How to Earn With Travel Insurance With Insubuy

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Even though travel was mostly on hold in 2020, travel insurance awareness has been growing ever since the pandemic started. Many governments now require purchasing insurance for inbound trips, so travel insurance markets are expected to boom across different countries. With Insubuy, you can offer your audience a large selection of international medical and travel insurance plans and help them organize a safe trip despite the pandemic.

How to earn with travel insurance with Insubuy

About Insubuy

Insubuy is the largest provider of Visitors Insurance for foreigners visiting the USA and an award-winning brokerage company with over 20 years of experience. It offers an array of insurance products, such as:

  • COVID-19 travel medical insurance
  • International student insurance
  • J1/J2 visa insurance, meeting the U.S. Department of State requirements
  • Visitors insurance
  • Travel medical insurance for trips outside of the USA
  • Trip cancellation insurance, and more

Insubuy’s clients can get instant quotes from different insurance companies, compare products and purchase an insurance right on the website. Upon purchase, they can extend, cancel, repurchase and make other changes to their insurance in their personal account on 

To help customers make the right choice, licensed agents are available seven days a week. Clients can also browse an extensive Insubuy insurance guide to compare on their own the advantages of different plans.

Advantages of Insubuy for Clients

  • A large selection of international medical and travel insurance plans from different insurance providers
  • Lowest price guarantee. Insurance premiums are law-regulated so no broker is allowed to offer different prices than the ones determined by insurance companies. Clients don’t pay additional fees by purchasing insurance through a broker.
  • Customer service is available from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (CT) seven days a week. Licensed insurance agents are there to help customers find the most suitable plan. 
  • Secure and easy purchasing process. Insubuy is an A+ (highest-rated) member of the Better Business Bureau and the security of its transactions is ensured by GoDaddy and McAfee Secure.
  • After-purchase assistance. Should customers need any help such as getting the claim forms, making corrections in the insurance plan, extending or canceling the policy, Insubuy will gladly assist in resolving the matter. 

The Insubuy Affiliate Program

With Insubuy, affiliates can earn up to $150 for each purchase depending on the tier. You can learn more about the commission model on the program page.

Note that pre-approval is required, and the process may take up to two weeks.

Advantages of Insubuy for Affiliates

  • Up to $150 affiliate reward
  • 30-day cookie lifetime
  • Strong conversion rates
  • An array of affiliate tools: links, widgets, banners

How to Earn With Insubuy

Learn about the latest trends in the travel insurance market as well as Insubuy’s target audience.

Trends in the Travel Insurance Market 2021

The most popular insurance plans currently are the ones that provide the COVID-19 coverage as well as the plans that meet the requirements of the government for traveling into the destination country. 

Despite a sharp drop in the number of tourists in 2020, travelers became much more aware of travel insurance. According to the Insubuy team, every major world event led to a growth in travel insurance awareness, for example, SARS, MERS, the 2008 financial crisis, etc. The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to last much longer and have a larger effect on people’s lives, so demand for travel insurance is also expected to stay high in 2021.

To make money with the Insubuy affiliate program, make sure to provide relevant and useful content that will bring value to readers. Relate to the present situation and share information that will help users arrange their trips risk-free. Such content tends to perform best. Start by browsing the Insubuy insurance guide and learn more about travel insurance products.

Insubuy Audience

Here are a few facts about the Insubuy audience:

  • All ages
  • Both genders
  • Purchases are made on desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Main traffic channels are websites and social media

Interestingly, travel medical insurance is usually purchased shortly before or even during the trip. Trip cancellation insurance is booked long before traveling, at the same time as customers are arranging their trip.

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