Free Course With Sharon Gourlay: Boost Travel Affiliate Revenue Using SEO

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As a travel blogger, you’ve probably done your research and read through tons of how-to articles and fundamentals posts on content marketing, affiliate marketing, and copywriting in order to create a truly distinguished and successful travel blog that encourages your readers to click on affiliate links and generate revenue.

However, it’s never just about creating great content and expecting people to simply click on affiliate links. 

Affiliate marketing, as with any other form of marketing, is an art and science of its own. That’s why Travelpayouts partnered up with Sharon Gourlay, someone you’d call a serial blogger who has created multiple successful blogging projects, to create a course called Boost Travel Affiliate Revenue Using SEO, in which she shares some of the hidden secrets of her long-running, successful blogging and affiliate career.

Harness the Full Power of SEO and Keywords for Travel Affiliate Marketing

As a blogger herself, Sharon understands that time is precious and no one has time for a lengthy, dreary course that repeats the same concepts over and over again.

The “Boost Travel Revenue Using SEO” course was developed with this notion in mind. That’s why it features nine short videos that walk you through everything you need to know and do to make the most of SEO for your affiliate and blogging success.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to finesse your travel blog. In less than an hour, you’ll learn:

  • What reader intent is and how it ties into your affiliate marketing strategy
  • Various content formats and which ones work best with affiliate links
  • Which keywords attract more “ready-to-click” users
  • How to integrate keywords into your content
  • Quick tips and tricks that can boost your affiliate clicks and conversions

This course is a goldmine of theory that also provides Sharon’s practical knowledge around harnessing the power of SEO for affiliate success. And the best part is that it’s all FREE.

So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned travel blogger, you’ll find this course invaluable. Be sure to enroll if you:

  • Don’t see an influx of readers to your blog and need to expand your traffic base
  • Have a significant number of readers, but they aren’t clicking on your affiliate links
  • You get clicks, but your conversion (actual affiliate commission) numbers aren’t great

All of the above issues are what each and every travel blogger struggles with before they manage to brew a secret recipe to attract the right kinds of readers. This course unwraps all the secret ingredients you need to find the ideal user: someone who already has a problem, needs a thorough run-through of that problem, and wants a solution. Below, we’ll unveil one of the most crucial lessons that Sharon shared in her course!

Attracting the Right Reader

You may invest in some great copywriting that tells New Yorker-like stories that people will be consumed by, but this content might not necessarily make people click on your affiliate links.

This is where the concepts of reader intent and buying cycle come in.

The image above depicts a typical buying cycle or the journey that a potential customer goes through before and after making a purchase.

However, your affiliate marketing, and the content that goes along with it, should mainly target the two middle stages: research and comparison.

While it would be great to cover the entire cycle, as far as affiliate links are concerned, these two middle stages are where your link placement can actually be relevant and match the intent of your readers.

For example, would you click on a “Buy Now” link if you were just curious about another person’s experiences in Asia or curious about an anecdote from some blogger’s trip to Kenya? Probably not.

Now, if you’re Googling “best hotels to stay in Shanghai”, that’s a different story. In that case, you likely want a full round-up and insightful details, and would be more than happy to click on a link that brings you straight to the hotel of your choice.

In her course, Sharon shares how to use the power of SEO and keywords to create content that targets the most valuable and affiliate-friendly stages of the buying cycle.

This is what should turn your side gig into a booming travel blog that produces affiliate commissions and revenue.

Now, how can you leverage SEO for your travel affiliate marketing? Tune in to Sharon’s course to find out!

About the Author

Sharon Gourlay is the founder of and the author of courses that teach detailed SEO and affiliate marketing strategies.

Back in 2014, Sharon Gourlay quit her teaching job in Australia to become a full-time travel blogger. She initially struggled to monetize her efforts, but quickly turned things around by mastering SEO and affiliate marketing. By embarking on a journey of trial and error, Sharon managed to come up with a surefire digital strategy for blogging that enabled her to build one of the largest family travel blogs in the world. 

In 2018, she sold her first blog and started a few other travel blogs, on which she uses the exact same techniques you’ll learn about in this course.

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