts about local food, traditions or events such as concerts and local festivals.

Join the Hostelworld affiliate program in your Travelpayouts personal account.

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