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Join the FlixBus US affiliate program and tell your audience how to book tickets from the leading bus company. Affiliates can earn a 5% commission on each booking. Pierre Gourdain, the company’s managing director in the USA, wants to make buses more appealing and “tempt drivers out of cars.” So far, FlixBus has been good at it.

What Is Flixbus

FlixBus is an online booking service for bus tickets around the world. Every day, the company’s buses make over 400,000 trips between European cities at intervals of 30 minutes. In 2017 alone, FlixBus transported 40 million passengers. 

In 2011, the company founders came up with a way to change the bus travel market. Three young entrepreneurs from Germany convinced the local bus companies to work under their management in a so-called “Uber model.” In 2015, the German startup entered the European market, and the following year, the international market, becoming the FlixBus that the whole world knows today.

The FlixBus logo and buses are of green color, and for a reason. One of the company’s principles is environmental friendliness. Local companies purchase buses conforming to the requirements of FlixBus and paint them green, that’s why they’re easily identified among others. In 2018, the company started using electric buses

Other important principles are affordability and safety of trips. Ticket price starts from 5 euro. All the buses are carefully checked before the trip, and drivers respect the balance of work and rest. 

The parent company and local providers equally share revenues and losses, that’s why the both parties are truly interested in growing the audience.

Advantages for Travelers

The FlixBus site operates in 39 languages. Clients see prices and can choose the currency and payment method: Mastercard, VISA, American Express, JCB, Discover, Bancontact/Mister Cash, Diners Club, Carte Bancaire, as well as PayPal. 

The FlixBus company aims to provide the client with a full online experience, without the need to print out the ticket, and offers a mobile app for personal accounts. There, you can find the bus stop on the map and get directions, as well as receive notifications if the route is delayed.

One of the FlixBus biggest advantages is that all the buses have free Wi-Fi and sockets. High threshold for local companies that partner with FlixBus includes comfortable chairs and extra legroom. The service also has a lost property office. If the passenger leaves something on the bus, they can submit an application online for the lost item. 

People with disabilities can easily travel with FlixBus. It’s free to transport a wheelchair and walkers, just fill in the application in advance. 

The support service responds in Russian, English, German, Czech and other languages. The site has a large help center and extensive description of various trip aspects.

Flixbus Affiliate Program

Commission for FlixBus affiliates is 5% of the order cost. Affiliates can offer bus tickets for international audiences with the FlixBus US affiliate program and earn 5% of the booking cost. The target page is global.flixbus.com.

Flixbus Advantages for Affiliates:

  • 5% commission
  • $34.92 average order price
  • The commission for the FlixBus affiliate program is calculated according to a specific attribution model “Customer lifetime value.” FlixBus takes into account that the client has made a few clicks to land on your site when looking for tickets. FlixBus is mindful that the client’s purchase was inspired by your project among other sites.
  • The biggest European company, one of the leaders on the international market
  • Flexibility and comfort during the booking process: 39 languages, as well as convenient currency and payment options 

How to Earn With Flixbus

FlixBus prides itself on providing clients with safety, environmental friendliness, and the opportunity to book a ticket through a mobile app or on the website. Starting as an IT start-up, FlixBus is unmatched in terms of the comfortable booking process. Offer bus tickets to young audiences, who appreciate quickness and comfort of using the services.

Every bus is equipped with free Wi-Fi and sockets, which is paramount in messages for young travelers.

FlixBus allows the traveler to reach the destination comfortably and without delay. Passenger safety is the company’s priority. All the buses and equipment comply with local legislation, are carefully checked before each trip, and are subject to mandatory inspection twice a year. Drivers are licensed to transport passengers, they receive annual training and respect the work-rest balance. With FlixBus, you can offer comfortable and safe bus trips!

Flixbus Target Audience:

  1. The average bus passenger is a solo traveler or a couple.
  2. The price is an important factor for bus travelers, and they are careful in choosing the bus with the best money/value ratio. FlixBus is an ideal choice in this respect.
  3. The largest age category of FlixBus is young travelers of 16-30 years.
  4. Travelers concerned about environmental pollution who want to do something to decrease harmful human activity. Apart from that, company buses have low fuel consumption and greenhouse gases, so FlixBus allows clients to contribute to the environment. For this, you need to check the box “Compensate trip” when booking tickets. The company will calculate the CO2 emissions during the trip per passenger, taking into account trip distance and the number of passengers in the bus. This amount will be added to the booking price. Such eco contributions are usually 1-3% of the order price. It will be transferred to a special conservation project that is aimed at compensating for CO2 emissions. 

Affiliate tools

  1. Link generator
  2. Links
  3. Banners

Join the FlixBus US affiliate program in Travelpayouts user dashboard and start earning on bus tickets.

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