Italiarail: Make Money on Train Tickets and Rail Passes

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Rail travel is an ideal way to explore beautiful cities and landscapes. Whether you are embarking on a long journey or just want a short ride, taking a rail trip can be a remarkable experience. Those who plan on traveling around Italy can benefit from excellent service and affordable prices with ItaliaRail, offering a highly beneficial program to its affiliates.


What Is Italiarail

ItaliaRail is a leading booking platform for train tickets in Italy, offering over 80,000 high-speed and regional train routes. It partners with the largest Italian and international railway companies such as Eurostar, TGV (France), InterCity Express (Germany) and more.

What is ItaliaRail

The company serves more than one million passengers annually. With ItaliaRail, you can make any kind of reservation ranging from one-day valid ticket to rail passes valid for a few days.

ItaliaRail provides clients with the best price and availability so they don’t have to look for tickets anywhere else because ItaliaRail offers bookings with all the major railway companies in Italy.

To top it all off, tourists can find a lot of useful tips for traveling around Italy and benefit from multiple guides for Italian cities and sights.

What is ItaliaRail

Here are even more benefits of traveling with ItaliaRail:

  • When booking, you’ll be connected to the Italian Rail reservation system to ensure availability of the best prices and tickets;
  • The system highlights both the cheapest trains and trains in which the first class is cheaper than the second class as a free upgrade;
  • Group bookings might be cheaper if you can make reservations for up to 20 people at once;
  • Pay in your own currency;
  • You’ll instantly receive an e-ticket and can show it when boarding the train – no need to print the ticket;
  • 24/7 English-speaking customer support ready to help you should any problems arise or if you simply want to ask for travel advice;
  • Express delivery of Eurail and InterRail passes to any destination in the world.

ItaliaRail affiliate program  

Affiliates get a 3% commission on train ticket sales and a 10% reward on other bookings, including passes, travel insurance and more. The most successful marketers make more than $10,000 monthly.

The average order cost is $150, so the affiliate reward for an average booking is around $4.50.

ItaliaRail maintains a stable conversion ratio of 10-12%, which is one of the highest rates within the travel niche. Even though the affiliate program is rather young, launched in January 2019, it has already proved to be a useful way to generate additional income for marketers and increase the income of the company.

Join the ItaliaRail affiliate program and start earning on rail tickets. After signing up for the offer, you’ll have access to:

  • All major railway companies in Italy to help your clients organize a trip
  • Exclusive deals such as discounted sightseeing and hotels and luggage service
  • Up to 80% discount for students and educators traveling in groups
  • Additional travel products, a bigger reward and participation in upcoming FAM trips to Italy
  • Performance-based reviews 
  • Personal account manager to help you with the offer promotion
  • Worldwide geotargeting

Best practices for making money with ItaliaRail 

The peak season for traveling around Italy falls during the summer months: Mid-June through August. The number of tourists is lower during the shoulder season: April through mid-June and September through October. Finally, November through March is the off-season. 

Popular Train Routes

  • Florence to Rome
  • Rome to Florence
  • Rome to Venice
  • Venice to Rome
  • Milan to Rome
  • Rome to Milan
  • Milan to Venice
  • Venice to Milan
  • Venice to Florence
  • Florence to Venice
  • Florence to Pisa
  • Pisa to Florence
  • Florence to Naples
  • Naples to Florence
  • Rome to Naples
  • Naples to Rome

Here are the most popular train routes for Ski Resorts:

  • Geneva to Milan
  • Milan to Geneva

As for types of content, the company’s top marketers deliver how-to blog posts on traveling around Italy and various guides. The goal, in this case, is to provide readers with useful information and ensure they have an enjoyable experience. The best conversion rate usually comes from websites with Italy-related content where webmasters place ads and banners. 

Joining the ItaliaRail affiliate program will let you earn on rail tickets with the largest Italian booking platform, offering access to over 80,000 railway companies.

Affiliates can benefit from one of the highest conversion rates in the travel market, especially if they promote the offer on a website related to traveling in Italy, as such blogs convert readers better than others. Take advantage of the best practices from the experience of the company’s top affiliates and start earning with ItaliaRail!

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