How to Make Money With Car Rentals: Tips From Our Top Affiliates 

Irina Evdokimova Irina Evdokimova
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We interviewed our webmasters who are successful in the car rental niche and prepared a few tips for you based on their experience. This article will be useful to both newbies in travel marketing and experienced affiliates who might need some inspiration and new ideas.

Rental car affiliate programm

Car Rental Affiliate Programs

With Travelpayouts, you can join the four following car rental affiliate programs:

  1. Discover Car Hire. You can find a detailed description of the offer and tips on how to make money with it in the article Earn with Discover Car Hire, an aggregator of car rental services.
  2. Find out more about the program and affiliate promotional tools in the article How to earn money on car rentals with Economy Bookings.
  3. Watch this recorded webinar to learn about the target audience, popular destinations and advantages of Localrent.
  4. AutoEurope. This is one of the best car rental affiliate programs for the European traffic.

Tips on How to Earn With Car Rental Affiliate Programs

About Content

  1. If you plan to monetize your project, consider it from the very beginning. If you keep a blog just for fun, there are no limits as to what to write about. But, to attract a lot of traffic, you’ll need to consider SEO promotion and choose a niche where you will be able to compete. To do so, you’ll need to write a specific kind of content following the SEO rules.
  2. Travel notes attract traffic, especially if they’re illustrated with great photos. But users prefer specific guidance: where to travel, what restaurant to eat at, how to rent a car and how much it costs, what papers are needed, what problems may arise. Also, such guidance is beneficial because it will be easier for you to natively add affiliate promo materials there.
  3. Try to understand your readers’ problems and fears and write articles on these topics. Imagine that for the first time you want to rent a car for traveling. What questions will you be bothered with? How will you decide which car to rent? You can create a poll on your blog, email blast or social media to find out what problems your audience faces.
  4. Try out a car rental service yourself before writing about it on your blog. Assess benefits and potential risks and honestly tell your readers about them. It won’t scare them off, but it will definitely help build a lot of trust with the audience.
  5. Recommend renting a car only for regions where it is relevant. For example, in London, travelers rarely rent a car for sightseeing, because public transport is much more convenient. Even if your article about the car rental services in London will be the first in the search results, it won’t necessarily bring you many bookings.

About SEO

  1. Articles start to earn money once they enter top search results. Thus, if a post is published on a one-year-old blog, it is more likely to rank higher than the one posted on a new website.
  2. If you already have a great article attracting enough traffic, just add there affiliate promotional tools.
  3. Your article should be better than the first three posts in the search results.
  4. Write texts with a specific purpose and minimum “water.” For example, “car rentals in Prague” or “Car rental services in Italy.” Such articles will attract their target audience who is interested in how and where to rent a car in a particular location.
  5. There is no single way to succeed. If a solution is efficient for one website, it won’t necessarily be helpful for another, even a very similar one. Don’t copy anyone, just focus on creating a unique product, idea and content.
  6. Always experiment and analyze your project development, as well as competitors. Stay open to unexpected decisions. It might happen that you were planning to earn on car rentals, but in the end, tours will sell better on your website. Stay flexible and adapt to changes.

These tips are universal, and you can apply them to other affiliate programs at Travelpayouts, not just for the car rental segment.

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