GetYourGuide New Products: Virtual Tours and GYG Originals

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GetYourGuide, a sightseeing tour booking service, has released two new products at once: virtual tours and GYG Originals. It’s a great opportunity for you to increase traffic on your site. Read more to learn about virtual tours and GetYourGuide Originals and how you can set your blog apart from the rest by promoting these offerings to your audience.

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GetYourGuide new products: virtual tours and GYG Originals

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New Format — GetYourGuide Originals

The days of long lines, rushed tours, and large groups are over. GetYourGuide recently launched GYG Originals, the new gold standard for vacation experiences. These exclusive tours are curated by experts to show travelers the best of their destination.

How Are GetYourGuide Originals Different?

These top tours are led by passionate guides, while special entrances ensure quick entry (after all, memories aren’t made standing in line). Travelers won’t simply visit a top site, they’ll learn all there is to know about it — even local, lesser-known treasures.

GetYourGuide Originals give travelers more time to explore: special access and entrances minimize time spent waiting in line. GYG also eliminated stress and found the best guides, a role where cultural stewardship meets storytelling. GetYourGuide Originals guides bring travelers local perspective, tips, and recommendations.

By featuring GetYourGuide Originals on your site, you’re not only showcasing superior quality but also promoting exclusivity. These tours are unlike anything your readership can find online, so this is your chance to establish yourself as an authority on the subject.

Popular GetYourGuide Originals Tours

View full list here. The affiliate reward is 10% of the cost of GetYourGuide Originals tour.

GetYourGuide Virtual Sightseeing Tours

Quarantine doesn’t seem to be ending soon. GetYouGuide offers us a new format for online entertainment — virtual tours.

The affiliate reward is 8% of the cost of virtual tour. To sell virtual tours from GetYourGuide, don’t forget to connect to the program.

What Virtual Tours Are Available on GYG?

And here are the individual links for the 7 activities:

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