The FlyDubai Affiliate Program

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FlyDubai is one of the largest airlines in the Middle East with over 1,400 pellets per week. The carrier removes travel barriers and enhances connectivity between cultures across the globe. By joining the FlyDubai affiliate program, you will be able to earn on flight tickets, while helping your audience reach more than 90 destinations across 46 countries. 

About the FlyDubai Airlines

FlyDubai is one of the youngest Middle Eastern airlines and has only been in operation since 2009. Currently, the airline fleet has over 45 new Boeing 737 aircrafts. This fleet will increase in the coming years as more than 100 new aircrafts have been ordered. 

The main airport for FlyDubai is located in Dubai. From there, the airline operates flights to the USA, India, Pakistan, Iraq, and various Asian countries. Every year, FlyDubai airways manages to transport more than 500,000 passengers. 

In reviews of the airline, travelers usually note the following advantages:

  • polite flight attendants and friendly staff
  • modern aircrafts
  • absolute cleanliness in the cabin and toilet
  • high professionalism of pilots (smooth takeoff and landing)

The company offers favorable prices for flights to dozens of destinations and even combines flights with transfers in Dubai, for example to Ethiopia:

How the FlyDubai Affiliate Program Works

You can earn on every flight that is operated by FlyDubai airlines by joining the official affiliate program. The program is available through the following affiliate networks:

  • Tradedoubler
  • CJ
  • And some others

FlyDubai shares a commission on each ticket sold, which means you will receive income when someone buys a ticket for a FlyDubai flight by clicking on your affiliate link.

Terms of the Affiliate Program

Cookie Lifetime30 days

FlyDubai is a classic travel affiliate program. You receive income only for sales that have actually been made. How many clicks you drive to the brand or how many times the banner will be shown are not that important. Only one metric matters: how many tickets are sold in the end.

According to the average data for the most recent month (May 2022), the average CR in the FlyDubai affiliate program was 1.82%, which is slightly below average for the aviation niche.

Despite the fact that other flight affiliate programs, such as Air France, British Airways, and Qatar Airways, are not very popular, FlyDubai’s conditions and high conversion rates make the carrier one of the most popular in the niche.

Benefits of Joining the FlyDubai Affiliate Program

FlyDubai is a well-known brand and airline that is trusted by thousands of travelers. Every year, over half a million passengers from the US and other countries choose FlyDubai for their travels. The strength of the brand and the trust of customers are key advantages of the affiliate program, in addition to:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Monthly commission checks
  • Competitive commission rates

As with most alternative flight affiliate programs, the FlyDubai affiliate program has no implementation costs. All you need to do is sign in to one of the affiliate networks and apply. After joining the brand, you will receive effective advertising materials.

Review of the FlyDubai Affiliate Program

The FlyDubai affiliate program is the right choice if you have traffic that solely interested in FlyDubai flights. In all other cases, it is more profitable to join the affiliate programs of metasearch engines, such as WayAway.

If you work directly with one company, such as FlyDubai or any other, you severely limit your customers. FlyDubai flights are not suitable for all travelers and, if you lead a client to a single offer, there is a high risk of getting a low conversion rate.

In metasearch engines, flights from FlyDubai and dozens of other airlines are listed side by side. Therefore, the customer can easily find the best flight. Even if in the final customer selects a flight from the particular carrier, you will also receive income from that sale.

The current commission rate is 0.8% per ticket sold. This cannot compete with other alternative affiliate programs, including metasearch programs.

All this makes the FlyDubai affiliate program a perfect niche solution for brand-related traffic, for an audience that is interested in FlyDubai flights. Even in this case, the alternative offers may come in handy, as a rare customer is super limited with only one carrier.

The WayAway affiliate program includes tickets from FlyDubai as well as from hundreds of other airlines and agencies. Thanks to WayAway, you will not only probably see a higher conversion rate, you will also provide a better experience to your audience by allowing them to find the best flights in just a few clicks.

In addition to the convenient comparison of airfare prices, including prices for FlyDubai tickets, WayAway offers customers a unique cashback opportunity from various travel services. This means that, when buying a ticket, a person can return part of the cost and, eventually, buy it for one of the lowest prices on the market. WayAway partners can also earn on the company’s cashback service.

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