How to Find Advertisers for Your Blog

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Advertisement placement is one of the most common ways of website monetization. In this article, you will learn how to find advertisers for your blog and how to approach them.

How to find advertisers for your blog

How to Attract Advertisers With Your Own Website

The first way to attract advertisers is with the help of your website. Below, we will discuss the ways of making your blog worth investing from the advertisers’ point of view.

Make a Welcome Post or Create a Media-Kit

A welcome post presents the basic information about the website and tells advertisers that you are open to proposals.

To approach the issue professionally, consider adding the media-kit page: describe the audience of your project and advertising options. For example the media kit of

Inc Mediakit

Target audience is one of the key metrics when choosing a project to partner with, while the advertising options show the available formats for the buyers. You may add more details in the media-kit, such as prices or past campaign metrics.

Email Your Subscribers

By using a simple technique of email marketing, you can easily reach out to subscribers, and maybe some of them will be interested in advertising.

Email your subscribers

Naturally, just sending out emails does not guarantee 100% success, however, it almost costs you nothing and, at the same time, you are not missing out on an additional chance to spread your hope for cooperation. 

Add a Message to Every Post

You can post an announcement at the bottom of each article. The message should be a straightforward call to action, like “Do you want to get advertised with us? Please click this button to see your options.” Then users will be redirected to an appropriate page.

Add a message to every post

Talk to Your Community

Interaction with your readers and subscribers plays a vital role in growing business. Here are some things that you can do to get to know your audience better and find a potential advertiser among them. 

  • Examine comments

Try to research the comments left under your posts, as well as the likes. Among these voices, there might be people who have a business in the same niche, and letting them know that you are open to advertising proposals will be a win-win solution for both sides. Anyway, exploring your audience will help you know them better and even become a basis for future cooperation. 

  • Contact people who offer reviews

Once your site is popular enough, you will start receiving different review proposals. Do not ignore them. Try to answer all the requests by thanking them and letting them know you are interested in cooperation and are looking for advertisers. You can give a full list of what you can offer. 

  • Contact people who place links to your blog

There are many platforms that allow you to see who leaves backlinks to your blog such as Google Search Console and others. Once you’ve compiled a list of websites in the same niche, don’t hesitate to contact them as it can turn out to be a good opportunity for both sides to start a mutually beneficial partnership. If people liked your blog enough to share the link to it, they might be more than interested in collaborating with you. 

Contact Advertisers Directly

Another great way to get advertisers for your website is to approach them directly. Contact the industries that match your niche and comply with your requirements for fruitful cooperation. Send potential advertisers your media kit (we’ll discuss it later) and describe how this cooperation could be beneficial for them. 

Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

Here is one more interesting tool you could utilize. Google Ads is used by advertisers to drive traffic to their websites, and you can use it to your advantage by finding advertisers for yourself. By searching for any keyword within your niche, you will trigger sponsored links and find the companies interested in advertising. 

Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

Forums and marketplaces 

It’s easy to find big advertisers, but they might not be looking for new places to put ads at the moment, and then you will just have to dig deeper. A good solution is to explore dedicated forums where people discuss similar problems.

  • DigitalPointAds features a bidding system for all ad types. You define a minimum cost of ad space on your website, and advertisers can bid for it. There are hundreds of websites using company services like Digital Point or Famous Plastic.
  • BuySellAds is another marketplace for advertisers and publishers. There are four advertising channels such as display, emails, native performance and sponsored content. The company also offers sales representation and ad operations
  • ReviewMe is an alternative for advertising: experts will review your product or services on their own blogs and send you traffic. You can sign up as a blogger here and get access to the marketplace which contains a lot of offers from companies willing to pay bloggers to review their products or services. 
  • ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace offering the best campaigns in various categories and niches such as business, education, software and many more.

Check Competitors

It’s important to visit your competitors’ sites to see what companies have already placed their ads there. Thus, you will be able to know who to contact directly to get ads for your website from people involved with your niche. This might actually be one of the simplest ways to find an advertiser for your blog.

Social Networks

Social networks

You could also use social networks to reach your goals. Obviously, a lot of effort is streamed there nowadays, since the networks can bring loads of customers to the business. Check out who is already being advertised:

  • With sponsored tweets. Many people are now involved in different marketing campaigns on Twitter, and you can find them with the help of hashtags #ad or #sponsored. Browse through these tags to find companies and offer them your own deal. 
  • With Facebook ads. To no surprise, Facebook is the world’s most popular social network today. It is also a good place for advertising. Log in to the site and while browsing the feed, you will notice the ads on the right side of the page. If you click on “more ads,” you will be redirected to the page containing ads relevant to your profile. Here it is – one more chance to get proper contacts. 

Prepare Your Business for Advertising

And last but not least, think of your image. It’s essential to deliver the best picture of yourself and show people that your site is worth putting an ad on. For this purpose, you should be armed with a good media kit. Nowadays, advertisers require many stats such as:

  • Moz Rank
  • Google Pagerank
  • Amount of visitors from the previous month
  • Daily unique pageviews 
  • Average time spent on the site
  • Bounce rate
  • The number of followers in different social networks and more

Do not forget to mention other assets that may contribute to your business. Perhaps you are an affiliate partner or a sponsor. You can send a media kit upon request, but we advise that you publish it somewhere on your site, while constantly updating the information. Here are some media kits you may get inspired by. 

How to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog

There are many ways to find advertisers for your website. Just pay attention to the little opportunities you get while browsing the web, because they can bring you large perspectives.

You should also think of your image and representation. To provide potential advertisers with the necessary information, publish a media kit on your website. Make it look attractive and do not forget to update it when necessary.

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