How to Prepare Viral Travel Content for Facebook Advertising

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Viral advertising is the way to gain high traffic for a low cost. What you need to do during the creation of your viral advertisements is be creative and inspiring, consider what your audience wants and loves and have good timing and a bit of luck. We’ve collected tips on how to prepare viral travel content for Facebook advertising, and we are ready for discussion in the comments.

Create unique posts for each social channel

Being famous in a day or shaking the world with a single video in seconds is not a dream anymore. Inarguably the huge effect of social media is perceivable not just in daily life, but also in the advertising sector. You can create viral content for social media, on Facebook for example, to promote your travel blog.

What Is Viral Content?

Going viral refers to having a great impact on social media users. From this term, it is possible to say that viral content is what is liked, commented on and shared by people on the social media platforms. Put simply, it’s a content that is shared on the internet without your control and your permanent effort.

Therefore, if you want to create viral content, it needs to not only be liked, but also to be commented on and shared by people. You should make content that will be interesting for a lot of people and will evoke some emotion within the reader’s soul. It doesn’t have to be love or happiness exclusively, but also negative emotions as well.

The interesting fact is, that sometimes people can comment and share with others even if they don’t agree with your content!

Examples of Viral Travel Content

Before starting to create viral travel content, the first thing you should do is to search for what is viral in travel market right now, and why it is viral.

One of the top travel pages on Facebook is Travel Insider and their interesting video called as “Biggest swing is insane.” It was popular on Facebook and is still popular, maybe you’ve seen it yourself!

Another viral travel post on Facebook is an article about a $213 Train Ride which shows you all of America’s beautiful sights. The link to this page was shared over 1,000 times! You can find more examples on the internet.

However, after looking at the examples, you will see that most viral content is:

  • Interesting and creative;
  • funny;
  • does not seem like an ad;
  • has an inspiring story or topic.

Why Is Viral Content for Facebook Advertising Important to Promote Your Travel Blog?

Viral advertising on Facebook is a travel blogger’s dream. First of all, it is the best way to promote a travel blog for free or with low costs. You do not need to pay a lot of money for travel blog advertising to have a larger audience. Just create a great piece of content and share it on Facebook. You need to “kick” it at the beginning, and then the content will grow itself.

After going viral, people will comment and start to share your product and advertise your brand on their Facebook account for free. It means a larger audience for you, and if you know how to convert this audience, it also means more income. It will be native and natural!

How to Create Viral Ads for Facebook

It is better to mention from the beginning, that there is no exact method for making viral ads on Facebook. Firstly, make a Facebook page for your travel blog and post regularly there. It is important to get your audience to follow you. This is the base level for promoting a travel blog. You can’t just post once and win the prize, you need to post regularly.

To go viral on Facebook, you should consider the fact that videos and pictures are more likely to be shared than links to pages. Videos are the most shared items, and then pictures come second.

Here are some points to be mindful of while creating viral ads for Facebook:

  1. Your content should be authentic, real and creative. People do not love when you’ve copied someone else , so be creative.
  2. Even though the topic has already been introduced well, add your own character, and process the topic from an interesting perspective.
  3. Use an inspiring, powerful story in your content. Focus on the emotions of your audience to persuade them to comment and share.
  4. Do not forget to add some humor.
  5. Sometimes be strange or startling to grab the attention of the audience.
  6. People should not notice that it is an ad for a travel blog. Don’t add your brand everywhere on your content.
  7. Make the content safe to share and be sure that it does not include cultural and social bias.
  8. Be careful with video length. People do not like to watch something for long.
  9. Publishing time is very important. People are active on Facebook between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The traffic decreases after that time. The ideal time to publish on Facebook is 11 a.m.
  10. Do not forget to add other social platforms from your travel blog to have a maximum amount of audience. For example, you can use Pinterest as well.

Why Do People Share Content

  1. To save information.
  2. To feel more involved in the world.
  3. To give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about.
  4. To stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with.
  5. To support causes people care about.

How to Convert Viral Traffic

Viral travel advertising brings tons of traffic, as one of the most advantageous types of advertising for a travel blog. However, this traffic is not easily convertible because people usually come to your website, thanks to their friends sharing it, without wanting to buy something. . Therefore, you have low chance of selling products to them. Besides this, if you cannot keep them on your page, bounce rates will increase.

First, persuade visitors to stay on your page longer; care about your homepage, by putting some interesting content on it and consider the effect of the design as a first impression. Do not try to sell immediately, and do not make the visitors exhausted from pop-ups or subscription requests. You can also follow the tips from our guide about bounce rate decreasing.

What you need to do after keeping the visitor on your page, is build a relationship with those visitors. You should persuade them to visit your website again and follow you continuously. Later, you can ask them to register for an email newsletter to do email marketing.

You can use advertising in a light sense. For example, you can use Google AdSense to convert this traffic. We said that you have a low chance to sell your services, yet this does not mean that you will fail to sell. If your content is attractive enough to sell a product, you can use CPA (Cost Per Action). For example, you can make a viral video about the worst travel moments in a humorous way, then offer travel insurances with the affiliate link below the video in the description. Or you can promote your own White Label project!

Read more to learn about the ways to turn your traffic into money.

Promoting a Travel Blog With Viral Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most appropriate social media platforms for viral travel blog advertising, because it enables people to like, comment on and share your content. This advertising type brings a huge amount of traffic, which make this type of advertising mouthwatering for all travel bloggers.

To go viral on Facebook, you need to be creative and different from other people. Moreover, you should consider that people share videos and pictures more than links in Facebook. Another fact is timing. The best time to share on Facebook is 11 a.m. Be sure to consider that people are not active on Facebook as much after 4 p.m. as they are during the day.

It is a free method of advertising for your blog. Apart from this cheap advertising on Facebook, there are lots of methods to promote your blog. To learn more, read our article called as blog promoting tips – paid and free methods.

How to Do Viral Advertising on Facebook for Travel Blogs

How to promote a travel blog is one of the main concerns of many travel bloggers. Viral advertising on Facebook is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your blog. A large audience is attracted to your content and so they share it with their friends. This then generates a huge number of visitors to your blog. What you need to do is simply create authentic, inspiring and attractive content to go viral. The rest is done by the audience.

Don’t give up if you fail on your first try, you should go on until you reach the goal. Create a viral advertisement on Facebook.

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