Hotelscombined Affiliate Program Alternatives

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HotelsCombined has announced that their hotel affiliate program will pause for some partners on March 18th, 2020. Which means that affiliates from the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and other countries across the world, will need to migrate to the alternative affiliate program. We have collected for you, here, the best alternatives for the HotelsCombined affiliate program, which don’t just replace the HotelsCombined services, but also surpass them in some of the facilities they offer.

HotelsCombined affiliate program alternatives

What Is Happening?

HotelsCombined has proclaimed that March 18 will be the first day when affiliate traffic will not be credited. By that date, partners are advised to pause sending traffic to HotelsCombined. You can get more information from the official letter:



You can turn this potentially unpleasant situation to your advantage through the HotelsCombined affiliate program alternatives. We have already written about the best hotel affiliate programs — one of which was Hotelscombined. Now, for you, these are also available:

To find the best option, remember the reasons why you chose the previous one! Most probably because of the wide set of tools and high-quality service offered to your visitors. 

Hotelscombined isn’t a simple booking website, it’s a service that allows users to find the lowest price by comparing offers on different services. Hotellook offers similar value for travelers. — a search engine that compares prices on hotels around the world and helps travelers to choose the best option from 250,000+ properties in 205 countries.

Hotellook Affiliate Program

Join the Hotellook affiliate program without pre-moderation.  

How to Automatically Redirect Traffic to Hotellook

To automatically redirect traffic from HotelsCombined to Hotellook, you need to add a script to your website page. The rest will be done on the Travelpayouts’ side.

How Does It Work

Redirection of Links

The script finds all the links to HotelsCombined on the page and, when a user clicks on any HotelsCombined link, the script automatically redirects the user to Hotellook. The script does not make any changes to the page code.

The script works with links to the main page as well as with deep links. For example, links to the pages of hotels or destinations.

Replacement of Widgets

Our script finds the Hotelscombined search forms on the page and replaces them with the Hotellook search form.


The technology supports all popular languages ​​and domains for the links – English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. For these languages, the locale is automatically determined based on the domain in the original link.

For other languages, the default language will be English. This can be changed on the Hotellook website, which supports more than 60 languages ​​and currencies.

Widgets support 60+ languages. The user sees the widget in a language that matches the locale of his browser.

How to Run a Script

  • Sign up for Travelpayouts (if you have not registered before).
  • Find your unique affiliate marker in your Travelpayouts account. For example:
Affiliate marker
  • Paste the script on the site in <head>. If any other scripts are loaded, the Travelpayouts script should be set last.
<script async="" src="хххххх" type="text/javascript"></script>
  • Add your affiliate marker from your Travelpayouts account as a marker parameter to the code.
  • Check the script by clicking on any HotelsCombined link on the page of your site. A redirect to Hotellook should occur.
  • Check the display of widgets (if there were widgets on the page).
  • Check the statistics in your Travelpayouts dashboard. After 10 minutes, a search should appear in the report.

Optional Parameter

If you want to direct traffic not to, but to your Hotellook White Label project (for example,, then use the “host” parameter.

Code example:

<script async="" src="хххххх&host=" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you set the host parameter, then when a user clicks on the links he will be directed to your White Label, not to Deeplinks are supported.

If the “host” parameter is not set, then by default the traffic goes to

What to Do if You Used White Label Hotelscombined

In this case you’ll need the parameter wl_host. Add the host of your white label from HotelsCombined in the format subdomain.domain. Then the script will be able to find links to white label on your page and direct traffic to Hotellook or your white label from Hotellook.

Code example:

<script async="" src="хххххх&wl_host=hotels.europeupclose" type="text/javascript"></script>

If Something Doesn’t Work

If you encounter problems or errors, write to

Hotelook Affiliate Program Tools

The Hotellook affiliate program offers a wide range of tools:

  • Text Links;
  • White Label;
  • Hotels Map;
  • Hotel Widget;
  • Hotel Selections Widget;
  • WordPress Plugin;
  • Landings.

API and mobile applications are also available. You can even build up your own app base on Travel SDK.

A wide set of tools guarantees that anyone, from travel bloggers to mobile application developers, will find one convenient for themselves. 

At Travelpayouts, we never tire of improving our services, so any ideas are welcome! Write to us with your suggestions.

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