Where Women in Travel Shine: Highlights From WITS 2024

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This spring, Salt Lake City wasn’t just about the weather changing. It turned into the hottest spot for some of the coolest, most inspiring women in travel at the Women in Travel Summit (WITS) 2024. Travelpayouts was there, front and center, soaking up all that awesome energy, high-fiving travel creators from around the world for their incredible feats, and proudly sponsoring the Creator of the Year nomination at the Bessie Awards.

Where Women in Travel Shine: Highlights from WITS 2024

What Is WITS

WITS is far from your average meet-up. Picture this: a bunch of incredible women who’ve turned their wildest dreams into their day job, sharing stories that grab you by the heartstrings, and who aren’t afraid to shake things up. That’s the magic of WITS – a powerhouse of creativity, inspiration, and girl power.

Emily Cooper, Emily eats and explores, Travelpayouts ambassador:

“WITS is just amazing for networking and community, because it’s focused on women, diversity, empowerment. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network and collaborate, and watch the magic unfold!”

It’s very important for Travelpayouts to attend conferences like WITS. Travelpayouts has a lot of female bloggers working with us, which we’re very proud of, and we are always happy to meet them in person. At this year’s WITS, our representative Angelika was lucky enough to meet Emily Cooper, a Travelpayouts’ ambassador who has been teaching travel bloggers how to monetize their content for several years. Stay tuned for heaps of cool and helpful collaborative content with Emily coming soon on our Instagram.

The Creator of the Year Nomination at the Bessie Awards

This year, we had the honor of sponsoring the Creator of the Year nomination at the Bessie Awards

The Bessie Awards celebrate the achievements of women and gender-diverse people who have made significant contributions to the travel industry as influencers, creative entrepreneurs, marketers, and innovators. Named after Bessie Coleman, the first woman of African American and Native American descent to hold a pilot’s license, the awards are presented by She’s Wanderful, a global lifestyle brand and inclusive community comprising thousands of travelers and travel content creators.

Martinique Lewis deservedly took home the award this time round. With her killer work in travel diversity and leading the Black Travel Alliance, she’s not just talking the talk. She’s walking the walk toward a more inclusive, innovative travel world. Martinique, you’re a rockstar.

WITS 2024 was one for the books, and we’re already marking our calendars for next time. To all you incredible women changing the travel game – blog by blog, video by video, story by story – we want to say a huge thanks. You’re not just seeing the world; you’re making it bigger for all of us!

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