Flight Search Project for PHP

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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We provide our affiliate program members a flights search API on request. In other services, you have been receiving only API and documentation, but we have decided to make a template based on our flights search API — for those who simply do not have enough time to develop theirs.

How to Connect to the API?

Before connecting, be sure to read the conditions for provision of the flight API.

Then you need to send a request to support@travelpayouts.com with the following information:

  • Your project URL
  • How exactly will the search API be used
  • Explanation of why the standard integration methods (search forms, White Label, data access API) are not suitable for you
  • Provide prototypes / designs for your project or an existing project where the flight search function will be used and a description of the project itself

How Will the Template Help You in Your Work?

The template is suitable for those who are well-versed in development. However, it is time-limited. We made a template based on our search API. Anyone can take it, make his own design and put it on his website. And you will have your own ready-to-use metasearch engine. Previously, all this could also be done using flight search API, but now it has become faster and easier.

Here are just a few reasons to use the template.

  1. The template allows you to look at the work of the search API immediately without spending time and efforts on implementation. Before, to implement a search in your own style with your features, you had to design the pages, come to us and gain access to the API. Then the partner began to make a search service, spend a lot of time on it to get at least some results. Then, when he finally made it, he began to cross it all with design and spend a lot of time. But here you have a ready-made template – you only need to put your token and marker there and everything will work. Of course, you can implement and add something else, but that’s another story all together.
  2. The template is already ready for use. Request/output of results and all the internal mechanisms have already been implemented. You can parse it in parts because the code is open and can be compiled similarly to another programming language. This can be useful since not everyone uses the same languages as in the template (Yii2 for the backend and angularJs for the front).
  3. And most importantly, almost no one does so. Usually, you are given the API and documentation, and then left to suffer as you want. But we care about our partners.

It’s time to try the template on your project.

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