Omio — Flight, Train and Bus Tickets Affiliate Program

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Omio — a travel platform for searching and booking trains, buses and flights across the Europe — has an affiliate program, and since June 2018, it has been a part of Travelpayouts’ affiliate network. Join the program in your personal account and learn how to work more effectively with the offer.

Omio — flight, train and bus tickets affiliate program

Omio Overview

Omio is a platform where users can find and book:

  • Train tickets;
  • Bus tickets;
  • Flight tickets.

One website makes organizing travel across Europe easy and pleasant. Three different modes of transportation guarantee that travelers will find a better way to travel. Omio shows the best transportation combinations between any location, including small towns and villages!

Omio’s main aim is to help every traveler manage the journey across the continent with one simple search. At the moment, offers from the 600 partners are presented on the platform, including  companies such as:


Monthly, users from 165 different countries make up more than 25 million visits and counting. Service is available in 18 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Finnish, French, Czech, Danish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish and Chinese.

Unique Value

Europe has a high density of cities and well-developed transportation systems. But, for travelers, it’s hard to know which is the best way to get from one city to another — by train, by bus or by air.

Sometimes flights seem like the fastest way, but people do not take into account the time that they spend getting to the airport and then going through all the procedures. Sometimes it’s faster to ride a bus or a train.

Other problems exist, including pricing. Flights are not always most expensive option. Sometimes it is two or more times cheaper to fly than to travel by train or bus.

Omio is a solution for all those problems. Travelers do not need to spend a lot of time on different websites finding options and comparing them. Omio allows users to do all this on one page. Moreover, Omio includes time estimates for each journey. For example, they don’t just include flying time, but also the time it takes to get to and from the airports.

All search results can be sorted by types of travel, price, time and departure and arrival times.

Recommended options are also available for users. The users see the final picture and can choose the best way at the end.

Omio Affiliate Program

Join the Omio affiliate program in Travelpayouts and earn on every ticket sold.

Affiliate reward — 6% of the booking value.

Affiliate Program Advantages

  • Attractive commission structure;
  • Real-time tracking and reporting.
  • Text links (deep linking available), banners.
  • Timely and automatic payments on a monthly basis through PayPal, ePayments or bank accounts.
  • Low booking cancellations rates, below 2%
  • Cookie period of 30 days last-click
  • Fair locking model — transactions lock 15 days after the end of the month in which they occurred

A dual payout model will help you to meet your goals. You get paid for both leads and sales. The offer may convert, and pixel may fire up to twice per user:

  • The first conversion and pixel fire occur after user performs a search, selects a desired provider from the results page, and clicks on “book.” This is “lead conversion,” and  you will get paid 0.26 EUR per lead for it.
  • The second conversion occurs when the user continues on to book through a provider on Omio’s page, and pixel fires on the payment confirmation page. This is a “Booking Conversion,” and you will get 3.4% from a booking price from the second conversion.

Target Audience

Everybody who travels around Europe, US, Canada, tourists or locals, 18-35 years old.

Omio covers almost every country in Europe. Nonetheless, the countries where the service is most widely used include: United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Austria. The most popular routes are:

  • Bruges – Brussels
  • Brussels – Paris
  • Brussels – London
  • Prague – Vienna
  • Lyon – Paris
  • Marseille – Paris
  • Nice – Paris
  • Paris – Toulouse
  • Paris – Rome
  • Berlin – Prague
  • Berlin – Munich
  • Berlin – Paris
  • Munich – Prague
  • Florence – Rome
  • Milan – Rome
  • Milan – Paris
  • Amsterdam – Brussels
  • Amsterdam – Berlin
  • Amsterdam – Paris
  • Amsterdam – London
  • Alicante – Madrid
  • Barcelona – Madrid
  • Barcelona – Paris
  • Madrid – Toledo
  • Madrid – Valencia
  • Madrid – Paris
  • London – Paris
  • Edinburgh – London
  • London – Manchester

In our Help Center, you can find a list of all the location codes Omio uses and the format of a deep link you can use to land your users on a pre-filled form.

How to Earn on Omio Affiliate Program

You have to send traffic to the offer to earn. For example, you can send it from your travel website, social network page and others. Please read the rules of the program carefully, as some traffic types are strictly forbidden, such as a brand bidding traffic, contextual advertisements, doorway and others.

Permitted and prohibited traffic types to know about are located in the terms part of the Omio affiliate program in your Travelpayouts account.

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